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Each item title is ALSO a link to the item in my store at, so that you can see the photo of the item you are considering, to get the detailed stats.

All items have full "control to expand" held display in the image, and the item you get is the EXACT one in the screenshot image.

You DO NOT have to make your purchases from if you do not want. You CAN contact me via forums or other methods to negotiate and/or make a purchase. The links are simply so you can view the items you would be purchasing. You are of course welcome to buy at the store if you wish.

*Each Item is preceded by a SKU code. This is so that when discussing items of similar names but with different bonuses, there is a distinguishing designation.

** Any item that can accept a Gem, that does not already have one, If you want one, just let us know which gem and we will socket it for you before shipping.

Contact me Via PM to purchase or a bunch of other ways at bottom of this post.

Price high? Yes, I am willing to negotiate!

Price's listed in $USD
I will accept Gold: 12,000 gold per $1.00
I will accept COTO: Exchange Rate is 3 per $1.00.

Equipment Set's and Bundles - Click on links to go to items, where item has photos of EACH item, expanded, so you can see the details of all pieces in the bundle.

#91959-rf Heavy Armor Set with Shield and Blade (Click here to see images od each item full expanded) - $20.00

#91958-rf 12 Piece Obsidian Order Wizard Crafted Set - Shroud of the Avatar (See images of all items expanded here) - $25.00ea

#91957-rf Crafted Elven Elder Archer Outfit (Boots, Chest, Gloves, Legs) - Shroud of the Avatar (See Expanded Images of all Items here) x1 - $45.00

#91872-rf 7-Piece Copper Chain 2-Handed Elven Elder & Darkstarr Set - Shroud of the Avatar (Click here for expanded images of each item) - $20.00

#91640-tm - Archer of Necromancy and Lunasim Gear Set - 6 items (Click here for Expanded Images) - $8.00

#91876-rf - 4pc Epic Plate Set Clockwork Eternal Thaumaturgy Bling (Click here for Expanded images) - $15.00


#91105-oj - Bronze Bone Chest Armor 7 - $5.00
#91108-oj - Bronze Bone Chest Armor 8 110/110 - $5.00
#91109-oj - Bronze Bone Chest Armor 8 145/145 - $6.00
#91110-oj - Bronze Bone Chest Armor 8 175/175 - $6.50
#91111-oj - Bronze Bone Chest Armor 9 135/135 - $6.50

#91113-oj - Bronze Bone Chest Armor 9 160/160 - $7.00
#91114-oj - Bronze Bone Chest Armor of Gaiasim 12 170/170 - $12.50
#91396-tm - Carapacian Cabalist Robe of Necromancy 15 (102/102) - $5.00
#91258-oj - Cotton Augmented Cloth Chest Armor of Gaiaism 15 (125/125) - $5.00ea

#91614 - Cotton Epic Cloth Chest Armor of Necromancy 10 (83/83) - $2.00



#91540-tm Carapacian Satin & Lace Ankle Boots 10 (36/36) - $8.00
#91247-OJ - Constantan Epic Plate Boots 11 63/63 - $2.50
#91630-tm Fustian Augmented Cloth Boots 9 (27/27) $2.00
#91798-tm - Meteoric Iron Augmented Chainmail Boots 10 (75/75 Exceptional) - $2.00



#91440-tm - Carpacian Long Satin Gloves 11 (36/36) - $8.00
#91131-oj - Meteoric Iron Plate Gauntlets 11 (68/68) - $2.50

#91966-rf - Carpacian Epic Cloth Gloves 9 (20/20) - $2.00



#91434-tm - Carapacian Epic Cloth Helm 8 (36-36) - $2.00
#91970-rf - Copper Elven Elder Fighter Helm 12 (36/36) - $8.00

#91171-oj - Stag Headdress 12 (96/96) - $3.00ea
#91094-oj - Wolf Headdress 13 (95/95) - $5.00ea


#91173-oj - Fortified Leather Leggings 10 (45/45) - $2.00






#91303-oj - Meteroic Iron Darkstarr Chaos Shield of Necromancy 15 (65/65) - $20.00ea
This is my own crafted version of a shield that was Inspired by the "Lord Forged Item" called "Chaotic Defense of Death" crafted by Darkstarr as seen on the Shroud of the Avatar forums here,

#92000-rf - White Iron Heavy Round Shield 10 (40/40) - $2.00
#91994-rf - White Iron Rectangle Shield of Sorcery 11 (82/82) - $3.00ea



#91367-rf Bronze Longsword 11 (85/85) - $2.00
#91365-rf Bronze Longsword of Sorcery 12 (70/70) - $2.00
#91250-rf Constantan Longsword of Sorcery 14 (53/53) - $4.00
#91972-rf Copper Longsword of Thaumaturgy 11 (26/26) - $2.00
#91976-rf Copper Ornate Bastard Sword 12 (30/30) - $8.00

#91984-rf PAIR of Meteoric Irong Longsword's 11 (80/80 & 85/85) - $7.00


#90718-oj - Copper Two-Handed Hammer of Necromancy Warding 13 (30/30) - $4.00

-Bows & Crossbows:
#91143-oj - Grey Pine Long Bow of Sorcery Wardring 13 - $3.00
#91189-oj - Pine Long Bow of Necromancy 13 (40/40) - $4.50
#91166-rf - Pine Long Bow of Theurgy 14 (37/37) - $2.00

#91960-rf - Bronze Halberd 14 (64/64) - $5.00
#91115-oj - Bronze Spear 10 (35/35) - $2.50
#91648-oj - Bronze Spear of Tempestry 15 (52/52) - $8.00
#91155-oj - White Iron Spear 10 (35/35) - $2.50
#91157-oj - White Iron Spear of Sorcery Warding 10 (40/40) - $3.50



#90460-el - Mounted Death Bunny x30 - $2.00ea


Made to order items will typically be delivered within 24 hours, and I am able to offer these items that quickly as I tend to keep the raw materials in stock at large bulk. Since I AM human however please allow up to 72 hours, especially if you have a large order! Typically if it will be any longer then 24 hours I would contact you though.

As it will take time to build this list, if you have a request, just send me a list and I will price it for you.

Note made to order items are only the item's that don't require "chances" in-game to make, or that may break. I don't have the time to craft 50 pieces of leg's for someone, to get the one they want, for $10.00 - sorry.:( The crafted equipment line will be growing though, I promise!

Will mail unless to heavy to be sent cost-effectively, in which case I will give you the ability to pick the item(s) up from a container at my lot in New Brittania Market, under the name "Oddjob" with the Town Crier.

Angled Stone Chimney - Pack of 5 - $1.00 per Pack
Angled Stone & Wood Chimney - Pack of 3 - $1.00 per Pack
Flat Stone & Wood Chimney – Pack of 3 - $1.00 per Pack
Small Ankh – Pack of 25 - $1.00 per Pack

Refined Materials:
(Pack of 25) - $1.00 per Pack
Copper Ingots (pack of 25) - $1.00 per Pacl
Gold Ingots (Pack of 25) - $1.00 per Pack
Iron Ingots (Pack of 25) - $1.00 per Pack
Silver Ingots (Pack of 25) - $1.00 per Pack

Ankh - 1 Dozen - $1.00 per dozen
Giant Rough Stone Paver – Pack of 6 - $1.00 per pack
Gravestone – Pack of 12 - $1.00 per pack
Headstone - Pack of 35 - $1.00 per pack
Large Rough Stone Paver – Pack of 10 - $1.00 per pack
Small Ankh – Pack of 25 - $1.00 per Pack
Small Rough Stone Paver - Pack of 50 - $1.00 per pack
Tombstone - Pack of 20 - $1.00 per pack

Neck Slot:
Animal Collar - Pack of 20 - $1.00 per pack
Summoning Whistle - Pack of 12 - $1.00 per pack
*(Optional $3.00 for a guarantee of all 1's!)


Recall Scrolls (pack of 40) x10 - $1.00 / Per Pack of 40
Teleport Scrolls (pack of 40) x10 - $1.00 / Per Pack of 40

All payments for PayPal will go to or can be made even more quickly with my PayPal me link:

You can also contact me by email at

Text Chat! You can Text 414-SOTA-AID (414-768-2243)

In Game: Oddjob or Stile Teckel

Discord: Stile Teckel #5631

ALSO FIND ME ON: Facebook group:
Shroud of the Avatar Marketplace- Public group, anyone can join and sell!

Purchase directly from a secure and legally operated storefront at

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Still many items to come! Crazy week this last week, and playing catch-up :)
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Still adding items! Sold some to!
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Fixed, thank you!
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Previous sale has ended!

New sale - Until the end of August or while supplies last:

20% off all items/prices in the Original Post! Many more to add, so keep watching the OP
Sir Stile Teckel - 1112887
20% off all items in OP until end of August continues.
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Still adding items, although admittedly slowly. Some REALLY good stuff to come though!

dont forget it's 20% off the original post prices until end of August on everything in the OP.
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20% off all items/pricing on original post continue!

I have some really, really nice full "Sets" I will be adding hopefully within the next 24 hours, but if not within 3 days at most. Then should have an additional one added every day or two, until that chest is listed *winks*

So keep an eye, as i might be slow getting these items added, but there is a lot in my warehouse to show you still!
Sir Stile Teckel - 1129554

20% off continues until end of August, only a few more days left!

Sorry, nothing new added recently. I was vending a Rennisance convention this weekend, and from the time I woke up Friday morning (5am), until I went to bed Monday at 4am, i had 10 hours of BROKEN sleep the entire time. Just got up a bit ago after a 17 hour coma, and am now catching up so that I can be back into a normal routine again!!! Next weekend ill be a little slow, as a heads up will be 9/8 when Im vending the Elkhart Comic-Con, in Indiana.
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50% off all prices on the original post of this thread ONLY - untl next bump or while supplies last!!!!!

Special sale i am doing on player crafted gear only.

Want to use gold? Sure! Exchange rate is 12,000 gold per $1.00.

So for example: If an items is $5.00

Right now, that means its $2.50 on sale, and $2.50 translated to gold if you want to use gold, would be 30,000 gold. Ill also take COTOS at 2 per $1.00. So $2.50 would be 5 COTOS.
Sir Stile Teckel - 1152021
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Previous sale ended!

Be sure to keep an eye on the original post. I am adding an item almost every day, or every other day typically. There are items with rare eternal patterns also, so be sure to check out the expanded images via link!

New sale, while supplies last or until next bump:
#91396-tm - Carapacian Cabalist Robe of Necromancy 15 (102/102) - $2
#91258-oj - Cotton Augmented Cloth Chest Armor of Gaiaism 15 (125/125) - $2.00ea
#91326 - Cotton Cabalist Robe of Necromancy 15 (Epic Cloth Chest Armor) (100/100) - $5.00ea
#91614 - Cotton Epic Cloth Chest Armor of Necromancy 10 (83/83) - $1.00
#91091-fj - Cotton Epic Cloth Chest Armor of Thaumaturgy 13 - $2.00
Sir Stile Teckel - 1171537
Sir Stile Teckel - 1176785
Previous sale ended

new sale while supplies last or until next bump

#91958-rf 12 Piece Obsidian Order Wizard Crafted Set - Shroud of the Avatar (See images of all items expanded here) - $15.00ea
Sir Stile Teckel - 1182370
Sir Stile Teckel - 1185135
New sale for One week, or while supplies last

50% off all items on the Original post!