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Dyonisys - Shroud link 1161942
Janus Thread Link 1161942

Wts benefactor tailoring station - Click to Expand

Got an extra one will sell if for 20 pp ff or 500 k igg

Pm me

Bjorn Dyonisys

HEPHESTES - Shroud link 1166745
Janus Thread Link 1166745

Baron's Galleon Crow's Nest Disabled - Click to Expand


blu232118 - Shroud link 1166900
Janus Thread Link 1166900

Fell through the world - Click to Expand

Ruined keep (Obsidian_Keep) Loc: 364.9, 69.4, 283.0

jutman - Shroud link 1166913
Janus Thread Link 1166913

UN-NERF over-world movement - Click to Expand

Well if it’s not even an ant mound to you, feel free to stop trolling the forum post. Nerf is nerf even if you can’t accept that fact. In this case the hinderence of slow overworld speed when your off the road/path.... Espically where roads do not lead to all instances or pots...etc

Chaox - Shroud link 1166916
Janus Thread Link 1166916

UN-NERF over-world movement - Click to Expand

Thank you for the wishlist addition and all the feedback here!

Shift - Shroud link 1167172
Janus Thread Link 1167172

Just In Time For Halloween.. WTS Rare 2016 Rotten - Click to Expand


Tancreddo - Shroud link 1167382
Janus Thread Link 1167382

WTB - POT City Deed (Taxed) - Click to Expand

I am also looking for a Tax free PA or POT lot deed. Please PM me with your best offers on the City or the Row deeds.

-- Tancreddo

Black FjP - Shroud link 1169204
Janus Thread Link 1169204

Duels and duel practice at EVL's Arena - Click to Expand

Just a bump, event is tomorrow =)

CICI - Shroud link 1170072
Janus Thread Link 1170072

WTS Solania Row Lot (Flash Sale) - Click to Expand

Your buying
Solania Row Lot

Price: 50 COTOs
PA Row Deed not included!

Chatele - Shroud link 1170721
Janus Thread Link 1170721

Game Disconnection all over again - Click to Expand

pelican crash again today, when the heck will this get fixed????????????????? :mad::(:eek::rolleyes:

maxdamage23 - Shroud link 1170838
Janus Thread Link 1170838

wtb 1 million igg 50 dollars asap - Click to Expand

or any amount if good to 5 per 100k

Steevodeevo - Shroud link 1170840
Janus Thread Link 1170840

Shield of Crystal - a bit obscuring? Simple Idea. - Click to Expand


I find shield of crystal to be quite opaque and the crystals quite large and so hard to see through in order to target mobs and objects.

Could it (i.e. the orbiting crystal shards) please be made quite a bit more transparent and the crystals smaller so the effect looks cooler, but mainly so I can see through the shield and better have sight of what I'm doing.

Thanks for taking a look.

Jaesun - Shroud link 1170848
Janus Thread Link 1170848

Game Disconnection all over again - Click to Expand

I have not been getting any disconnected sessions. Could this possibly be a specific carrier?

Sean Silverfoot - Shroud link 1170859
Janus Thread Link 1170859

PaxLair's Campfire Story Telling Event Oct 19th - Click to Expand


Instead we'll do a post SOTACON get together and music by AR

Lord Trady of Blix - Shroud link 1170866
Janus Thread Link 1170866

Shield of Crystal - a bit obscuring? Simple Idea. - Click to Expand

Yeah make this better it looks like I'm running around with leaves like an elf ! UGH

jiirc - Shroud link 1171000
Janus Thread Link 1171000

R59 QA Server Testing has now begun! - Click to Expand

Before going on a rant, you should check other threads that are in the forum, expecially the one that is clearly labelled R59 list of fixed bugs and finished tasks.

No doubt you'll be blaming them for not providing a link in the post.

kqnsu - Shroud link 1171021
Janus Thread Link 1171021

WTS 750K IGG for 50 dollars steam wallet! - Click to Expand


Bow Vale - Shroud link 1171258
Janus Thread Link 1171258

Wishlist Requests list collected from SotA players - Click to Expand

Great list......a few more from me..Feel free to shorten for any you add to the list.

  • Hide the info screen for items, maybe make it a ctrl click to give a detailed description of what it is. I know what a torch is......
  • Make summoning whistles enchantable/masterworked
  • I really want a agriculture/plant system which encourages better strain crops by breeding and getting seeds that can produce more output/quicker growing times. These can be a great minigame and would give dedicated farmers an advantage and a purpose in the game.
  • Pet training/advancement and maybe pet specialization into a type...bear/spider/wyvern/more where each of them have noticeable combat differences than each other.
  • Alchemy and cooking where a person can make different non generic items and either based on skill/specialisation increased stats and effects
  • Factions…..

Uncle Ben - Shroud link 1171262
Janus Thread Link 1171262

WTS Lich Boss Room Recipe for 140 COTO - Click to Expand

WTS Lich Boss Room Recipe for 140 COTO or trade for a Lich Boss Room Blueprint 25 COTO

Odeen - Shroud link 1171289
Janus Thread Link 1171289

Welcome new SotA players! - Click to Expand

Rinaldi - Shroud link 1171330
Janus Thread Link 1171330

Solace Bridge - ground is completely black (look t - Click to Expand

10/20/2018 07:44
Title: Solace Bridge - ground is completely black (look texture-less)
Reproduction Rate: 100%
Blocker? no
Details: ? intended? - the ground look completely black and lack texture.
Steps to Reproduce: none
User Specs:
OS: Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz (8) System RAM: 32709
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 GPU RAM: 8088
Area: SolaceBridge
Area Display Name: Solace Bridge
Loc: (-108.3, 78.2, 86.3)

Barugon - Shroud link 1171427
Janus Thread Link 1171427

Can't farm Lost Valley - Click to Expand

Where is "Lost Valley"?

Duke Gréagóir - Shroud link 1171476
Janus Thread Link 1171476

Elwyn's terse guide to the Episode 1 main quest - Click to Expand

@Elwyn tower of shuttered eye, no more min in there? I could not find him. I am doing the offline version. Thank you for clarifying it.

Alpha Fishstick - Shroud link 1171604
Janus Thread Link 1171604

Release 58 Screenshots & Video Gallery - Click to Expand

1 Intoxication and Friends

Mishikal - Shroud link 1171688
Janus Thread Link 1171688

847 - Random Encounter Room blueprints don't show - Click to Expand

The only tab I can find blue prints under for the above is "All Items". They should show up as crafting items as well.