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Dhanas - Shroud link 1066736
Janus Thread Link 1066736

WTS: Central Britanny Location row deed anywhere - Click to Expand

As a title I want to sell row location in Central Britanny near the entrace to Britanny Field and Novia Row lot deed anywhere.
Pm me for offers


UncleBenny - Shroud link 1111526
Janus Thread Link 1111526

WTS 500K In-Game Gold ($60) - Click to Expand


I am looking to sell 600,000 in-game gold for $54 PayPal (Friends and Family if possible please)

Send me a message if interested.

Thank you!!

sotaking - Shroud link 1118341
Janus Thread Link 1118341

WTS 1m igg for 85$ SKRILL, WEBMONEY - Click to Expand

WTS 1m igg for 85$ SKRILL, WEBMONEY

UncleBenny - Shroud link 1119032
Janus Thread Link 1119032

WTS 500K In-Game Gold ($60) - Click to Expand

Still available

2112Starman - Shroud link 1119578
Janus Thread Link 1119578

Steam reviews needs some love :) - Click to Expand

I probably visited raw 1-2 times a week and usually found one of the most insane things they posted and responded to it with a few sentences of reason.

It would end up with a wall of text posted at me, dozens of responses and threats of internet stalking or even threats of legal action (yes, seriously). I'd find my name called out all over the place as their "mortal enemy". I'd find most supporters names here called out all the time as "brainwashed fools by Portalarium". I could post one sentence at one particular former user and he would post 3 pages of text in response (he was banned years ago from the game and I think he even got actually banned from Reddit, I hear now hes trying to sue Portalarium).

In the end, they just banned me lol... for maybe 5 sentences a week. The people always playing the victims.

Oh the hypocrisy.

no social engineers over there... nope...

Vladamir Begemot - Shroud link 1119586
Janus Thread Link 1119586

Steam reviews needs some love :) - Click to Expand

IMO don't even bother posting in RAW. Those guys are long gone. But some words of sanity at the main Shroud subreddit would be great.

Nikko - Shroud link 1119588
Janus Thread Link 1119588

Steam reviews needs some love :) - Click to Expand

Some of them are undoubtedly people who spent a thousand or more on the game a long time ago (with a hope and prayer that it'd be exactly what they want). They don't like some aspects of it now, and so they have a personal vendetta against the game and the developers of it. People can be very vengeful.

Ravicus Domdred - Shroud link 1119715
Janus Thread Link 1119715

Steam reviews needs some love :) - Click to Expand

One question, what are you talking about. I understand your defense on wanting people to post positive. But what is the rest of this drivel? Are you pointing your finger at me for something?

Xul Rasha - Shroud link 1119716
Janus Thread Link 1119716

Steam reviews needs some love :) - Click to Expand

Well said. Even with the moderation here I’ve watched attacks in just different forms where certain unfavorable feedback is given. It’s disgusting but that isn’t moderated here. Point being this place isn’t any better or on any higher ground than raw like some would believe.

Brugas - Shroud link 1119721
Janus Thread Link 1119721

Steam reviews needs some love :) - Click to Expand

You will never see the kind of stuff in RAW on these forums. The extremist dwell there and their posts are way over the top. Mods would be all over it for just 1/50th of stuff over there.

Secondly, you guys saying its ok or even on the other sites, cannot give those guys there a free pass for what they say and do and then complain about the moderation here, which anything here is lightyears tamer by comparison. Don't be hypocrites.

Preachyr - Shroud link 1119726
Janus Thread Link 1119726

Steam reviews needs some love :) - Click to Expand

This thread took a hilarious turn.

Of the people here bashing the reddit community,
One we had to ban from the shroud sub for continued personal attacks and trolling even after many warnings, and one is site wide banned from reddit for harassment and abuse, and we have to ban his alts on a near daily basis as he tries to circumvent that ban to continue his harassment.

But sure, RAW is the place with all the bad guys ... :rolleyes:

Everyone is welcome to come to the shroud sub and voice thier opinion. Unlike these forums where disagreement is considered attacking someone and will get you modded, just be aware that people can and will disagree with you. Disagree with them right back or ignore them or whatever you want, all we ask is to follow some basic rules, don't make personal attacks, and keep discussions generally about the game.

Brugas - Shroud link 1119727
Janus Thread Link 1119727

Steam reviews needs some love :) - Click to Expand

Do you even read RAW? :rolleyes:

Montaigne - Shroud link 1119737
Janus Thread Link 1119737

Steam reviews needs some love :) - Click to Expand

Reddit Raw is an embarrassment. The rules don't apply to the few bullies that run the place. The other Reddit forum is almost as bad. If you post with any hint of positivity toward this game you will be abused. In one recent post, a community member who has recently been very unwell, is mocked and made fun of . Developers are also called names, and the 5-10 posters who frequent the forum seem to be totally obsessed with destroying the game. The game isn't perfect, but you are making yourselves look really bad.

Preachyr - Shroud link 1119751
Janus Thread Link 1119751

Steam reviews needs some love :) - Click to Expand

Do you? If so why don't you ever post any discussions?

If raw is too ... Well, raw for you, come post on the shroud sub. You wont be abused with personal attacks there so all there is to worry about is people disagreeing with you.

It's a shame so many people will sit here comfortably bashing raw or our sub without ever having the fortitude to go have discussions outside this safe space.

I guess its easy to sit and call everyone else trolls here where they cant comment back ;)

@Vladamir Begemot shows up and gives his opinion and I respect that.

It's hard to have respect for anyone willing to bash others but only from a distance and wrapped in a protective bubble.

Mapper - Shroud link 1119788
Janus Thread Link 1119788

Steam reviews needs some love :) - Click to Expand

I replied to Vlads post on the shroudoftheavatar subreddit recently just saying how good the changes coming will be and was downvoted. The negativity isn’t just in raw sadly, it’s very much spilling into the other subreddit.

All you need to do is visit raw and almost all the posts on the front page are by one person who promises to be done with the game when they receive their physical goods, oh how I wish that was true. I’ve honestly never seen such a community of people spend so much time hating something, it’s entirely unhealthy. There is no saving either of those subreddits.

The best post lately was merely a link to the international shipping token in the add on store with no other message. Everyone assumed the devs were asking for more money and jamp down their throat, all that had actually happened was someone posting a year old link at random.

Brugas - Shroud link 1119793
Janus Thread Link 1119793

Steam reviews needs some love :) - Click to Expand

Seriously? The other threads, that got locked, where we talked about this and RAW and posted links of evidence contrariwise to your stance that RAW isn't a haven of toxicity and extreme hate for the game and those that play it, as well as attacks on players. Maybe you should go back and read them or even better yet, just google "RAW" Shroud of the Avatar and read for yourself. Afterwards, if you still believe there is nothing wrong going over there, then I think I know where the problem lies...

Preachyr - Shroud link 1119798
Janus Thread Link 1119798

Steam reviews needs some love :) - Click to Expand

I do but i forget what we bet on, pm me and remind me :p

Preachyr - Shroud link 1119800
Janus Thread Link 1119800

Steam reviews needs some love :) - Click to Expand

Please don't put words in my mouth. I did not say any of that. The only point I made was that not all the bad actors are found in just that one place.

There are people on this forum equally as toxic, trollish, and abusive.

In other words there are people of all types all over the place, and that shouldn't hold people back from venturing out of their safe spaces to have simple discussions.

jammaplaya - Shroud link 1119812
Janus Thread Link 1119812

Steam reviews needs some love :) - Click to Expand

To be fair, Raw originated from it, and has always been just a copy/paste of it. They're the same thing with all of the same users, with the only activity they see being one person posting 5 fakenews-esque threads per day sometimes; the same person who thinks it's "starting a war" for someone to innocently suggest that people who like the game should review it, and will classlessly name and shame anyone who supports that innocent poster.

Both subs are essentially dead and it's because they are counter-intuitive to their purpose, due to the abuse of site mechanics; in particular the voting system, as you witnessed, but also because toxic behavior like the above is tolerated.. (Of course it has to be, otherwise there'd be no posts.) Personally I think it's funny to see some of them coming back to the forums due to the inactivity there, albeit not surprisingly. I did suggest driving a steak into the heart of both subs by eliminating any possibility of advertising/linking to it from here, but Portalarium required me to send them an email off-forums to suggest it, and I still haven't decided on how write the email without sounding too mindblown...

Brugas - Shroud link 1119815
Janus Thread Link 1119815

Steam reviews needs some love :) - Click to Expand

No, this forum is like Mother Teresa compared to RAW reddit. You seemed to imply and defend RAW as if the negativity it gets isn't deserved or the things we talk about here, AND LINK, don't exist. It's also like you turn a blind eye to what goes on over there and blindly defend it and then want to say the same stuff happens over here? I've been watching these forums for years and have never seen anything close to the toxicity, hatred, and vitriol to SotA or anyone that plays and says favorable things about it like over in RAW. Not even close.

jammaplaya - Shroud link 1119826
Janus Thread Link 1119826

Steam reviews needs some love :) - Click to Expand

Hmm. I'm not sure about this one. I just looked over there and saw an honest review posted by a new player has been downvoted quite a bit. It looks as though the new player is trying to post something, but an auto moderator silenced him for being downvoted?? Maybe if you want new people there you shouldn't treat them like this. I've never bought in to the social engineering stuff people talk about, but after seeing this I'm wondering...

Preachyr - Shroud link 1119845
Janus Thread Link 1119845

Steam reviews needs some love :) - Click to Expand

Good suggestion!

Perhaps if you stop making alts to try and get around your ban, stop pretending to be new players posting 'honest reviews', we would be able to get rid of the auto-moderator.

Of course, we both know that wont happen, and so the auto mod remains a necessary evil.

Mykll - Shroud link 1119848
Janus Thread Link 1119848

Steam reviews needs some love :) - Click to Expand

Someone call for a social engineer?

You can go ahead and admit it was you that sent out that pic.

Funny devs called for no attacking other communities and yet it continues here. Are them points being added up to bans yet? And I still can't find those specific point rules anywhere.

craftymethod - Shroud link 1119853
Janus Thread Link 1119853

Steam reviews needs some love :) - Click to Expand

The modus operandi "Every new user is Jamma" has always been flawed and appears to be creating a downvote brigade where the auto moderator is censoring new users who fall foul of them. Is that a kind of established elitism keeping new users away masquerading as a spam filter?

2112Starman - Shroud link 1119885
Janus Thread Link 1119885

Steam reviews needs some love :) - Click to Expand

Always playing the victims...

Yes, RAW is 100 times worse then this place, stop trying to make false equivalence. They were threatening to cyber stalk me again just last month.

Then realize that they banned me for 2 posts and 5 sentences a week. They couldn't deal with that lol.... because I call out their obvious social engineering.

If anyone doubts it, go read raw... go read what they say (since I have been saying this, they have tried to clean it up a bit too lol).