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ZODROT - Shroud link 1142185
Janus Thread Link 1142185

WTS 1.2 million IGG, 100k/15$, PP F&F - Click to Expand


Randi - Shroud link 1143595
Janus Thread Link 1143595

2016 Winter Holiday Soundtrack – Wax Cylinders - Click to Expand

I'm selling a set of the 2016 Winter Holiday Soundtrack – Wax Cylinders. PP $79- NOW $65. Send me a PM if you would like them.


Nerone2 - Shroud link 1144891
Janus Thread Link 1144891

WTB Pirate Galleon Town Water Home - Click to Expand

I'd like to buy:

Pirate Galleon Town Water Home

For 160 Cotos
PM me...

Budner - Shroud link 1145287
Janus Thread Link 1145287

WTS Physical Rewards of Royal Founder Lord Account - Click to Expand

Bump for price reduction

Forgiven - Shroud link 1145302
Janus Thread Link 1145302

WTS - TF PA Town Deed - Land Only (Benefactor) - Click to Expand

$550, PM me.

2112Starman - Shroud link 1145334
Janus Thread Link 1145334

WTS 3 million gold 1/$100 2/$185 3/$270 - Click to Expand

WTS 3 million gold


Kain Darkmoor - Shroud link 1146800
Janus Thread Link 1146800

I have a question. Why is shroud so end game and l - Click to Expand


gtesser - Shroud link 1147051
Janus Thread Link 1147051

WTB: iron and copper chain recipes (warlock's chai - Click to Expand

I am willing to pay 20k gold for each or 50k gold for both recipes.

2112Starman - Shroud link 1147658
Janus Thread Link 1147658

WTS Duke Benefactor Home (City Sized) $100 Paypal - Click to Expand

One of the rarest houses in the game.

Duke benefactor home, $100 Paypal (City sized)

Elrond - Shroud link 1147983
Janus Thread Link 1147983

WTS IGG 100$/1mil - 270$/3 mil - 425 $ /5 mil - Click to Expand


Joe Zhudarak - Shroud link 1148747
Janus Thread Link 1148747

WTB: iron and copper chain recipes (warlock's chai - Click to Expand

i have the copper one in my vendor em Britt Mart, check Joe Zudarak´s vendor, it´s about 35 - 40 k.

gtesser - Shroud link 1149184
Janus Thread Link 1149184

WTT: Heart of Vrul for Iron and Copper Chain of My - Click to Expand

I will trade a Heart of Vrul for both recipes.

gtesser - Shroud link 1149185
Janus Thread Link 1149185

WTT: Maple Band for Wayland Loop - Click to Expand

I would like to trade.

Jason_M - Shroud link 1149945
Janus Thread Link 1149945

What to do next? :) - Click to Expand

I suggest exploring.

I explore in three ways:

* I look for interesting geographic features or names while traveling about the map.

* I cover a region (desolis desert, longfall peninsula, hidden vale, etc.) which can take a week of time, but I find gems that even long-term veterans don't know about ;)

* I hunt adventure online by checking previous release notes for new quests (at that time) as well as the "Spoiler" thread mentioned above by Rinaldi (#3). But I only write the location and a hint in my notebook.

You should explore now! Don't wait until you're AL 110, because scenes do not scale to your level.

Also, if you're not chicken, try some ruins and shard falls. There are things that go bump in the night there that will challenge even the mightiest player.

Have fun :D

Sergey Valeryevich - Shroud link 1150335
Janus Thread Link 1150335

WTS 1mill GG= auction started 80 Paypal startin - Click to Expand

auction closed after 2 hours

Phoenix007 - Shroud link 1150431
Janus Thread Link 1150431

WTS 1mill GG= auction started 80 Paypal startin - Click to Expand

Ok for 70$

Sergey Valeryevich - Shroud link 1150449
Janus Thread Link 1150449

WTS 1mill GG= auction started 80 Paypal startin - Click to Expand

Greyfox win 73

Sergey Valeryevich - Shroud link 1150454
Janus Thread Link 1150454

WTS 1mill GG= auction started 80 Paypal startin - Click to Expand

if Greyfox doesn't reply in 5 minutes , wins Phoenix 70

Greyfox - Shroud link 1150457
Janus Thread Link 1150457

WTS 1mill GG= auction started 80 Paypal startin - Click to Expand

I sent a PM

gtesser - Shroud link 1150653
Janus Thread Link 1150653

Need advice for raising blacksmithing - Click to Expand

Does anyone have a Wayland Loop ring I can borrow for a few minutes to craft Warlock's Chain?

Randi - Shroud link 1150977
Janus Thread Link 1150977

2016 Winter Holiday Soundtrack – Wax Cylinders - Click to Expand

Price reduced :)

Feeyo - Shroud link 1151023
Janus Thread Link 1151023

Performance issue on Linux - Click to Expand


Synergy Blaize - Shroud link 1151061
Janus Thread Link 1151061

ORES BULK SELLING - Click to Expand

Something about your history seems kinda off...
So many godhephaestus variations when I searched you...
  • godhephaestus
  • godhephaestus01
  • godhephaestus02
  • godhephaestus03
  • godhephaestus04

UncleBenny - Shroud link 1151114
Janus Thread Link 1151114

WTS 400,000 In-Game Gold ($25) - Click to Expand


I am looking to sell 400,000 in-game gold for $25 PayPal. (Friends and Family if possible please)

Please send me a message if interested.

Thank you!!

Nevyn Waldail - Shroud link 1151277
Janus Thread Link 1151277

marking raw material locations - Click to Expand


That was what I kind of had in mind, is it ok to do this? is it worth the effort?