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Angband - Shroud link 1152294
Janus Thread Link 1152294

WTT/WTS Founder Keep Deed with Duke Benefactor Hom - Click to Expand


Boobles - Shroud link 1176891
Janus Thread Link 1176891

WTS IGG - $70 per 1m ppal f&f - Click to Expand

Hi I've listed the stock available and price. Thanks.

IGGold- 1m stock- $7 per 100k
COTO - sold out- $45 per 100
Granite - 30k stock - $25 per 10k

brypie84 - Shroud link 1177926
Janus Thread Link 1177926

A question about Bundles purchased with Crowns. - Click to Expand

yah i just got one thinking i would get epp 2 ........there was nothing to let me know i wouldn't

Lancell - Shroud link 1178415
Janus Thread Link 1178415

eternal patterns - Click to Expand

i would like to first say THANK YOU for making some of the old telethon/addon outfits into eternals .. example Autumn Fairy outfit ... now as i went threw my cross fingers they will be changed one day chest .. i noticed there was more that is NOT eternals not sure if you guys missed them or if its on a waiting list .. the Yule Velvet set ... Leather Kilt ... Rabbit set ... also quite a few head pieces .. Virtue Aeronaut Helmet .. Question and Exclamation Stovepipe hat ... Portable Aether Vibration Amplifier .... Plain Carnival Mask ... Ornate Circlet ... Lepus Mask 2018 ..... Judgewig ... Elaborate Tiara ... Butterfly Mask ... 2017 Lepus Mask .... tin hat .... grim reaper mask (addon) ... also 4-Piece One-Man Band ... i know some might not ever become eternals like the one man band .. but i hope this helps ... oh and yes i did not list the wings or cloaks due to i know they aren't here yet :)


you made me a VERY happy Avatar .. :)

sorry i didn't do this in a bug report style .. i thought i list style would be better if im wrong sorry ..
Lancell Lancermane

Lancell - Shroud link 1178458
Janus Thread Link 1178458

eternal patterns - Click to Expand

also note .. firedancer is leather .. but looks like cloth .. suggestion for cloth ... but just a suggestion

Bridge Troll - Shroud link 1178480
Janus Thread Link 1178480

A Most Awesome Holiday Gift Idea! - Click to Expand

My mind tapped me on the shoulder and bid me ask this wish:
For the holidays (aka NOW :)

Obsidian Potion of Experience Pool Swapping
Upon drinking this potion, the quaffer's Crafting Experience Pool swaps with the quaffer's Adventuring Experience Pool.
Once and Done.

This would be a huge step toward achieving "Quality of Life" improvement, and more importantly could ease pressure off of the priority of a crafting revamp - for issues of crafting exp only.​

Steevodeevo - Shroud link 1178486
Janus Thread Link 1178486

A Most Awesome Holiday Gift Idea! - Click to Expand

The idea I've liked least in ages.

Kara Brae - Shroud link 1178487
Janus Thread Link 1178487

A Most Awesome Holiday Gift Idea! - Click to Expand

This may indeed be a great idea, but the reason escapes me. Can you explain in more detail why I would need this?

StarLord - Shroud link 1178491
Janus Thread Link 1178491

A Most Awesome Holiday Gift Idea! - Click to Expand

I assume an easy way to get crafting XP via UT. At the moment getting crafting XP involves a lot of grinding (more than adventuring)

Kara Brae - Shroud link 1178492
Janus Thread Link 1178492

A Most Awesome Holiday Gift Idea! - Click to Expand

In that case I think the suggestion is a very bad idea.

Steevodeevo - Shroud link 1178496
Janus Thread Link 1178496

A Most Awesome Holiday Gift Idea! - Click to Expand

Grinding - crafting. So, crafting experience from crafting? How crazy an idea is that!

Surely I should get good at crafting from killing wolves? Wait! better still (as i hate crafting), why can't I have all of those lovely crafting points, that have nothing to do with my combat efforts, dumpled into my combat pool! I'd pay for that! PTW baby!!

Wait! Let's call it a QOL 'thing' (whatever that is /chuckle) if I do that the Devs always jump and give it!! Yes! add a poll as well, that always gets the MMO-lite squad clicking yes! yes! yes!

#QOLFTW!! #gimmieoriragequit! #PTWbaby!

Dhanas - Shroud link 1178562
Janus Thread Link 1178562

A Most Awesome Holiday Gift Idea! - Click to Expand

So should i switch my 40kk adventuring pool to crafting and bring my enchants to 120? I don't think it's a good idea, it is way much more easy gaining adv xp than crafting.

Randi - Shroud link 1178588
Janus Thread Link 1178588

WTS: 1 Mil In Game Gold - $69 PP/COTOs 100 - $45 - Click to Expand

I have 1 mil in gold ($68) up for sale. Pay pal only please. PM me if interested.

Alleine Dragonfyre - Shroud link 1178626
Janus Thread Link 1178626

Please Provide Resident Houses Like Guild Houses H - Click to Expand


This sounds like it might be relatively simple to implement because the exact same thing exists for Guilds in the form of Guild Houses. In Immortal City, we have a few lots that Residents are added as Kindred so they may place their wares on Public Vendors.

Our city lots are open to all of Novia to claim. No one has to ask permission to drop a home here as we feel letting the city grow organically is interesting and more realistic. We have the Golden Rule only and it's worked out well so far. We can't choose our neighbors in RL, right?

People come and people go, as any Governor will confirm. Maintaining lot access for Residents is a painstaking and time consuming endeavor. My process is that I take a screen shot of the Town Crier list and cross-reference it with who each lot has listed. As Immortal City grows, this becomes a longer and longer process, much like a guild.

It would be really cool if you could automate this process for us! Please make the same system "Guild Houses" have for "Resident Houses." When we check the box, currently, in Lot Access, this automatically gives all Guild Members Kindred access. If this could be done for Residents, we would be most grateful! I think that lots should be allowed to choose both Guild House and Resident House options for a lot as well, unless that complicates matters.

Thank you so much!

that_shawn_guy - Shroud link 1178633
Janus Thread Link 1178633

Please Provide Resident Houses Like Guild Houses H - Click to Expand


Kelly O'Shay - Shroud link 1178646
Janus Thread Link 1178646

Devotional Buffs are not working - Click to Expand

Devotionals still dont work in 767

11/10/2018 16:39
Reproduction Rate:
Steps to Reproduce:
User Specs:
OS: Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz (8)
System RAM: 12212
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 GPU RAM: 2007 SotA.QA.Win.64.767.Date.11.09.18
Area: POT_desert_metropolis_01b_template/Virtue Oasis Area Display Name: Virtue Oasis
Loc: (57.6, 38.2, 232.4)
Debug: UE9UX2Rlc2VydF9tZXRyb3BvbGlzXzAxYl90ZW1wbGF0ZXxWaXJ0dWUgT2FzaXN8KDU3LjU5MywgMzguMjE2LCAyMzIuMzg3KXwoMCwgMC45MTMsIDAsIDAuNDA5KXw0OTEuNzY3Mnw1OC4wODI1Mnw1LjA2MzgzMQ==


Alley Oop - Shroud link 1179003
Janus Thread Link 1179003

[Known] process tuna recipe pulls mahi mahi - Click to Expand

11/12/2018 13:35
Title: process tuna recipe pulls mahi mahi
Reproduction Rate: 2/2
Blocker? no
Details: i have no tuna
Steps to Reproduce:...and produces tuna fillets
User Specs:
OS: Linux 4.18 ManjaroLinux 18.0.0 64bit
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4430 CPU @ 3.00GHz (4) System RAM: 15992
GPU: GeForce GTX 970/PCIe/SSE2 GPU RAM: 4096
Area: POT_forest_metropolis_02_template/Stinging Tree Hollow
Area Display Name: Stinging Tree Hollow
Loc: (111.8, 41.7, -65.0)
Debug: UE9UX2ZvcmVzdF9tZXRyb3BvbGlzXzAyX3RlbXBsYXRlfFN0aW5naW5nIFRyZWUgSG9sbG93fCgxMTEuNzg3LCA0MS42NzgsIC02NC45NjcpfCgwLCAwLjA3OCwgMCwgMC45OTcpfC0xNy41MDYwNXw0NS40ODY5MnwxOA==

DarkStarr - Shroud link 1179058
Janus Thread Link 1179058

eternal patterns - Click to Expand

Moved to feedback

Serafina - Shroud link 1179062
Janus Thread Link 1179062

[Known] process tuna recipe pulls mahi mahi - Click to Expand

Submitted 62852

Serafina - Shroud link 1179070
Janus Thread Link 1179070

LFG window not updating for leader - Click to Expand

Submitted 62856

Serafina - Shroud link 1179078
Janus Thread Link 1179078

Sanctus Spine - Wall renders flip - Click to Expand

Submitted 62858

smack - Shroud link 1179700
Janus Thread Link 1179700

Release 60 Instructions - Click to Expand


DarkStarr - Shroud link 1179702
Janus Thread Link 1179702

Release 60 Instructions - Click to Expand

adding bug list now. stay tuned

nonaware - Shroud link 1179779
Janus Thread Link 1179779

Re: R60 Change: Being Fully Encumbered Will Block - Click to Expand

wants to talk about brewing. dosnt want to derail...

Paladin Michael - Shroud link 1179876
Janus Thread Link 1179876

Daily Oracle visits - how to make it more interest - Click to Expand

Imagine, if the Oracle would choose to provide more or less depending on what an Avatar has done at the day before (s)he visits the Oracle?

The Oracle also could give something special for a special reason.
For example:
- spending a high amount of Coins to beggars ...
- exploring 25 areas ...
- defeating 500 Skeletons ...
- crafting 1000 items
- doing 50 quests

Well, there could be alot of reasons to grant something special, more gold or - may be - an XP boost ...

Just an idea ;)