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Fei Akhart - 828851
I see it as one of the biggest differentials of the game in relation to the others: its amazing community.
Berek - 828852
Thanks fakhart for the support!!
MythosTMC - 833800
Hi everyone. New player here. My names Mythos and hope to meetup with you wonderful folks in game. I am still getting my bearings in the game so far, but any information regarding casual guilds for new avatars like me, would be appreciated.

Gorthyn - 833837
Hi and welcome - having been playing less than two weeks myself and really enjoying the game.

It can be very frustrating and bewildering to start with but things slowly become clearer bit by bit and there are loads of very helpful people both here and in game happy to try and help.
Bowie - 839519
Hi fellas! I just started playing the game thanks to the free trial and i must say, it's exactly what i've been looking for so many years. I can't wait for launch!

Yet, i have some serious issues with the performance of the game... where i can ask for help about it? Have in mind, this is a free trial account, therefore i can't make new threads!

majoria70 - 839566
Welcome Bowie. Can you tell us what system you have? The game isn't fully optimized so you may find lagging and stuttering in some areas. I would be happy to help anytime. I am Majoria in the game. I would set your game to fastest to see if that helps as well.
Bowie - 839744
Hi Majoria! Here's my system...
AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core Processor
AMD Radeon R7 370 Series

I assume my problem is related to RAM, because even at fastest setting, the game seems to have hiccups. Every minute or so the music goes into stuttering mode and i get stuck for a few seconds. Not to mention, the loading screens take forever.
But just in case, i'll ask... is there something i should configure beforehand? Should i expect these things anyways since its beta?

Thanks for taking the time to help me!
Wintermute of CoF - 839754
I have 32GB of RAM and still get that, though mostly only in scene changes. That issue is apparently down to some garbage collection change the devs haven't got to the bottom of yet.

More RAM will definitely help with general smoothness however. I would recommend getting some more if you can afford it (and your motherboard has spare slots).

Your CPU is probably also a limiting factor as many things are limited by single core performance (i.e. the extra cores after the first two or three don't help much), but that'll be a more expensive upgrade than the RAM.
Bowie - 839765
Many thanks for your advice! Honestly, if that gets solved, i think i can live with the rest of the issues, as they're minor.
I'll take notes of the updates then. You think they're going to announce it in the patch notes?
Wintermute of CoF - 839776
The posts I am getting my info from are this one and this one. I would recommend you follow Chris's Daily Dev blog and the companion discussion thread to get more detailed updates about the ongoing performance work.

To be clear: I think more RAM will definitely help with your stuttering, it just won't necessarily eradicate it.
Berek - 841328
Greetings Bowie! We try to include these sort of details in the patch notes, but sometimes the more back-end function changes are not included. Will try for this one!
Tetsuo Ostrava - 930622
Hi everyone. I am new to the game (less than a month) and want to say hello to such a nice community.

I am currently a plate wearing sword welding squishy tank sort of player and am working on that with the help of my wonderful guildmates in Stormsong Vale.

I am usually drifting aimlessly between games but omg I am crazy about this one.

I find it so exciting and often choose where I play by the scenery. I love dungeons but some of the views are breathtaking.

.thank you for making me so happy to be playing
Vladamir Begemot - 930624
Welcome Tetsuo! I'm glad you love it! It's looking really great for next week's update too!

By the way, to you and all new players, if you are near Highvale/Resolute, swing into the S Mart Factorium, I have crafting work for you. It'll get you XP and gold, a win win when it comes to crafting!
StDrahcir - 930646
Welcome Tetsuo!

I am also new. I just started earlier this month (barely have 1 week under my belt).

I'm sooo hooked to this game that I may end up buying my first gaming laptop just so that I can play this while I'm out and about. I used to play on Chesapeake and Catskills back during the old UO days (pre-Trammel and a few years after Trammel).

I second what Tetsuo said about the community. I have been meeting some very friendly and helpful people on my travels. I'm usually around the Resolute area so feel free to find me and dance with me ingame :). I look forward to seeing everyone online :)!
Salonz - 934370
Welcome StDrahcir,

i just joined yesterday - looing forward to connect to my good old UO days.

Stundorn - 934400
Welcome new Players!

@StDrahcir are you like Lord British also Named Richard in real life?

I used drahcir for myself too for erlier Accounts, because my Names are
Richard Gerhard Wilhelm :)
StDrahcir - 934612
Hahahah you are correct sir. My real name is Richard. I've been using Drahcir for most of my characters names since 1990 when I was playing PnP Dungeons and Dragons.
Stundorn - 934636
haha nice :D

Name Brothers with the famous @Lord British :cool::)

edit: You maybe was the cause once when i gt messages like: This Name is already used :D
FrozenFire - 934820
Hi. I am a newbie. So very excited to play but "Updating the game" is in progress step 3 of 6.... Feels like it is taking ages and it is frustrating me to be honest.
Tetsuo Ostrava - 934888
The more excited you get the longer it takes
majoria70 - 934935
Welcome FrozenFire. Oh I hope it hurries for you. There are probably many patches for new players. I am Majoria in game if I can ever assist for any new players or not new players also ;)
moxiepilot - 935119
Yeah, 600 patches takes a bit of time. Hopefully you were able to find the end of the internet while waiting. But now, you will only have to wait very short periods of time for subsequent updates.

If you need help in game, I’m new too, but have made bunches of online friends who help out. I’d be happy to introduce. In game name is in my signature, but with a little perusal of the forums you’ll be quick to figure out who will help ease you in the game, give you a free place to live for a bit, twink you out and all of that.

Best of luck
Stundorn - 935194
Steam Update was 35 minutes for me :rolleyes:
Earl Atogrim von Draken - 935197
Used steam. Took me 7 Minutes.
Tetsuo Ostrava - 935413
7 minutes is a very long time if your gagging to crack some skulls
Earl Atogrim von Draken - 935414
In that case even 2 seconds are too long ;-) we just dont have google fiber 500mb here ^^
Grindlelock - 943983
Newbie here :)
Lord-Galiwyn - 943989
Welcome Grindlelock!!
Asl\k questions if you need to do so, Any Player with the hospitiler name on them will bw glad to help including me .. ingame I am Druid Galiwyn
Luca Xante - 944111
Hern the hunter - 947675
Hern The Hunter Returns

Dusk in the woods, a cool breeze wonders through the forest, trees rustling then the silence breaks as voices can be heard resounding though the wood laughter and curses . A shadow in the forest lurking behind them as dusk settles into night , wolves howl , men look around their campfire talking about the days bounty .. a young hunter they had robed and killed taking his hard earned prizes of the day . The men toss the meat aside as they take only the valuables the stag has to offer . Then they hear it the wolves howling the thunder of hoofs, two of the three men drop the alters and hide and run back to town as fast as they can. The others stay behind scoffing about some legend that haunts the woods then a thick fog creeps in and seems to dim the light of the fire and the three men see glowing white eyes shining back at them and what seem to be a great stag encircling the camp . Right before the fire goes out Someone or something on a giant horse burst through the camp wolves rushing … Screams can be heard though the forest then silence.

Hello I am Hern the hunter I am new to Sota as its called smiles , I am very happy to have found this new world. I am looking to make many new friends and go on many adventures . A little about myself I have played UO from 1997 till about 2000 then played UO off and on I was on the Catskills server in the guild called The Wolf Pack . I have many stories about those times but I am here to make new ones as well . I have extensive gaming history after UO I played EQ as many of us did then moved on to Dark age of Camelot some sci fi games and then WOW and Rift . I would list all the games I have been in but that just takes up to much room . I do have a lot of questions about this new game or successor to UO how does housing work with lot deeds and houses I am very confused on this. Also is there no skill or stat cap as of now and when the game goes live will there be one last wipe to the server ?

Look forward to see and hearing from you all good luck and good hunting.
Mugly Wumple - 947711
Housing in a nutshell. There are NPC towns that are part of the story - Britanny, Aerie, Ardoris, etc. There are additional towns created to accommodate more housing, often called PRTs. Then there are Player Owned Towns, or POTs.

To claim a lot in the first two types, you need a lot deed and a plot bearing a For Sale sign. In a POT you can place a lot deed at the player-owner's discretion.

There are Tax Free lot deeds and taxable lot deeds. There are place anywhere deeds and deeds that can only be placed in a POT. A taxable row lot is 500 gold per day. Row lots come with a default house. Larger lots do not.
Mugly Wumple - 947712
No wipe.
No skill caps, but a decay mechanism is in place to prevent all skills being GMed at the same time. Individual skills have an effective cap because the higher they get the more points it takes to increase them.
Hern the hunter - 947727
Thank you for your input Mugly very good info to know, also is it possable to still buy a land lot in game or rent one, also what is the lottery about? I heard thats for lots land?
Luca Xante - 947748
Welcome @Hern the hunter !!!

You can buy deeds (taxed) starting from 85 Cotos from obsidian vendors (at least one is located at Owls Head). Cotos you can buy from other players in game with in game gold or from add on store with $). Also you can buy deeds (tax free or taxed) from other players, in that case I recommend to contact my good friend and one of the most trustworthy traders @Morgoth redbeard . Also you can buy bundles from add on store. Starting from Tax free row lot bundle those has deeds included.

You can also rent houses and rooms from other players. While you are considering all possibilities you have you can live free in my Inn which is located at very lively Player Owned Town called Ordinis Mortis.

Lottery is on hold till launch if I have understood it right. But it is way to win taxed deeds by buying lottery tickets.
Paladin Michael - 947861
Greetings and welcome @Hern the hunter ,

there are great woods and towns to explore. Have fun in this realm!
Hern the hunter - 947865
Just want to say thanks for the warm welcome guys thank you so much, I was wondering if anyone here can help me help a friend out I am looking to buy a highwaymen's hat with states or a Tricorn Hat with states
I was hoping someone makes them in game and can possible can make them with some better states

Please reply to this thread or to me in game if you can make this item thanks.

Hern The hunter
Mugly Wumple - 947876
Jaesun - 951619
I did have a question on when the game does finally go to Launch: I *assume* everything will be wiped, and we all start from scratch? As I have been playing, I've just been assuming we will all be wiped, and just discovering and understanding as much as I can for when Launch day arrives.
majoria70 - 951632
No more wipes will happen. Players are welcome to restart their character though. If you decide to do this you may wish to place your items in the bank. There is a one time quest reset you can choose from the town crier also. There is a lot to learn that is for sure. If I can ever help I am Majoria in game and I would be happy to help.
Jaesun - 951635
Oh ok thanks for the info!
ChavaiotH - 952325
I'm in. Bought it yesterday.
Luca Xante - 952346
Jaesun - 954578
If I am currently bound to a city and it is also the city I can take and remove items from the Bank, if I want to relocate to a new town.... do I seriously have to haul all my items to the new City Bank and bind there?
majoria70 - 954587
@Jaesun You can use the property manager for your home and it's contents. I have helped several players get their things to town. One way is to bind to the new location and then I wait at the old location. It takes a while teleporting back and fourth and of course it takes teleport scrolls but it is nice to have someone's help and I'm willing to help as I'm sure others would be also.
Jaesun - 954623
@majoria70 ok thanks! I am still happy where I am currently based, but I’m sure later on I’ll want to relocate.
Jaesun - 954910
In general, does the Journal of tasks that show on the screen to the left, do they go in order of difficult? As in, the more easier one will be on top, the harder ones (like completing a siege, of which I am completely certain I can't do at this point, because I saw who you have to deal with one day and that was a gigantic nope at this time hehe) are lower?

It *seems* like it is like that, but was just wondering.
GoodSir - 959760
Hi everyone! Just started playing a few days ago, pretty much completed everything I could find in Blood River Outskirts, got to the point on some skills I was working on that the trainer in the elf encampment can't really help me anymore for the next things I want to learn, and I'm not really sure what to do with myself next. Hit up Aerie and did a couple things, then ran up to Vertas and talked to a guym but now I'm just kinda' flapping in the wind. Could really use some guidance, and maybe a friend or two, if anyone's interested.
majoria70 - 959770
Welcome @GoodSir . I'm Majoria in game if I can help. I'm in the game atm also.
majoria70 - 959772
I am not sure of that but usually it will make note if it is difficult for you when you click on it and it opens your journal and it will say something like (this task should be easy for you) or other comments so you have an idea but of course it doesn't always ;)

Luca Xante - 959809
Welcome @GoodSir !!!

Feel free to add me (Luca Xante in game also) to your friend list in game and whisper if you need help, advices or just company. Happy hunting!
aunbm123 - 960239
Can you recommend this information?

Neres - 962097
Hi people.
I tested the Trial version last week, and after 2 days i bought it.
Also i tried to be part of the Localization Team, but it seems it's dead or paused at the moment. :(
majoria70 - 962112
Welcome @Neres to Shroud of the Avatar. Oh that would be awesome if you joined the localization team. perhaps @Berek can advise you of what is going on with localization.
Luca Xante - 962122
Welcome @Neres !!!

You have waited so long (from Feb 6. 2015) to post first time, hopefully it doesn’t take another 3 years to hear from you again ;)
Neres - 962209
Nah, shy and such things! :D
Darkhawke - 962933
Well i decided to jump in tonite , after my third time trying the trial out , things started to click and i really think there is alot under the hood here..... Looking forward to further exploring in SOTA
Kieranbunny - 967174
Heddo All! as you can see by me pic me am a wabbit! Will be "boingying" about da if you see a rather large wabbit...please don't shoot! ==:)*0...trying to get arrows outta mne tail is a pain in da butt*runs from bad pun!*
Hope to see ta all in game..Me should be easy to will be da screaming wabbit bein chased by some hungry dragon!(silly rumor that: that we bunnies taste good!) ==>:*[=]
majoria70 - 967179
Welcome @Kieranbunny. Lol of course I wouldn't shoot a cute little bunny except beware if someone is cooking excellent rabbit stew. ;). Have a great time. I am Majoria in game. Please feel to add me to your friends list and whisper questions to me anytime. Click the f key to add friends. The o key for emotes.
Rhiannon - 967211
As a tip, this game is different than most in that it’s trial and error on what you do when. Decades ago, it was wise to keep a manual journal of notes so you don’t miss things you want to get back to. I have done this for SotA because it might be months or more before I get back to something.

I use Microsoft OneNote for this purpose as I can have tabs for each city and one for general notes (to find Nightshade, go to XXX).

Or maybe I’m just getting old...
Luca Xante - 967241
Hmm... *wonders if Death Bunny gets distracted by Wabbits...* Krhmm... @Kieranbunny, would You like to Come for Small adventure with me at Eastern? We might meet Cute Little bunny in Spectral mines...
Kieranbunny - 967352
have you eber heard of da Phrase: EeeeeEEEEeeeP...DEATH BUNNY!??!??!?!?!
*fading bunny voioce* just membered dat me have to be in da land of "Far,Far(and did me mention far?) away! like 10 mins ago! ....>thataway!!! ==:)*O
Kieranbunny - 970770
*AHEM!* look...just cause me cousin lost his temper doesn't mean all wabbits are like him..*hides big pointy sharp teeth*.....==}:*[=]
arman79 - 979588
Jorhoto - 981471
hello, I started to play this fantastic game!
majoria70 - 981472
Welcome @Jorhoto . Happy adventuring to you. I am Majoria in the game if I can help anytime.
polgara711 - 981939
Dalinoth - 982350
Good morning. New player here. Long time Ultima fan so I'm excited to see that Lord Brittish and Tracey Hickman have created...
Ravenscar - 982393
Wendy_Suck - 982497
Hihihi. New player here!

About me...
I consider myself newish to gaming and the MMO genre (3-4 years now) and have enjoyed the following: WoW, Gw2, B&S, FFXIV, ESO. There's something about levelling characters in a social fantasy environment that I really really love.
I play healer and support classes/roles. Dps doesn't interest me and haven't the balls (yet) to try tanking! Not into crafting or trading. Love to team up with people to hit dungeons and complete group content.

First impression of SotA:
Overall really positive. I love
- how flexible the levelling system is.... Free reign to level whatever you want? Yes please
- that everything isn't spelled out for you. I'm used to being spoon fed so this challenge is refreshing
- there are so many schools of magic. As a magic fantasy whore this makes me very happy.

My goal:
To build a pure healer/support mage that can provide useful buffs and/or CC. With the little knowledge I have I guess levelling water, life and light would make sense. I'm really drawn to moon from a RP perspective (sexy, mysterious healer who can turn invisible and charm animals... Wow!) however I don't think it synergises. I'm not sure what weapon to focus on however my preference is being in the back line. The game seems to be focussed on melee.

It would be nice to make some friends in game to level and explore together, discuss things and share ideas and knowledge. Add me if interested!

I'd love to hear your thoughts, ideas and advice on all things SotA and how to achieve my goal. All help is welcome! I hope soon I can help and impart some wisdom in return!

Meneliki - 983057
Hello! New player here. Just got the game today.
Seems pretty cool so far, the world building is incredible.
Looking forward to getting a bit stronger, hooking up with a nice group of people and diving deep into some of the game's dungeons :)
Holifer - 983591
I was getting bored in WoW again and saw an ad for SotA on Facebook.
I didn't remember I'd signed up for the newsletter a long time ago.
The game feels fresh to me and kind of exciting. Lots of things to learn.

I read up on Richard Garriott and realized he's the inspiration for the character of James Halliday in 'Ready Player One', which I recently read.
I thought that was pretty cool.
Berek - 985163
Greetings and salutations @Holifer, welcome to New Britannia!
i490710 - 985276
Steam button in client is inactive, how to solve this?
SunDancer - 985483
Hi. Now will that annoying "click here to say hi" windows be gone please....
SkinnyJ86 - 986614
Hello Everyone! I've just been recently introduced to this game from a youtube video. I've downloaded the trial to get a feel for the game and so far I am enjoying myself. I have to be honest though, I'm a little overwhelmed on the direction needed. I've watched some videos for newbies but would love it more if I could find someone who wouldn't mind playing with me to show me the ropes. IGN Spironus Filander
Sir AJ - 987839
Hail and Well Met - long time UO player who is enjoying a new look at Britannia
Rhiannon - 987860
No need to be shy Neres! You are among other Avatars (just a few thousand or so). Welcome!
Rhiannon - 987863
That's 'cause it's NEW Britannia. :) Welcome! There are many avatars from old Britannia here! Me being one of them.
Rhiannon - 987869
My goodness. Look at all the new avatars this week. Welcome one and all! Hope you enjoy New Britannia along with the rest of us.
shapshank - 989933
It's kind of hard to tell if this thread is dead or not.
But assuming it's not, I'm having fun, but am a little bit confused about what the meaning of launch is when there's so much of the game that's buggy.
Missing or incorrect maps / wonky minimap compass direction (inverted) really take away from the feeling of finish.

Just a moment ago in a mapless Blood River Forest, I fell right through a mountain into some water. Weird, and eventually I found my way out of it, but without any visible cues for what was actually the way out.

The quest system seems like it's still glitchy, too. It works MOST of the time, but it's totally possible, and not really all that infrequent, that you'll complete a quest, and it still won't disappear from on-screen quest list, and the glyphs on the compass last longer (12 raw cotton quest is evidently going to live forever according to my compass).

I do like this game, but it still seems very much an in-development kind of deal, despite having had a launch.
I'm no longer on a free trial, but bought the other day, and I'm working on my wife :) That free trial is pretty darned impressive. LOTS of content.

Still trying to get a handle on how much of the seemingly buggy is buggy and how much is me not exactly having a handle on the game's intent.
Belgarath71 - 994147
Hi!!! All.....
Mboo - 994651
Hey there everyone.

I grew up on the Ultima series. My first was Ultima 7, then Ultima online, and ultima 9. 7 and 7-2 were my favorites.
I have a copy of Hubert's Hair-Raising Adventure signed by Richard Garriott (If you know why this is special I assume you're also an Ultima long-time fan).
That being said, I was looking forward to this for a really long time, and now that "launch" has arrived, I am overwhelmingly disappointed.

Don't get me wrong, there are a number of things I enjoy about the game, so far the crafting system seems interesting (if cumbersome and time consuming), and the skill system is nice. I'm enjoying leveling a sort of all-around-mage.
However there is quite a bit lacking.
Let me answer the questions from a previous post:

1. If you had to place yourself on a scale of interest in this game at this time (between 1 and 100), where would you say is your interest right now?

After playing for most of today, I got through much of the "truth" area in aerie and surrounding land. I figured out the sword-puzzle in the east longfall wetland. And yet, I just... don't care. My current scale of interest is about a 20/100, down from a 90/100 when I started playing.

2. Can you give a short list of specific things that aren't here that you'd like to see?

There is no engagement, no overarching quest which binds me to this world and makes me want to be interested. I understand it's very "sandbox", but there still needs to be an overarching story line that has some sort of conflict, some reason why I am here besides "You are the avatar sent to save us."
Maybe I just haven't gotten to it yet, but so far, I am just... grinding my way through hoping I start to like it.
Also more explanation of basic things, like what the heck are sieges, why do they happen, how long do they last, do you get rewards for fighting in them? All of these are simple basic things that a tutorial when you enter your first siege could answer.
What are my rewards? What are my goals? Why am I playing this? Most MMO's give small rewards for small quests followed by larger rewards for longer quest lines, I haven't really seen this yet, and I feel like I have completed a fair number of quests. Give me options, I don't just want gold, the economy when I look to buy things is very inflated, give me items I can use to upgrade my character.

3. Can you speak a little about WHY you want these things? (Remember: There's no wrong answer here because we're just interested in your view!)

In order to be engaged in the game, there needs to be much more... engagement.
I consider myself an average gamer, not hardcore, fairly casual but willing to invest whenever I find something I truly find special and enjoy. Where is my reason for playing? I'm not going to drop a few hundred dollars to get a house/lot/etc. I would like to be able to just play through an overarching story quest and advance through regions of the game at a reasonably directed rate with the option of going off on my own as I need

4. Is it safe to assume that the things you speak of in #3, if present, would raise your score?


5. If so, by how much?

Back to where I was originally

6. If we're still not at 100%, can you tell us what else is either missing, or you haven't heard enough about to decide if/how it interests you?

I feel there is a sort of... gestalt ultima experience that is missing. I get the virtues, and seeing how the quests in aerie are about people being dishonest, I see that as the defining thread... but where is the reason behind why these people are being dishonest?
In ultima 9 we had the towers which rose and were corrupting the respective symbols of virtue.
These people have the symbols, they have their reasons to be virtuous... so why are so many not? Is it just because human nature? Where is the fun story in that? How is that engaging for your general mass audience.
Maybe this game is meant to be a very pointed experience at people with nostalgic feelings, but that doesn't seem like a sustainable business model and should be broadened to engage all gamers.

7. If you could make ONE suggestion for ONE specific change that is NOT world changing, what would it be and why would you choose it over any other thing?

More quest lines / overarching story / simplicity to engage average gamers.

8. Finally, if you could ask ONE question and known you would get a direct response that would not end until you explicitly stated your understanding of it, what would you ask?

Why have "launch" day when the game is still so clearly in development and needing quite a bit of work, with placeholder text and multiple simple glitches within the first few quest lines?

I didn't mean for this to be such a long post, or such a critical post.
I really want to enjoy this game, but it seems like the idea to make something so massive and large got the trees lost for the forest... the overall game is there, but where do I start? Where do I get involved in the overall story? Why do I care and want to? How does it affect my character?
And why is it SO hard to find/see quest items, even sometimes when they are directly in front of you, why aren't they shining/sparkling/standing out in some way?

And I am getting more critical again.
I really hope to see positive changes in the days ahead, but I think I'll likely be checking back sporadically instead of playing regularly until I get a stronger pull from the game.
All of this was on the multiplayer experience online, and, during this time, I had one single person emote to me, even when asking direct questions and using zone chat to look for a guild, I didn't hear anything. Either the game is very very specifically populated in places that I am not yet, or the community just isn't there yet either.

Wow, well, that was a lot.
Best of luck,
I'll be seeing if I can find where everyone is hiding in game.

~Flynn Hunter~
Poldera - 995995
Trying to be a new player I loaded the game on to my computer. I loads up to about 98% and my computer shuts down completely. No blue screen of death just off. I have the newest Direct X I have the newest drivers for my vid card. I'm really just stumped by this happening I play other games just fine. I also got as far as seeing a glimpse of the newbie area but it was only a flash. Anyone have any clues?
HispanoHDGames - 996434
Buenos días a todos. Me uno a la comunidad a ver si aprendo algo, jajajaja.

He editado ya dos veces el mensaje y no se por qué, se cambian las palabras de lo que pongo.
majoria70 - 996456
WElcome Poldera also and @Mboo . Thank you Mboo so much for your feedback. This is perfect feedback and it is a game in development still but the core is here and your feedback really helps. There is a lot more to the game than at first meets the eye imo but it truly depends on individual players opinions. I would be very happy to meet up show some things I've found to really enjoy. So please add Majoria in game. Every time you add a player to the game you add you your teleport contacts as well since that is our main fast travel. Also it lets you know who is on the game and where. I advise players to send a hello on the the Novia map and you can see who is there by clicking on the little stained glass window and selecting nearby players. Remember the players you see there could be are only some players playing the game. There maybe players in party mode or different instances.

Also as a recommendation to all new players, drag an extra chat window out for whispers, local, zone etc as your chat window and take those out of your combat window by unclicking them. This helps you to not miss communications from other players. You can resize the windows and put them where you want them.

We have other things to do while for me I'm saving quests because as you say they still need work. I do a few side quests here and there Like we have a really cute witches quest and petunia the horse is another quest I really enjoyed a lot. I feel that the story improvements are still in the works imo but there are plenty of other things to do and plenty of other players to do them with once you get a good sized friends list. I accept all friend requests but if you worry just say 'do you mind if I add you to my friends list'. We all know that is atm our fast travel. Feel free to whisper me anytime with questions. I can also trade recipes with you that our tradeable and tradeable emotes.

We have a very awesome music system in the game. You can sync songs with others. I just love it and we so far have a lot of instruments.

No need to worry about housing at the moment. Many rooms offered free to help out. I actually have an Inn and having a room in many Inns come with amenities like use of commission free vendors, planting, and much more.
tableclown - 996507
Add me ad a friend in-game. I need/want more friends for more teleports! Thank you in advance!

IGN: Raserei
Crazyi - 998510
I am certainly VERY interested in playing the game because I was a huge UO fan. I have greatly enjoyed the exploratory style questing, zones, and in general it feels very open. The oldschool and more hardcore feel I greatly appreciate. The skill tree looks fantastic and I look forward to playing with it, but I have a complaint about the exp pool I will get to shortly. Obviously the questing needs some polish because its a little frustrating with the bugs, but I am still certainly enjoying it. Most of the smaller things I am fairly sure you are aware of, so I will skip to my main complaint.

I really dislike the idea of the experience pool. I assume it was put in place to prevent macroing? Otherwise I don't really understand its function. Skills should go up when used like they did in UO. A main difference between UO and this, is in UO you couldn't do anything productive in combat until you macro'd a fair bit. In this game, I had a lot of fun just running around exploring and fighting. You can actually beat a wolf when you make a character :). In UO the journey to GM was not very fun, and in this game it really is. From 100 hours in, I seem to be getting to the end of my questing and that terrifies me in terms of exp. I feel there is not enough experience to just explore and kill. I even started on 2x exp which is painful to think about because I already felt hamstringed trying to progress.

I would really like to play with this massive system but I feel compelled to stick with what I started with. I have seen a lot of things that suggest you should net gain with your exp pool, otherwise it is difficult to level skills at higher levels. I always seem to be losing net exp until I can get a quest done. I have stuck to one melee, one armor, two magics, and the stats at the bottom. I still have had to turn off skill gain on most of the abilities I actively use, much less think about mixing in other stuff. It just seems bizarre. I just recently finished the 3 virtue quests, and assume I am on the final round of quests (but hope not, and I'm sure I can find a few I missed).

Then to top it off, skill degrade?! I strongly dislike this considering I already feel limited in what I can level up. I am fine with a penalty for death, but I don't think skill loss is the answer.

I see the potential in this game and obviously if things get polished I will remain for a long time, and bring many with me. I really feel the exp pool clashes with the beauty of the skill trees, and the fun one could have with it.

@DarkStarr @Berek
Old Hickory - 998562
Hail and Well met new player just starting out!
Berek - 999012
Greetings and salutations @Belgarath71!
Lyrilie - 1000323
Hi everyone, I just started playing last night on a free trial. I am really enjoying the game and I am definitely going to have to buy it and check out the player housing. I really hope to meet new people playing the game, and eventually have an awesome in game home!
Viadd Cabon - 1001868
Hello Everyone,

New player to SOTA, but like many of you I have been playing MMO’s since Ultima and a few muds before that.

Really enjoying what I’ve seen and done so far, so much so I bought the game after about 5 hours play. I’ve not had this much fun in an MMO since DAOC or EVE.

Hopefully see some of you in game.
majoria70 - 1002176
Welcome @tableclown . Yes I'll certainly add you. *cheers*
majoria70 - 1002179
Welcome @Lyrilie also to the game. Oh I am happy you are enjoying the game. I look forward to seeing you in the game too. :)
Warthawg - 1004861
Hi All. New Player. Character in Game is Brian Boru. Used that name in UO long ago. UO got me into MMOs, so now I am here. I'll be upgrading from Visitor as soon as I can.
majoria70 - 1004964
Welcome @Warthawg to Sota. Happy journeys to you in the game. If I can help I'm Majoria in the game.
Duke William of Serenite - 1005001
This game picked up since launch. I have been adding people to my friends list for days and they just keep coming!

Welcome all!!!
majoria70 - 1005004
Hail @Old Hickory. Welcome to Sota. and as mentioned I'm Majoria in game if I can help.
nellie - 1007549
Hi. I bit confused about what I need to do before being able to reply to other posts in other forums here.
majoria70 - 1007663
As far as I know you should be able to reply, just click on the quote to reply to someone or create your own post also by typing in the blank space here. Welcome to Sota and I am Majoria in game if I can ever help. :)
Talon DuCouteau - 1018226
Hi all. I´m also new to the game, started 2 weeks ago. Try´d alot off MMORPG`s the last years and i can´t remember the last time i´ve got hooked that much from a game . Really enjoying my time.

I´ve always been into assasin-types of characters, so i´m working on my blade, tactics,subterfuge and light armor skills. Moon Magic also seems interesting, but quite not sure how much i will invest into that.

If someone has some suggestions on what armor and daggers to use, i would appreciate it. The bone armor set and the hardened leather pieces look interesting, so i´m saving my gold atm to maybe buy one of these.

My ingame name is Talon DuCouteau, feel free to add me and hopefully i see some of you ingame.
Ravenscar - 1018329
Qvothe Raven - 1018429
redfoot88 - 1018910
I have been roaming around game since the dark days of R11. I have been in and out as life allots but still feel wonder struck by how vast the shroud has become. My IGN is Joliet Jake and look forward to seeing many of you on the other side of the gate.

  1. If you had to place yourself on a scale of interest in this game at this time (between 1 and 100), where would you say is your interest right now? 80
  2. Can you give a short list of specific things that aren't here that you'd like to see? Finding groups to adventure with from in game seems difficult
  3. Can you speak a little about WHY you want these things? Game has lots of content but finding adventuring groups to delve into deeper areas doesn't seem intuitive
  4. Is it safe to assume that the things you speak of in #3, if present, would raise your score? Likely
  5. If so, by how much? 10-20%
  6. If we're still not at 100%, can you tell us what else is either missing, or you haven't heard enough about to decide if/how it interests you? Maybe a separate window pop up for when someone whispers you directly. I am not crazy about speech bubbles but whispers often get lost in the high volume buzz of a city or combat.
  7. If you could make ONE suggestion for ONE specific change that is NOT world changing, what would it be and why would you choose it over any other thing? An in game message board for finding groups
  8. Finally, if you could ask ONE question and known you would get a direct response that would not end until you explicitly stated your understanding of it, what would you ask? Is there a simpler way to find what lots are available in game than going from town to town?

Thanks all, and a big thank you to all the folks at Portalarium.
majoria70 - 1018927
majoria70 - 1018930
Hello there and Welcome to the game @Qvothe Raven.
majoria70 - 1018943
Hello @redfoot88. WEll lots of questions and some are opinions only you can answer for yourself. Yes UI and things are still being improved upon from feedback and much more is coming. You will not find this to be a completed everything is done game here and it will continue to be developed with releases every month to add fixes, changes, etc to the game. So no answer stands. You have joined a roller coaster ride and feedback with examples is much appreciated and helps the most imo. So for lots in towns click the p key repeatedly to see the light shining above them or got to the town crier to see also if lots are available. As I have mentioned I am majoria in game and I am happy to help.
Skyson - 1019838
1.HELLO! am a new player I would say without playing it I am at 57% interested, I am or have been an avid tabletop gamer for most of my life and I love both heavy plotlines and dark fantasy storylines chaulked full of intrigue elements... previously I tried wow and was hooked due to having a 300 members guilds (this was about 7 years agos) but after that I really fell away from playing MMOs, till the cinamatic using the darkest dungeon art style cuaght my eye and really sold me on the idea of joining up.
2. I have not started playing, however, I Do not want a seizure-inducing cartoonist drawn super anime rodeo with thousands of do this or die that leaves me exhausted with little reward
also. no gold farmers, fledgling economies are awesome. it sucks when the radish you want to buy costs all your days efforts and reduces the atmosphere of the game to a gold rush scenario "better get those epics to sell". Alos perhaps make banking a limited at best convention outside of guild/group banking making the players more dependant on each other and less likely to go into hoarding frenzies when the economic botter does become a problem, ( bots kill so many MMOs.)
3.I want to enjoy a community and to develop an enjoyable game, while not having the pressure of learning a 34 step rotation. A game where I can be a baker or a bear breaker at my own whim.
4. mayhaps? implementation of such mechanics are seldom seen, however, if a small buff for baking did exist that allows for other players to make better rolls on their attempts at buffing without being too dramatic that would be pretty neato. If I never saw a single gold farmer? I would be wow'd too many farmers exist plainly as a way for interest groups to make money or for individuals caught up in china's penial punishment release system to honestly keep fighting them forever but it would be nice to see.(20% Increase) it would be a sign of the strength of game as well as the ability of the dev to keep their players safe.
5. it would depend on how well the mechanics work but I could see another 5%-11% interest gained, it would be odd but I could imagine helping on a raid for a mission and turning down equipment for a "special" guild made/grown only ingredient as my own playstyle.
6. I want to sink my teeth and attention into a great story and world building it would be cool If I could get functioning titles like a "plebian landowner" that gave me a vote in a major city and how it changes based on such votes.
7. gradual tech up based off research that is determined by intellect and a research skill, nothing past flintlock guns but it would allow for gameplay choices that are stat based ( ever seen Girl genius? great webcomic).
8.yes. however, this sounds allot like a genies wish.
majoria70 - 1019897
Hello and welcome. No one can guarantee the game to you since what's on the other side of an expectation? This game is not that imo. What it is really is best experienced with an open mind all the while realizing it is a very young game still undergoing many additions and changes, fixes, and implementations of new content, new systems and more every month. What you can see going in game can look different each and every day. This game provides opportunities to be what you want to be.

For example earlier today I came in game and started working on a musical project I am puttering on. Yes we do have a music system in the game. Then a friend I met in the game in 2015 came online and a few of us went to grannus Colossus, a higher tier area for an XP run and to enjoy getting some of the new loot things that just came in.

Then back to my project and I get a few whispers one from someone who wanted to get 7 players together to sync a special song from final fantasy with him. So we all checked our friends list and asked a few people to join us for a jam session. In the meantime a newer player who had only played 5 weeks whispered me asking a couple of questions and I said hey you want to join our jam session and he did join even though he knew nothing about the games music system yet he was soon playing away with us.

There is so much to this game no one can begin to tell you in a few words and really everyone's words would be different based on their own experiences. This dev team is determined to try to give us most of what we ask for over time .I truly do believe this. In the mean time we create a world.

Looking for group did just make it in this release so too late I thought wow I could have created a looking for a group to play songs to try this new system out.

Sorry for the lots of words but that is me sometimes and I did forget I also planted some mandrake too since I was running out.

So I will stop here and we don't have gold farmers in this game pribprob since we don't have a regular chat window like many MMOs.

So for me I was looking for a home tired of wandering from game to game. You can always check out the devs on livestrean on the 4th. It is always one of my favorite times.
Empathia - 1020042
Hello everyone :)

Loving the game so far & deffo a 10 outta 10 from me.

Lots & lots to learn. I play online & have also tried offline. I think it would be a good idea to have the player merchant still there in Ardoris in the offline version, so even though offliners are playing alone they could still have just ONE place in game that they could trade equipment, recipes, crafted goods etc.

I'm not a techie & don't know how easy this would be to set up, but just an idea/suggestion to make the game more enjoyable for offline players
Mordicon - 1020517
Greetings everyone, Have about 30 hrs of play time so far and having fun. I am on the fence with the raffle to get a house deed, not sure why this system is in place. I am a long time player of UO I was one of the Beta testers back in the day for 2 yrs then went on to play the game for 4 yrs I am reconnecting with old friends and teasing them into looking at SotA. Keep up the good work. I do have 1 question .. Well I have many but 1 for now Why only One Char slot?

Thank you for your time

Jaesun - 1020602
The Lottery is just that, a chance and at a really cheap cost. Are you going to win? Probably not, but really the cost is really cheap.

Some backers have multiple accounts, depending on the pledge they did. The rest of us will have to wait till an option for a second character is available on the store. There’s no ETA on that yet.

Oh and welcome!
majoria70 - 1020638
Welcome @Mordicon to the game. I am majoria in game and I want to say don't stress about housing. You have time to decide. It took me two years to get a house in UO. There are many options to housing in this game now. Playing the raffle is one and you can win but in the meantime don't live out of your bank get a room and many amenities from that choice like planting, ability to use tax-free vendors, ability to place chests and deco and more. I offer free rooms as do many others. Hit me up in game anytime.
Mordicon - 1020663
Option on the Store???? This is not a option. sigh!
majoria70 - 1020691
There are other options. Deeds drop as loot now even if rare you can find them in loot bundles. Also a guy who is living in the town went to an event for new players and won a tax-free row bundle. Just enjoy the game and get yourself settled and then figure it out. I have players who live in my Inn and don't worry about it and just play the game and then it just happens from the lottery, from an event win, or a loot win or they love the game enough to invest and get their row bundle, but no one can say what is right for any player. If they love the game and have fun in the game that is what matters. And if buying on the store is not an option you will totally not be left out. Anyway come and see me in game anytime and lets have some fun.
Jaesun - 1020692
It will be, but we have to wait till they add it. ;)

I know I will be purchasing one as soon as they add it! (Hopefully during a telethon).

Of note, if you didn’t know, during the monthly telethons, they have stretch goals, and as long as you spend just $5 on the store, you will then get all of the stretch goals they achieve. :cool:
Jaesun - 1020706
Danni - 1020944
Hey all Guess I can't play yet but look forward to trying it out ! played ultima back in the day lol
moxiepilot - 1020971
You're not the only one who grew up on that :) pre ultima online....
Moonlake - 1026785
Hello, Moonlake here from the Midnight Runner guild ... old UO Europa ahh back in the day :) Enjoying the game so far, been a week in , having a blast, enjoying the grrrrs as well as they yayy's :)
So hello from me and the guild there are only 4 of us left so far and a few lost on the way :( *waves madly*****Hello hello hello*** :)
Oldsup4100 - 1028371
Hi all:)
madgar29 - 1028965
I been a supporter since this project was announced, I waited in till now to try to start playing.... IM SO LOST!!!!!!!!!! is there new player guide or something??????
Ikas - 1028980
Welcome @madgar29!

You will find several new player guides in the forum.
I guess you can start here

Also, I recommend you to go on Discord, the official chat channel.
Very active, the community is welcoming and available to answer your questions:

Last but not least, don't hesite to use the ingame chat!
loganross - 1029611
Well I'm a god and you will wurship me
majoria70 - 1030377
Hi and welcome @madgar29. I am majoria in game if I can help. Your friends list is the f key. Type majoria and enter.

Friends lists are also our fast travel. Click on a Teleport scroll and it brings up your friends list to go to the location a player is at.

If you don't yet have a home I have free rooms as do many others in game. Look in the market place here on the forums under rental system.

In your bank or back pack there is a book I forget if it starts in your backpack. A lot of useful information there.
St Drahcir - 1030400
LOL! Well I guess worshiping is different from wurshiping so I guess we could give it a try. Just need to tell me what exactly are we doing when we wUrship you :p.

Oh and Welcome @loganross ..aka some random "god"
St Drahcir - 1030402
Oh yeah there are tons of guides out there. Just browse around on the New Player forums.

Just enjoy that newbie lost feeling because I honestly loved it even though I was like "OMG... Where am I? What am I doing? And... crap I'm going to always be broke because there so much I want to do!"
slwen12 - 1033873
I am really enjoying the game but am so lost at times. Right now I somehow transported my self from the Highvale area to the Harvest City area. I am actually looking for Soltown area so hope to find it soon. I love the game though.
Ikas - 1033911
Dear @slwen12.
Welcome to the community !

This interactive map may help you.
Also, I recommend you to use zoom-in and zoom-out ingame using "M".
majoria70 - 1033983
Also M is not the default key for the map, That brings up the compass. The default key for the map is the 'end' key and you can change those if you like. So there is a difference the compass can be used to help find the sparkled spots for your quests that are active and the map can also help to give you an idea for where you are at. Beware though that some towns do not have maps completed for them yet and also beware that mac users and Linux users will not have good use of the map system at the moment as far as I have heard. Someone can correct me if that is not the case.
Mugly Wumple - 1034056
FireLine - 1036066
Just joining up! I have a virtual collectors level founders kickstarter on my account. I have tried playing off and on over the last few years, but this is the first time I have been able to get into the game. I was thinking I had some benefits from the kickstarter, but have not been able to figure out how I redeem them? Or if I already have them?

Anyway enjoyed the last few days will be around going through the getting started guides previously mentioned in this thread.

Lord Trady of Blix - 1036090
friend me if you see me in game and I'll give you a player quest if you zone to me and ask.
Ravenscar - 1036094
Welcome at @FireLine....just check your local bank and hit the 'Claim Rewards' button. (.
FireLine - 1036129
@Ravenscar Thank you! That worked :)

That more than filled my bank with stuff....
Alley Oop - 1036131
you can buy more bank slots with in-game gold. there's a button on the lower left of the bank interface. it gets progressively more expensive the more times you buy more slots, though, so buy what you can afford and if it's still overflowing, there's also some available from the add-on store.

you can also find someone to rent you an inn room (some players do this free) so you can put down a container instead.
majoria70 - 1036198
Chrossler - 1040476
Chrossler Regalia here. Happy to finally join the game! Posting my introduction.
majoria70 - 1040557
Ravenscar - 1040571
granpa - 1049364
Hello everyone, just joined enjoying it so far adding everyone i see to my friends list. Found the new Player centre so currently using a room there, just getting used to things it can be a bit confusing at times.
Ravenscar - 1049780
Hello @granpa and welcome the game :)
Chal - 1051606
New to the game... actually still installing it. Any thing I should know starting out?
Jaesun - 1051638
There are 3 quests involving Truth, Courage and Love. You can work on all 3 in tandem. And always speak to Arabella. Always.

Find a place to live. Many people offer free places to live, for as long as you like, till you can get a feel for the game.

Look for a Guild, that suits your style of play.

The community here is extremely helpful, and are happy to assist you with further help.

Have fun, and just holler if you have more questions.
bean01 - 1056180
h'azul - 1070015
Yes! I don't need a bed, but somewhere to display my potted plant would be very acceptable. I can pay for the space and water it uses.
Jaesun - 1070114
For that, I think you would need an actual lot and house (?) Of note, in the next release, everyone who finishes the main chapter 1 Quest gets a Player Owned Town, taxable, Row lot deed for free! :D

Row Lots include a house.
Moonlake - 1070840
Waves to: @slwen12 and @granpa, @Chrossler and anyone else I might have missed.

Welcome to the game, the forums are fantastic and a great help, we hope you settle in and enjoy the ride.
Vosh Halen - 1071282
Greetings all!

Just this week I began playing, and as a long time fan of Ultima games and the open-ended playstyle and character development I have really enjoyed my time playing so far.

I did run into a snag recently and I’m unsure on how to get back to where I started (Soltown). I was completing a quest to find a keepsake at Solace Bridge for a npc, and I started poking around the area and came onto a rift that brought me back to the starting area where you choose your appearance, etc., and I took another rift that was nearby and it took me to Etceter and I can’t quite get back to Soltown. So I’m wanting to know how I can get back to Soltown. Any help? Thank you!
Warrior B'Patrick - 1071306
Greetings @Vosh Halen. If you are still in Etceter go to the Portal and wait for the blue glow to say Solace Bridge. It is a transport system that will take you to several places on the map. If you enter it when it says the same town you are in it will take you back to the starting point. Here is a schedule for the Gates

And here is the Mapping system in a web browser that you can have open while playing the game.

Enjoy the game and PM me at Warrior B'Patrick here or in game if I can help. Also add me to friends list.
Vosh Halen - 1071671
Thank you Warrior B’Patrick! Now I can get back to where I wanted to be! I’ll add you when I come back online.
Zulug - 1072976
New Player here to say Hi
Jaesun - 1073110

Feel free to ask any questions. Things can be a bit confusing in the beginning, and we are always happy to help.
Lesni - 1073167
Welcome @Zulug.
Friend Lesni in game. I'll help if I can.
Toasted2 - 1073539
So I just started yesterday, and I'm wondering if there is any chance there is a guild around that is new player friendly? I'm looking for somewhere to be social in game.
Jaesun - 1074177
There’s a Guild Forum here

If you didn’t know. Also we are always happy to help with new players here if you have any questions.
Criim - 1075174
Greetings everyone. Have only played a few hours....but I can already tell that I have found my new go to game. It is refreshing to get the same feeling about a game that I got many years ago when I first started playing online games.

Started out in Asheron's Call back in 1999 and have never really found a game since then that I really liked as much as I did it. I think I found it in this one.
phnxgneo - 1075378
I just wanted to drop a line & say whats up.. Long time UO fan from back in the Renaissance days.. haven't jammed on the PC in years but I've just not found that gleen on the console but after watching this here beautiful project SotA explode into something amazing I'm trying to make some free time to settle in some hours with high hopes :) Game on!!
Lord Trady of Blix - 1075381
1500 hours later "Why this game SUCKS" by Criim...

Lol ! Just kidding man. Welcome aboard !
MoonWyrd - 1079875

New old player? Old new player? Been “with” SotA since the Kickstarter. Tried the Linux client as soon as it was available, but then RL happened. … and late last year I finally had a chance to dip my toe back in. I’ve played a few of the Ultimas over the years. Enjoyed UO. Then some friends and I got in playing Diablo 2 together and years later it changed to NWN ( with a break between ). I’ve been enjoying SotA so far, even with the occasional broken quest ;). So far I’ve been playing in single player (online) mode, though, as I had some negative experiences in UO and EQ that left me leery of MMOs.

I’m a little confused about claiming add-ons, special rewards etc. Seems like it’s all or nothing. Where do they end up? In the bank? What if you don’t have enough room in your bank? And are add-ons associated with the account or the character? Not a big deal when it comes to personal items, but what about a house, and the plot it would require? Now that one can have additional characters I got to wondering if all of them would automatically have access to a dwelling? Feel free to point to any helpful doc out there, I’m still getting up to speed on what’s been documented where for SotA.

Looking forward to exploring character development, it seems much more flexible than many games I’ve played.
majoria70 - 1079947
Hello and welcome to you. Everyone gets access to a row sized taxed deed after finishing all the main quests. In the meantime until you're ready please don't live out of your bank . Since you are playing online come online multiplayer long enough to get a free room in someone's inn.

I'm out of town until the end of August helping with my mom but I always offer free inn rooms to anyone. Then you can go back to solo mode play if you like and still have a place to hang your hat. Then you can place chests and deco your room.

How to claim rewards just Click on claim rewards at a bank.

Check under the forum topics for the market place then select rentals. In this game you will find very helpful players and so you know Most player owned towns are very supportive to other players. For example residents of our town have the use of planting beds, use of a commission free vendor, and the Oracle and devotional shrines are close by. 2 Crafing pavilions convenient to use also. Just jump in the water of the shrines for 10 hour buffs.

We also have looking for group under the alt f key. Feel free to pm me too any time to assist. Good luck and best wishes.
MoonWyrd - 1080647
Thanks for the help @majoria70 . I'll trek up to Wizards Rest next opportunity I have.
sadogh - 1083186
hi all
i am new user
Hagbarth - 1096892
my Avatar ist active since Release 13. I really love the opportunity, to play a UO like world with surprising content. Hope to meet you soon in Novia or visit us in Veritas Sanctuary, where our guildhall stands.
More from me and the guild in the german section of this forum.
Love and Courage!
Ravenscar - 1096931
Welcome Hagbarth!
Paladin Michael - 1096934
Welcome @sadogh :)

Have fun in Novia!
LeBeowulf - 1098208
Greetings Adventures! I'm playing the trial game in the Elven camp & for the life of me I can't find the particular place to bind to the camp?! Will someone give me a clue?
Jaesun - 1098228
Head to the near by town of Aerie and speak to the town crier there and type bind.
LeBeowulf - 1098356
@Jaesun>Thanks for the heads up. I checked the player guide to discover that I can also interact (E) with the Lot (town) sign. The Elven camp doesn't have a town crier. Continue to have a great life.
LeBeowulf - 1098376
Oops! The Elven camp also has no Lot sign so I can't bind there!
Jaesun - 1098456
You can’t bind to adventure areas, only cities and towns.

You can however, log out in an adventure zone, if you are done playing for a while, and you will return to the adventure zone when you log back in.
LeBeowulf - 1099205
Great info! Thanks for the heads-up :)
Jaesun - 1099219
No problem. If you have any other questions ask away. The people here are always happy to help.

And feel free to add Anpu or Suti to your friends list and if I am on, id be happy to help you with any questions as well. :)
LeBeowulf - 1099246
I have acquired the free attack and my current weapons are mace & shield, and while in the combat stance (z) facing the target, the status bar doesn't appear at the screen bottom! Which weapon types are not applicable to the free attack mode? :mad:
Agate LeBeowulf - 1099459
Greetings fellow adventurers! I'm back after buying the game within the Steam client & starting anew online. Looking forward to meeting a few of you ingame :)
Ravenscar - 1099603
meryna - 1101570
Hail and well met travellers!


I just started playing Shroud in June and have been loving it alot! I guess I just now decided to dip my toe in the community pool and say hi~
Ravenscar - 1101777
Welcome @meryna! Enjoy your journey (;
Gjeerbe - 1101966
Hi everyone! As a new player I believe all we will spend a lot of great time in the game and of course on that forum. :)
phpalm78 - 1102022
thanks for welcome...have played UO off and on since 1998...still playing it and enjoying it...looking forward to this one....
Agate LeBeowulf - 1102171
Welcome. Continue to have a great time!
Tensity Starker - 1105344
O Hai! Just signed up, haven't played yet, and honestly, it'll probably be my young sons playing if anything (I'm more of a shooter type, a la Battlefield 2, but lately been killing my thumbs on a controller with Rocket League). So what am I going on about, then?

Well, I was going through my sciencey feeds when I saw an advert saying LORD BRITISH IS BACK! and I thought, "Hmm, I wonder . . ."

Well, whaddaya know, a new game from Lord British? Mebbe Starr is working back with him? YAZZZZZ!!!

Since I can't post in the Announcements forum where Starr put up his purdy little high school pic when he went, "SEE YA!" for his reunion weekend, I thought I'd do it here, and logically this is where I should first post anyhow because, well, Hello! First post!

To stop yapping and to get to the point, I'm a high school acquaintance of Starr's. The last time I heard about him/made contact was when I saw an article in Computer Gaming World magazine (RIP) discussing Tabula Rasa with Starr, back in the mid-late '00s, not too long before our 20th HS reunion (ACK!). Back in the day we hung out some via mutual friends, and I think I scared the crap out of him/almost killed him one time while giving him a ride to school in my mud brown, rusted Toyota Corona with super-bald tires. I know I scared the crap outta myself. Ah, good times.

Now here we are, just before the weekend of our 30th reunion (HOLY CRUD and DOUBLE ACK!), and by chance I have crossed digital paths with him again!

I just wanted to say hello to the community, and hello to you, Starr. Have a great reunion, man (I forgot about it and am too lazy to go). It's awesome to see someone from your past have such an interesting and prolific career in a field you're into, working with titans in the genre and related areas (effing Richard Garriott and Tracy Hickman and others!?! WHOA!).

Here's my own HS pic:


[This is where you would see me oh so young, with my thick, lustrous hair like Starr's, but I'm thinking the linking thingie ain't quite working for me to show in-message (and I'm lazy and dubm). I think the whole three of you SotA party people who are interested (or drunk) can figure out how to see it, or it might just show up if I hit Post Reply instead of going on in verbose mode . . .]

Peace out, SotA community, and Peace and Fortune to you, Starr.


P.S. edit: Narp, posting didn't show the pic, but right-clicking its butt to a new tab should satisfy all mah fans/voyeurs. Thanks to Kalpesh for sending me the pic oh so many years ago. Cheers!
majoria70 - 1105363
Just bind to a nearby town so you can continue on in the area you want to be in. Point at the name of the scene to see if it is an adventure scene, a player owned town, or an NPC town. And true you can't bind to an adventure scene.
Glaxidius Xenturion - 1107549
Manxis - 1107684
So I'm older than the dirt in the game thus much of this will make sense.
I started with Lord British and the Ultima series on monochrome IBM PCs back in the 80's with Ultima 2. I still have the cloth map,
Went through the entire series of stand alone games and then joined Ultima Online in the 90's whe it was run by Electronic Arts.
I was a Companion (Marrik above is wearing my companion robe!) And I spent endless hours helping newbies in the newbie land get to know the game.
Eventually I moved on to other stuff and yesterday noticed the message, "Lord British is alive!" on a webpage so here I am. Completely lost and no ME (Companion) around to guide me.
Ravenscar - 1107690
Jaesun - 1107704
Feel free to ask any questions! We are always happy to help.
Manxis - 1107720
I think I've ascertained my "Adventurer Level" to be 19. Those in the know will know the term I've quoted.
The Elves at Blood River Outskirts told me to go to Aerie a long while ago and told me to upgrade my weapon. I'm a mage and my weapon is a staff. They sent me to doesn't have Staves.
So I snooped around town and found the last member of the order who referred me to the lady who sent me to Understorm mines.

Put simply, I've been grinding on the elves in the mine for experience at the cave entrance, just to build skill cause no way I'm surviving without an exit close by.
Is it just me or did something send me out to Aerie too early?
Manxis - 1107762
Well I've just spent a few hours trying to get back where I was in Blood River Outskirts.
Now I couldn't find it, took another location and ended up on a quest that took me out to Highvale where the only way back now is through teir 5 zones that are red to me.

This isn't maddeningly frustrating at all!
majoria70 - 1107794
Hi there. That does sound frustrating. I'm out of town or I'd be happy to help you you get back. Another thing players can do if playing the multiplayer game is open up the looking for group and title your group something like "new player needs help to bloodriver outskirts".

Also we have zone chat which reaches anyone who has it turned on. You can have more than one chat window side by side by dragging one chat tab out and resize. Then under the blue gear uncheck the noise from one of them which is anything that is not a conversation from other players. Go to the Novia map and type in zone chat /zone to make it active chat type what you need or just say hi. I always encourage players to keep zone chat up for interaction with players or at least customize to not miss conversations and to pass the word to those who don't know.

The first icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen will show options. One of them will list nearby players. It only shows those players in multiplayer where as your friends list shows players that are in game playing solo or party mode too and you can whisper still to them just not see them. Good luck to you.
Jaesun - 1107920
Use the Lunar Rift. You can find a schedule of it here:

This will help you zip around and back to Blood River.
Feeyo - 1107924
Manxis - 1108129
Majoria, Thank you.
Those look like amazing, well targeted and fully explained suggestions that a newbie could easily follow. I had to make sure I acknowledge that. Last night was an adventure to say the least!

I had waited a while in the world map hoping someone would respond or find me but no one did. 3 people sent me friend requests but I didn't know how to use the chat properly and it took me a while to figure out how to bring up that friend list so I could try double clicking their names. I typed, "Hello" and got no reply. <Shrug>
I then got the idea of using one of the portal or recall scrolls! My portal wanted me to target another player and they were all much farther away and would only make matters worse! My recall scrolls I had hope for because not only were home made recall spell books how I made my fortune in UO but I didn't know anything about binding (still don't despite reading about it in the help), I had never done it so I had hop that I was bound to my starting area. DAMN my recalls I put in the bank in Aerie. So I tried to get to a bank. 2 towns were under siege. I almost died trying to get to the bank in Resolute. So I chilled till the the tons were open. That's when I was reminded how banks used to work in old UO.. I put the scrolls in the AERIE bank. No way I was getting them till I could get back to THAT bank and that left me right back where I started.
So I decided to make a death run through one of the tier 5 red zones. I went in and an NPC called out to me saying they could help me get through! I thought.. OMG.. some GM is watching over me! Then I talked to them and discovered they wanted 1500 gold. I only have 1800 so screw that, Id rather die . So I started running and healing along the way.
I got to the other side. 50% health, mana almost gone, wolves, a bear and a GIANT on my heals. I knew the giant was still back there cause the trees kept being shoved to the side as I ran!
YAY! I finally made it to the other side!
So a world map bandit jumps me and yup, it took 3 shots that happened before I could cast 2 heals on myself and with that I was once again reminded of how Ankh monuments were used in old UO!
I'm STILL not back to were I started but I understand the world map much better now which was the start of my troubles. I'm working through it.

Jaeson!!! Oh My Goodness! Thanks for that about the moongates! I pulled up your page link and the memory of them from UO smacked me right in the face!
Sadly, I was trapped in the south shattered hills piece of land. I could have been standing directly next to an in-game moon gate and I wouldn't have had a foggy clue. I don't know what they look like.
Manxis - 1108144
And Now I'm trapped in Aerie cause its under siege!
Boy they don't make it easy for new players do they.
Jaesun - 1108145
@Manxis add either of my characters they are named Anpu or Suti to your friends list. Those are my in game names. If you see ether one of my characters on, please feel free to message me anytime! Id be happy to help.
Jaesun - 1108147
If you are now in Aerie, take the road to Blood River, there’s a Lunar Rift in there.
majoria70 - 1108174
Ahhh I'm sorry. It's ok there's so much to learn to make life a bit easier for you. To bind talk to a town crier and type "bind" or click on the option. You can drag recall and teleport scrolls to your non combat bar. You can find player venders in towns. and if you point at names of towns/scenes on the map it will tell you what services are there or if none are. What is your in game name? Yes sorry the f key is your friends list and you can right click names there to see options and you can right click a player to see options. Make sure you have whispers checked on your convo window you are creating to not miss communication. If someone whispers right click their name to whisper back. To get back to local type /local. In case someone is next to you talking and not whispering chat to you. It not the easiest or most intuitive chat system but once you learn to work with it it will help you. Pin your chat windows opened. Getting a bind spot and some more contacts will help you. It's a helpful community. If you prefer not to get into a guild atm it just takes a bit of time to set up things to better assist yourself. I'll be happy to help too when I get back. I'm sure the community will contact you in game if they read this. @jaeson is great helper. I've known him in game for a while and lucky me. So many wonderful players in this game. I know many who would go out of their way to help others find their way. @Luca Xante is another good friend I have who has helped so many players find their way. There's so much potential for this game and once you get quality of life tips you'll be set to further enjoy the journey.
Manxis - 1108248
Hey Majoria,
My in-game name is the same as my forum name.. Manxis.
Thanks for tips. Last nights escapades went a long way to teach me the world map. I'm a tenacious bugger so I came back for me and Anpu jumped on and gave me a great primer into the moongates, the moongate tour, entrances, ways around seiges, food and devotionals, so I think he really set me up for success with the bare bones basics of how to play the game.
I had 4000 gold yesterday from the start area and spent a couple of it buying skills. Wasted a little buying mistakes. You know.. SO money-wise I seem to be doing ok. I've grown exceptionally cautious after dying in places I thought I was ok, but workin through it.
dodontommy - 1108799
Hello everyone! I joined the world for the first time last night after a loooooong hiatus from Ultima Online. Just wanted to say hello and how much I am enjoying SotA so far, can't wait to see some of you in-game!
Ravenscar - 1108808
Boobles - 1113589
Hi everyone, I made an archer and I'm enjoying the various aspects of the game. I probably need to join an xp group my skills aren't levelling as quickly now that they're crossing 100 .
Ravenscar - 1113592
Lord Trady of Blix - 1113732
You need to take a hard look at what you're actually gaining. some skills have some incredibly minor changes between 100 and 120 and you're going to waste literally millions of xp putting them to 120 when it would be better to diversify. Just the way the game is designed.
the Lacedaemonian - 1113750
If there is any assistance I can provide to new players, I welcome the opportunity.

When I was first playing, there were so many confounding aspects of the game, that, at times I would simply stand and think about my next move.

That is the scenario for playing Shroud without quests to guide you or otherwise impart basic knowledge about the next step.

Having said that, I welcome all new players to add "Hyperlight Drifter" as a friend. Then when I am online, we can find out the mysteries of Shroud, together.
the Lacedaemonian - 1113752
So it's clear, I just today changed my name in game from "the Lacedaemonian" to "Hyperlight Drifter".
Ravenscar - 1113757
Welcome 'Hyperlight Drifter' (.
Nevyn Waldail - 1116892
Hello all, just downloaded the game after hearing about it last night for the first time. Old UO player, joined back in the original beta for that and played on the Europa server for several years. looking forward to trying this to see if it offers anything close to the UO experience:) Don't quite have the time I used to but I'll play when I can.
Cryodacry - 1116903
First of Welcome !

Seccond off ... if you would like a place to live and get settled in ... please let anyone know... There are tons of us that can help with getting you a place to put your stuff and call home !
Ravenscar - 1116907
Buriza - 1118366
Hi! Can`t wait to start a new adventure :D
Ravenscar - 1118372
Welcome...I hope you will enjoy your adventures here :)
Sea Bear - 1118373
welcome need anything let me know, can hook you up!
Tancreddo - 1124469
Hello everyone!! Wife and I just started playing with some friends who have been in it since the alpha. We look forward to meeting new people and having some fun adventures. We are long time MMO players and can't wait to see what SOTA has to offer :)

majoria70 - 1124479
Hello @Tancreddo and hello to your wife. Welcome to the game. I am Majoria in game if I can ever be of assistance. There really is a lot to see and do. I'd be happy to show you or answer any questions.
Vladamir Begemot - 1124528
Welcome Tancreddo. If I'm in game when you are, and you have questions, /w Vladamir Begemot, . Have fun!
Timmy Vortex - 1124605
Welcome to the game :)
CICI - 1124791
Hi & welcome to the game! :):D:p
Decarpo - 1125324
Hi all,
Long time MMO player here from Denmark.
I just started this character yesterday and plan on taking it easy and slow in SotA in order to get the best experience out of the game.
So far I like what I have seen. Played a few hours yesterday evening and are currently running around near the refugee camps in the beginner area.
Vladamir Begemot - 1125336
Welcome Decarpo!

Good strategy. There is a ton to do, no need to burn yourself out on one thing. It took me a year and eight months to do my main questline. Of course, I recommend you do it faster than that because of the reward at the end that wasn't there when I did it.

But however long it takes, enjoy it!
BoldEagle - 1128111
Hi - I have just joined the game and it is what I have been looking, something I can really sink my teeth into.

I would like a place to live for my t00n if possible?
Ravenscar - 1128118
I can offer no place to live...but welcome @BoldEagle (,
majoria70 - 1128283
Hi BoldEagle. I will be happy to give you a room in my Inn. I am Majoria in the game. I never charge rent and I offer use of a commission free Vendor also to all town residents. Welcome to the game.
BoldEagle - 1131797
Thank you very much for the kind offer - it turns out I have at least 3 other online friends that are playing this game - one does daily for at least the last 6 months and he has given me room (and a ridiculous amount of mats, gear, etc) in his crafting basement.
Messor1985 - 1147761
Hi everyone! I am living in Ukraine, and I am curious can I play at European server, or just at Russian? Trying to enter the European official game website my browser automatically redirect me to Russian websites. I have some experience in another MMORPG games where Russian\Ukrainian players are not wellcome to foreign servers. Is it the same here? Right now I am here just because of using VPN at Opera browser. If I will buy the game, can I play at European server?
Alley Oop - 1147770
there is only one server, world-wide. there's a seperate set of forums that you're being redirected to, but once you're actually in game you're with everyone else.
ebonmark - 1147782
There is only 1 server for the entire planet Earth, there will never be a server merge! Hip hip hurray.
shadtek - 1165064
This is the only part of the game that you will feel welcome as a new player.
Everyone has their clicks and you are not invited.
I thought I would LOVE this game, but playing solo 100% of the time is boring and I am about to quit in favor of something with more community.
Every day, I can see up to 30 people on my friends list are at Upper Tears, and not a single LFG, and the ones you do see demand level 100 !!!


It does not matter what the developers planned when the people themselves are unfriendly.
Jaesun - 1165071
Perhaps join a Guild?
shadtek - 1165080
I was in a Guild, a large guild with several founders.
It was the same. It is like the people who Beta tested this game do not want to associate with anyone who didn't.
And as far as new players that did not beta test, well, I have not seen very many. All I see is EMPTY TOWNS EVERYWHERE.

I predict it will more or less stay that way because there is no hook to bring new players and there is no community to get them to stay.
That is part of what made UO what it was, the community. This game has lost that or abandoned it, or whatever. All I know is I logged in today, and almost immediately logged back out because there is nothing to do, no groups to join, and I already have my shroud. So I can wait for however long it takes to play chapter 2, or I can find a better game. and yes, there are better games out there because the community makes the game, not the game itself.
Jaesun - 1165082
Oh ok.
majoria70 - 1165087
No reason to play alone. Try another guild. OOC is very active and so is EVL. Let me @Luca Xante for you. I am Majoria in game when you see me in game shout out. And more people need to remember to start LFG and if a upper tears group on looking for group is too too restrictive start your own. It is alt f as you probably know and that is one way you start to know players. I understand frustrations and it takes time to find your way sometimes. We've all been New to a game before.

oops edited I meant to say upper tears not upper years, hmmm Majoria whats up;)
Vladamir Begemot - 1165088
Might try @Mingo Ebonmark 's guild, his is new and full of new players.
Mingo Ebonmark - 1165104
@Vladamir Begemot Thanks for the recommendation! YES! Come to Meridian Prime - Check out what we do:
Plumeria - 1170213
Odeen - 1171289
Moistcakeyy - 1171715
Luca Xante - 1171783
kittisak - 1172623
Lord Trady of Blix - 1173804
LFG was full of groups yesterday. And the new universal chat was also active.
Valiannt - 1174799
Hi to everybody, my name in game is Valiant. And like a very good noob, I am totally lost XD, but hope find more noobs like me and begin adventures in this world.
Jaesun - 1174848
Welcome! Always feel free to ask any questions here!

We are always happy to help.
1stPlayerTokens - 1175232
hello everyone! my name is nick and i am downloading the game as we speak! i have heard so much about this game and am glad i get to see it go free to play. i've played a bunch of MMOs over the years, and am excited for this one!
majoria70 - 1175289
I have talked to @Valiannt in game. He says he is looking for a guild that is mostly new players. I am not sure that exists but if so if anyone could speak up :). Players don't stay noob very long in this game imo. Welcome @Valiannt to the game.
majoria70 - 1175290
Hi I'm sorry that has been your experience so far of the game. Lots of changes to the game are happening to open up player interaction. I am Majoria in game and I will never act that way with another player. There are lots of great players and new ones coming all the time. Feel free to say hello and I will be happy to chat anytime and also you can pm me here too if you don't see me online.
Jason_M - 1175587
Meridian Prime is mostly new players adventuring together and helping each other out. Of the couple dozen members, only 1 is veteran and a couple are mid level. They're mostly operating out of Veritas Sanctuary (adjacent to Blood River).
majoria70 - 1175707
Nice. Well maybe you could contact our new player ;) Thanks for the response.
Valiannt - 1176725
Many thanks for your help. Seriusly, is very important for an alone new player find people like you.

I Salute Thou, Lady Majoria.
Mystique Dreams - 1177503
Just wanted to say Hi :)
AAAWalrus - 1181706
Hello, all! Just dropping a note to say "Hi". Newbie to SotA, not to Old Britannia.:cool:
majoria70 - 1181765
Welcome to you @AAAWalrus. I hope you have a great time. If I can ever help I am Majoria in game.
majoria70 - 1181977
ShiningTed - 1182424
Hi folks, I'm Ted, Ultima player since U2 (still the most fun one), just found SotA.

I have to start with the most appallingly n00bish question: I am quite used to 'mouse AWSD' games but how do I rotate the player? Currently I have to press the right mouse button and that just isn't working for me. I can't find 'free mouse look' or anything relevant in the Settings, what am I do wrong?
Barugon - 1182425
Open the Options window, click the Controls tab and assign a hotkey to "Toggle Cursor". Close the Options window and then press that hotkey.
ShiningTed - 1182430
Thanks, that did the trick :)
Luca Xante - 1182518
bilahonr - 1184016
Cool! I think every single new one will appreciate it like me. Thanks @Berek
majoria70 - 1184020
Welcome @bilahonr to the game. I'm Majoria in game if I can ever help.
Luca Xante - 1184031
douardp - 1184494

Forum said to do this.
majoria70 - 1184522
Welcome @douardp to the game. If I can help anyone I'm Majoria in the game:). Happy adventures to you.
majoria70 - 1184523
Hello @ShiningTed. Also sending welcomes to you. As always if I can ever assist send an in game mail or whisper to Majoria. :)
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