Welcome all.

I started JANUS a year ago to give a more publicly accountable face and numbers to the forum moderation, so that people could discuss it with actual metrics, and have backups of posts they worked hard on that might have been deleted rightfully or wrongfully.
It was never intended to be permanent, but merely to see what changes in direction could be facilitated by giving hard numbers the community could point to, and examples they could defend or refute to form their own opinions on what was actually happening rather than heresy.
With the year coming to a close, I believe it's purpose has run its course, and those discussions were able to be had frankly and productively and those discussions have been had, for better or worse. So with that, I am shuttering JANUS as it has done its goals.

Merry christmas all, And I hope it was useful to you for this year.
May 2019 be great to you all
Umuri Maxwell