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yinki2 - 1116556

first come first serve
Boo Ladedada - 1116565
you should visit some shops and see going rates
yinki2 - 1121728

updated , Welcome to Serenite!
Arcadeguy - 1122571
Might be helpful to sort by name prior to posting list... click on the name label above the list. :)
yinki2 - 1122575
ok i ll do for next update.
20ish listed items have been sold fast.
still have carcasses, beetles carapaces, animals heads and more.
yinki2 - 1126361
friday update , new ressources added and prices update

yinki2 - 1130092
more than 5k wood , 200 beetles, some fragment , obsidian carcasses and head in stock
yinki2 - 1131296
new stock and prices