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Manxis - 1115297
I've been having a horrible time getting any quests done so I've started recording my expereinces.
This all happened while trying to complete only 2 quests.
Quest 1 was the one to free Myron, Myra's brother, from the clink.
Quest 2 is unknown because you have to give Morton a beer to get him to provide the quest and you can't!

Location: Owls Head
1 - Inside the Clink (Mob pathing problem. Happened with 2 of the same mob type in a row)
2 - Fire Lotus Tavern (Can't give Morton his beer)
3 - Just inside the Clink (Map arrow backwards for 2 directions of travel only)

A picture is worth a ton of paper work so click >HERE< for the video evidence. This is ONLY the bugs witnessed or encountered, not a big story before or after.
Alley Oop - 1115456
morton was filed previously as bugs 60603 and 60648.

@Manxis, if you use the /bug comand in game or click the bug icon in the upper right corner, a complete draft report will be put on your clipboard and the current bug forum will be opened in your browser. this makes things much easier for the devs, e.g. giving them exact coordinates to teleport to.
Paladin Michael - 1115850
please consider, the Hidden Vale Questlines are broken.
They will be revised!

At the moment best to focus on Questlines in Novia ;)