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Xee - 1118879
I love Shroud a lot and use the in game launcher but I still like to follow a lot of other forums just cause I like to pass on my love to others. That said I would really like it for all you guys that love this game to post some nice reviews. a lot of the ones I read were old and negative but still show up fresh on the steam pages. Would be nice to see more of what is in here in there :) Also well at it hit MMORPG. lets show people the true colors of this ever evolving great game.

CarlNZ - 1119040
I think a lot of people have already reviewed and Steam have finally fixed it so that updating your review no longer games the recent reviews. Also, reviews from accounts activated by keys don't affect the review score (which is how most of us have Steam copies of SoTA).
Ravicus Domdred - 1119043
Ok, I am just wondering. I understand passion for a game. I understand wanting the game to do good. I just cannot understand calling for people to try to change the outcome of reviews. The reviews are the reflections of the users. Its hard medicine to swallow sometimes to realize what the reviews reflect. Things that will change the review will be listening to those critics and addressing the problems. Not smothering the critics with fanfare, fanbois or white knighting. Actually respond to what they are saying, at least if its just a response.
Godra - 1119056
True, but being able to update your review, once those problems are addressed because the game is more positive now, could attract those gamers who passed over the game at first because of the original negative review. This is also important and should be considered.
Ravicus Domdred - 1119062
Right, I need to update my review, thanks.
kaeshiva - 1119137
I know a lot of people say that it isn't, or give various justifications why not, but the review score -is- important.
Just the other day one of my "steam friends" (people I don't really talk to, but who I've friended from various games we've played together at some point) messaged me, saying:

Steam always shows you logging onto Shroud of the Avatar. I looked into it but the reviews make it seem so bad. You clearly play it a lot, tell me about it...?

We had a nice conversation which resulted in him downloading the trial and playing all weekend. I'm not sure if he'll stick with it or not, but he'd been on the fence about downloading it for months largely because of the reviews.
They matter - whether we think they should, or not.

If you haven't done so it really is worth taking the time to share your experience.

I don't think Shroud gets a fair showing or that the description on the store paints a clear picture of just how immense the game is.

For example, if you go look at the steam page right now, the top news item is the R56 restart and rollback. Really? I mean, they rolled back like ....20 minutes of gameplay, tops. It wasn't a big deal at all most people probably weren't done patching yet when server went down. And yet its the top update - which gives a REALLY bad impression - the word rollback is scary. And most people probably do't even know it happened.
Fungus - 1119163
I usually read reviews for stuff on Steam when considering a purchase but usually only give it any credit if there's a large number of them; is 780 reviews large enough? probably for a 'mixed' status though I usually just scan read reviews aswell. The price tag also cuts interest levels, many MMO style games nowadays with RMT are maximum of 30% of the starter costs of SotA.

Just reading the current 'recent' reviews they seem to be from adolescent fanboi's with 2-5hrs game play, therefore not really a strong persuader for many seasoned MMO'rs who may want to check it out. Steam doesn't make you aware of the try before you buy feature and tbh why should they so without any proper advertising potential players will be unaware they can do so directly, via SotA website with a free trial button.

Like @kaeshiva eluded to a few of my mates I've gamed with for numerous years in comparable games have commented at the time I spent in SotA when we meet up (usually in ridicule), a few have tried it out and run away mainly for the reasons given on Steam reviews. A couple have popped back in a couple of times and dipped back out unimpressed with the advancements and until recently there was only one who stuck with it until LoA UO server popped up and even he's disappeared, I fear for good.

Can the Steam review be altered long term? Sure other games have succeeded but it need to overhaul the key dynamics many of us and the Steam and YouTube reviewers have highlighted and that just doesn't seem to be addressed to the levels needed. Instead many of the current high value RMT player base call for additions / tweaks to current and new features that won't IMHO encourage new players to try the game and alas the perception is that their voices still seem to be the ones heard the loudest.
Xee - 1119303
Exactly where I was going with this. I know when I started long ago there was nothing in the game short of skels and spiders with no content. If I wrote my review on that then why would anyone want to play. Instead I took leave came back and been here every since. Every patch has addressed issues , added content , and made things run smoother. Dev's are listening to the players and bringing in many things that make most of us love this game more every patch. Why wouldn't one want to tell others how far along things have come and to help get people to try the game again or trial it. The more people that try today are more likely to play vs that of a year or two ago. It helps grow the community and the game further which is a win for all.
Baratan - 1119324
Games change and evolve that's why Steam has reviews and recent reviews.
2112Starman - 1119328
There is nothing wrong with organizing people who like a game to post honest reviews about it. How is that trying to change outcomes of reviews when.... they are actually just reviews. Simple fact is that the "black knights" are vastly more organized then the white knights which organizing is like trying to herd cats. If you doubt it, search every review every created for SOTA in the past 5 years and you will see the same 5 "black knights" (caugh... social engineers) ripping it apart with the same ol same ol' attacks.

On a side note, I got banned over on RAW lol, they couldn't deal with the 5 sentences I posted over there in a week lol!!!
Sentinel2 - 1119356
I don't get it. What do these people get by repeatedly trashing SOTA? I've noticed the social engineering going on for years. Doesn't make sense. I must be missing something.
Humbert_Humbert - 1119379
I believe reviews are important on both sides. I just reviewed the game and hope to turn it positive one day. I will also ask my friends to review in hopes their issues, which were different than mind, get addressed.

I do not think if you love or dislike the game you should be trying to sell people. Just give an honest review.
Woodchuck - 1119468
My review:

“SotA is da Best! The End!”

Gix - 1119472
Not one particular party is organized.

People need to realize that there's no vendetta going on; people just like to be heard so they'll repeat their feelings over and over again. If people are constantly being pushed away, ignored, censored or generally have a feeling of being ripped off, they'll shout out the loudest.

People generally don't like the _Raw subreddit because, if they post anything remotely positive, they'll get really negative responses (and borderline attacks)... which is what happens here but with negativity... before you even consider forum moderation.

If positive feedback and fanboy-ish posts were to be censored the same way that negative feedback is, the people writing them would shout out just as loudly; it doesn't happen because it's positive. It only gets censored if it's attacking someone and, even then, it's not always the case.

It's the attempt at organization (on any side of the coin) that makes one believe that they're herding cats... and that's because people don't always share one's beliefs despite them saying the similar things.
Brugas - 1119502
Hah, sorry Gix. I just want to point out that it is not even close to being the same by any stretch of the imagination for the "positive" or "negative" posts here on these forums as compared to off-site places for reviews and talk about the game. Soooo not even close. You would never get the trash talk here like you do there for any side. They have straight up bannable attacks on people who give any kind of positive input which gets quickly dog-piled. They get threatened with attacks, they get called cultists, and everything that would normally get moderated here pretty quickly is glossed over there. I mean they will just outright attack and troll you for no other reason than doing so over there. The stuff here is child's play by comparison.

Just want to put that in a better perspective.
2112Starman - 1119504
I like what you say most the time but you are completely wrong with this... oh ya they have vendettas. How would you explain a handful of people who have not played the game in years yet spend hours a day attacking it to the tune of tens of thousands of posts filled with walls of text with worse conspiracy theory then our presidential elections now?
TheBalance - 1119512
Reviews are what they are for a reason. If someone cares enough one way or another, they leave a review. Asking folks to review when they've already concluded that it's not worth their time isn't going to yield many that change their mind.

Also, asking for good reviews is sad.
Jaesun - 1119521
I still need to write up a steam review for this, but I won’t until QUEST SYSTEM 2.0 is finally introduced and working smoothly. I have tons of hours in the game there, but I stopped using the steam app a long while ago.
Gix - 1119533
From both sides, those who are championing a particular view tend to be aggressive. Now, if one group seems to be outnumbering the other, you get what I described in my previous post. The difference with @Brugas ' description is that I believe that the level of aggressivity (like _raw's or other forums) is irrelevant as it's directly tied to their feelings towards the subject (ie: the game, devs and/or anyone who's trying to silence them).

@2112Starman Because their view on the game hasn't really changed and it's easy for anyone to stay in touch with particular forums and subreddit. I, for one, will never buy another EA or Ubisoft game and I'll make it my business to share my discontent with the companies and/or their products but it's not like I'd seek an excuse (going from forums to forums) to rant either. Now, that's not to say that there aren't people who are crazy enough to have a vendetta, I just don't believe that's the issue concerning reviews.

I still stand by what I said: no one's more organized than the other.

That said, if I were to write a review, I personally wouldn't be saying nice things despite my increasing level of enjoyment.
Silverti - 1119535
Elaborate please... why is saying "if you like this game go give it a positive review".... or "if you like that restaurant, give it a positive review on yelp".... or "If you like that car, give it a positive review"... Why is that sad in this modern age where people do most of their searching on a product on the internet?
Vladamir Begemot - 1119545
There is most certainly a vendetta from a dozen of the early backers. They have often said their goal is to prevent any new player from being "swindled". They do potential new players a great injustice by posting irrelevant information, the state of the game from 2016 as though it is today, and just toxicing up the waters to the point people think that the game is full of a toxic community. I have literally seen "Shroud has the most toxic community in gaming" posted many times from these guys. I don't think hat matches any of our experience unless we're dealing with RAW.

By posting information that is years out of date, or totally false, and with no one but me there saying that is incorrect, then people believe them. Ironically, most of their early complaints are now fixed, but these guys melted down on people, raged on people and the developers, and got banned. So they don't even have an idea of what the game is like now.

Here's a quote from the recent MMORPG article's comments, I believe this is a fellow who ran a website explicitly for destroying Shroud, long before I or most of us were here. He appears to think he still has a lot of attacking to do before he's satisfied, which would be the very definition of a vendetta:

Broke into two parts because the second part is very important:

If you follow me on Reddit, you will find the same small group of people also follow me, and immediately jump in whenever I post news about Shroud. They also stretch the truth or outright lie, whatever it takes to "protect people from being swindled". Vendetta.

Take a look at when I posted about the upcoming player dungeons. The top comment on that is one of the crew saying that combat is 1/10, animations 1/10, the game is nothing but RMT, etc. It's the top comment because they posted it in RAW and got in their with their alts and upvoted it. Vendetta.

The big difference between the dozen guys on RAW and the thousands of us that play is that RAW shows up. And because of that their vendetta gets a lot more play than it would if more than 3 of us would show up.

So, does anyone want to display some Courage and start showing up? It would be appreciated. If reddit is too scary to comment on at least upvote downvote if the information is true or a bunch of lies/outdated. MMORPG and MassivelyOP have Shroud news as well, dominated by the same ten guys. Show up and say "I play the game and I like X about it." And keep it positive, don't let them drag you down to their level.

And regarding Steam, yes I need to update too. It only takes a few releases for the information to be out of date.
craftymethod - 1119546
Hell bent indeed.

And stand in their way in this destructive quest of theirs or dispute their creative facts, and you will get lynched too.

But to the call of updating a steam review, seems fair enough.
Vladamir Begemot - 1119556
This is important too. Negative reviews aren't a bad thing as long as they are honest, they reflect work that still needs to be done.

The same with positive reviews, as long as they are honest it's great.

In my reviews as well as elsewhere, I recommend the game, but I also point out that there are certain gamers that probably will not like the game based on it's current state. If you must ahve 60fps, don't play yet. It'll make you angry. If you're looking for a story on par with The Witcher, go play the Witcher. We're not ready for you yet. Maybe with the quest redo, yeah. But not yet.

Keep it honest.
Xee - 1119564
Exactly, I just registered there after seeing the hate just to give my view. There is a lot of misinformation, as well hate coming from 6 people there. nothing good can be posted or it gets roasted.
Sad that people just can't get past things that disappointed them, and want to drag down a community just because their vision of what they read and heard was different then what they wanted.
2112Starman - 1119578
I probably visited raw 1-2 times a week and usually found one of the most insane things they posted and responded to it with a few sentences of reason.

It would end up with a wall of text posted at me, dozens of responses and threats of internet stalking or even threats of legal action (yes, seriously). I'd find my name called out all over the place as their "mortal enemy". I'd find most supporters names here called out all the time as "brainwashed fools by Portalarium". I could post one sentence at one particular former user and he would post 3 pages of text in response (he was banned years ago from the game and I think he even got actually banned from Reddit, I hear now hes trying to sue Portalarium).

In the end, they just banned me lol... for maybe 5 sentences a week. The people always playing the victims.

Oh the hypocrisy.

no social engineers over there... nope...
Vladamir Begemot - 1119586
IMO don't even bother posting in RAW. Those guys are long gone. But some words of sanity at the main Shroud subreddit would be great.
Nikko - 1119588
Some of them are undoubtedly people who spent a thousand or more on the game a long time ago (with a hope and prayer that it'd be exactly what they want). They don't like some aspects of it now, and so they have a personal vendetta against the game and the developers of it. People can be very vengeful.
Xee - 1119604
So to bring this back on track, I still think it would be nice that people help tell their stories in these forums and do reviews when you like to perhaps paint a real picture of the current state. Cheers.
Vladamir Begemot - 1119607
Ironically a lot of them made a big profit off their pledge, but continued to attack. Not on my computer now, on a laptop, the link is bookmarked there. Trying to find it.
Vladamir Begemot - 1119610
Ok back on track I'll stop with the non-Steam comments :)
jammaplaya - 1119620
Too bad it died. It's mostly because the game itself is dead, but partly because it's the exact same as Raw anyways so why bother posting there. Don't get me wrong, I like the game, but these numbers are too low even for summer. Game needs a complete overhaul and some actual advertising, but it's probably too late for that angle (hyped advertising) to work anymore. I myself am simply waiting for "freeshard" versions of Shroud to come out because we won't be seeing any kind of wipe or remodel, which is what is needed.

The time for steam reviews has passed, now is the time for Seige Perilous.
Mischievous Dragon - 1119633
mechtech - 1119712
Hello, I do believe you are referencing my post. This is an absurd and unwarranted accusation.

I have no vendetta against this game, and am honestly reporting my thoughts on the game as I experienced it as a launch day player. The comments on combat and animations are sincere, and so are my comments about the economy being centered around real world dollars instead of a vibrant player driven economy. I do believe that the presentation/sound/animations of the game is very poor, and as I said, the strong RMT focus combined with the former elicited a strong negative reaction.

The personal attacks are unwarranted. I certainly don't "follow you around", or even know who you are! I also don't have "Reddit alts" boosting this post. This was upvoted by the subreddit community and I have not touched this thread since writing this reply and closing the tab.

I followed the newsletters and development and forums of the project casually from inception and never got involved in the real money trade. I simply downloaded the game when it released, played it, and formed a critical opinion at this point.

I'm actually quite uncomfortable being accused of such things and think it's unacceptable for you to make baseless accusations against fellow players for expressing their own opinions. Nothing about this is acceptable behavior! I have indeed played the game post release, and here is my original backer email from 2013:
Ravicus Domdred - 1119715
One question, what are you talking about. I understand your defense on wanting people to post positive. But what is the rest of this drivel? Are you pointing your finger at me for something?
Xul Rasha - 1119716
Well said. Even with the moderation here I’ve watched attacks in just different forms where certain unfavorable feedback is given. It’s disgusting but that isn’t moderated here. Point being this place isn’t any better or on any higher ground than raw like some would believe.
Brugas - 1119721
You will never see the kind of stuff in RAW on these forums. The extremist dwell there and their posts are way over the top. Mods would be all over it for just 1/50th of stuff over there.

Secondly, you guys saying its ok or even on the other sites, cannot give those guys there a free pass for what they say and do and then complain about the moderation here, which anything here is lightyears tamer by comparison. Don't be hypocrites.
Preachyr - 1119726
This thread took a hilarious turn.

Of the people here bashing the reddit community,
One we had to ban from the shroud sub for continued personal attacks and trolling even after many warnings, and one is site wide banned from reddit for harassment and abuse, and we have to ban his alts on a near daily basis as he tries to circumvent that ban to continue his harassment.

But sure, RAW is the place with all the bad guys ... :rolleyes:

Everyone is welcome to come to the shroud sub and voice thier opinion. Unlike these forums where disagreement is considered attacking someone and will get you modded, just be aware that people can and will disagree with you. Disagree with them right back or ignore them or whatever you want, all we ask is to follow some basic rules, don't make personal attacks, and keep discussions generally about the game.
Brugas - 1119727
Do you even read RAW? :rolleyes:
Montaigne - 1119737
Reddit Raw is an embarrassment. The rules don't apply to the few bullies that run the place. The other Reddit forum is almost as bad. If you post with any hint of positivity toward this game you will be abused. In one recent post, a community member who has recently been very unwell, is mocked and made fun of . Developers are also called names, and the 5-10 posters who frequent the forum seem to be totally obsessed with destroying the game. The game isn't perfect, but you are making yourselves look really bad.
Preachyr - 1119751
Do you? If so why don't you ever post any discussions?

If raw is too ... Well, raw for you, come post on the shroud sub. You wont be abused with personal attacks there so all there is to worry about is people disagreeing with you.

It's a shame so many people will sit here comfortably bashing raw or our sub without ever having the fortitude to go have discussions outside this safe space.

I guess its easy to sit and call everyone else trolls here where they cant comment back ;)

@Vladamir Begemot shows up and gives his opinion and I respect that.

It's hard to have respect for anyone willing to bash others but only from a distance and wrapped in a protective bubble.
moxiepilot - 1119756
...You never get a second chance to make a first impression...

It's great that as the game evolves the reviews can be updated, but really, shouldn't the goal of selling the game be the initial impression of "wow!" instead of "it's okay, and 6 months later, it's better?"
Vladamir Begemot - 1119767
Ok I'm sorry. I blended you in with some others who quite frequently do it. I didn't look at the username for long because they tend to show up as alts at an incredible rate, and I get a lot of personal attacks. Like, a lot.

I'm sorry for getting you mixed up, and sorry I offended you. I hope you can forgive me, it may turn out we become great friends some day.

Since you're here, would you mind telling me if you really believe it's a 1/10 on combat? Like, the worst combat that is possible, it's that bad?
jammaplaya - 1119768
Like I said, no amount of positivity on steam reviews is going to make any difference. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that our new player retention is 0% anyways.

This is because the game is being designed from finish to start. We have a ton of extra content but none of the basic content. No mounts, no naval combat, but we have brewing and emotes! You don't even start with the coconuts and I doubt that 50% of new players even understand the reference.

What Port needs to do is dish out the basic content required to populate a game. The trolls can troll and Vlad can feed them all day long, people can go write positive steam reviews but everyone involved in any of it is just wasting their time if Port doesn't get that basic content in and find a way to reboot the title.

I like the game, love the atmosphere and it suits me that I can be on level 1 in a high tier zone where I get my butt wiped frequently; I like a challenge. But we have some serious flaws here that go above and beyond reviews or comments on reviews. I figured we'd have been on episode 3 by now at least, but every month it's a full page of content that shouldn't be being worked on at all given that we don't even have mounts yet.
Crowell - 1119780
Most games which get positive reviews on Steam (and there is a few) don't get those reviews after some players ask for those to the whole community. People just post positive things spontaneously there, or we are talking about some sort of social engineering campaign. Nobody should claim that a game is unfairly scored, because it means that thousands or tens of thousands of people who BOUGHT this game and felt like it was not good enough are simply ignored.
jammaplaya - 1119785
Well to be perfectly honest there are some trolls out there who spend quite a bit of time gaming the comment sections on any reviews related to the game that they can find with unrealistic opinions and misinformation, and even gaming the review boards by using alt accounts to write more than one negative review. They even consider the OP to be "starting a war with them" ...

What does that tell you?

The mind boggles.
Mapper - 1119788
I replied to Vlads post on the shroudoftheavatar subreddit recently just saying how good the changes coming will be and was downvoted. The negativity isn’t just in raw sadly, it’s very much spilling into the other subreddit.

All you need to do is visit raw and almost all the posts on the front page are by one person who promises to be done with the game when they receive their physical goods, oh how I wish that was true. I’ve honestly never seen such a community of people spend so much time hating something, it’s entirely unhealthy. There is no saving either of those subreddits.

The best post lately was merely a link to the international shipping token in the add on store with no other message. Everyone assumed the devs were asking for more money and jamp down their throat, all that had actually happened was someone posting a year old link at random.
Crowell - 1119789
That does tell nothing to me. You always have detractors with any game : sometimes it's justified, sometimes it's not. But it's certainly not up to you (nor me) to deal with such a debate as long as your opinion certainly does not matter more than those of any other player, detractors included.

In other words, those guys should be able to voice their opinion as much as you do. Trying to silence concerns about a game simply because those doesn't appear valid to you means that you think your opinion is more important. And it's certainly not. You are only entitled to express your disagreement as much as they do. Even if the detractors seem to be very toxic in your opinion (and they probably are for a reason).

Now, if you think that the detractors have a big influence on the reviews, the reason is probably that the game itself and the way it was managed give people many reasons to listen to the detractors. In other words, it's up to the devs to fix it before it's too late.

But we are out of the topic now. Back to steam reviews please.
craftymethod - 1119791
@Preachyr, do you remember that bet old friend? Can't be too far from a year now ;)
jammaplaya - 1119792
I agree with most of what you've said but here is where we run in to some issues. Some of these people's opinions have been completely invalidated because they've already stated that their intention is to kill the game for one reason or another. And yes, they do spam about it often. It's unrealistic to believe that some of that groups opinions are realistic, because nobody without an agenda would spend ten hours a day straw-grasping just to be negative years after they've stopped playing.

One example that comes to mind is a dispute between two players where one player sent the other a picture of their avatar with pubic hair drawn into the avatar's teeth. Because we're all hiding behind a computer monitor, it's no big deal to years later be still complaining that the person who sent the picture wasn't immediately banned lol. It's the internet, people go as low as they can without consequence, so they don't mind looking bad like that, as long as they get the other person banned. In this case, I'd say it would be unrealistic to believe that the person is truly still upset about it as they say they are, but more likely that they just want to get the other person banned still no matter what. This is what I mean when I'm talking about unrealistic opinions that we see spammed constantly.

I think it's only natural for someone like the OP to want to suggest that those of us who like the game go to write honest reviews to counter some of the dishonest or outdated ones given the circumstances. But yes, we are in total agreement that it wont make any difference if the devs don't focus solely on the top priorities and abandon any notion of completing anything else before that. I would even suggest that they get player retention up by focusing on basic content that isn't in, even at the expense of performance. Now would be the time.
Brugas - 1119793
Seriously? The other threads, that got locked, where we talked about this and RAW and posted links of evidence contrariwise to your stance that RAW isn't a haven of toxicity and extreme hate for the game and those that play it, as well as attacks on players. Maybe you should go back and read them or even better yet, just google "RAW" Shroud of the Avatar and read for yourself. Afterwards, if you still believe there is nothing wrong going over there, then I think I know where the problem lies...
Brugas - 1119796
This isnt a full release game like most other mmo type games though, like for example, World of Warcraft where the vast majority of the game world, to that point, was ready to tackle when they released it. Totally different way its built... an independent company making/building most everything as they go and installing it in releases and putting it out there each month for everyone. Its a totally different game than what I played in June of 2014 to persistence and from persistence to now.
Preachyr - 1119798
I do but i forget what we bet on, pm me and remind me :p
jammaplaya - 1119799
It is a different game than it was even a year ago, that's why some older reviews are now outdated, but still the wow factor is important and that first impression is a big thing. We have a ton of content that's designed to keep people happy that are already hooked, but very little hooks. Launching without mounts or the prospect of mounts right around the corner was a mistake, as was launching in the spring, and any money spent on advertising right now is a waste of resources. "Episode 2" in itself isn't going to be enough of a reboot to get the population back on track in my opinion. It's just more monthly updates...

Even for someone who is paying attention to the game as much as I am, I still see monthly releases etc and it still feels like nothing has changed in that sense, so I can see why some might disagree about how much has really changed. Maybe there's something to be said here for imagery.
Preachyr - 1119800
Please don't put words in my mouth. I did not say any of that. The only point I made was that not all the bad actors are found in just that one place.

There are people on this forum equally as toxic, trollish, and abusive.

In other words there are people of all types all over the place, and that shouldn't hold people back from venturing out of their safe spaces to have simple discussions.
jammaplaya - 1119812
To be fair, Raw originated from it, and has always been just a copy/paste of it. They're the same thing with all of the same users, with the only activity they see being one person posting 5 fakenews-esque threads per day sometimes; the same person who thinks it's "starting a war" for someone to innocently suggest that people who like the game should review it, and will classlessly name and shame anyone who supports that innocent poster.

Both subs are essentially dead and it's because they are counter-intuitive to their purpose, due to the abuse of site mechanics; in particular the voting system, as you witnessed, but also because toxic behavior like the above is tolerated.. (Of course it has to be, otherwise there'd be no posts.) Personally I think it's funny to see some of them coming back to the forums due to the inactivity there, albeit not surprisingly. I did suggest driving a steak into the heart of both subs by eliminating any possibility of advertising/linking to it from here, but Portalarium required me to send them an email off-forums to suggest it, and I still haven't decided on how write the email without sounding too mindblown...
Brugas - 1119815
No, this forum is like Mother Teresa compared to RAW reddit. You seemed to imply and defend RAW as if the negativity it gets isn't deserved or the things we talk about here, AND LINK, don't exist. It's also like you turn a blind eye to what goes on over there and blindly defend it and then want to say the same stuff happens over here? I've been watching these forums for years and have never seen anything close to the toxicity, hatred, and vitriol to SotA or anyone that plays and says favorable things about it like over in RAW. Not even close.
jammaplaya - 1119826
Hmm. I'm not sure about this one. I just looked over there and saw an honest review posted by a new player has been downvoted quite a bit. It looks as though the new player is trying to post something, but an auto moderator silenced him for being downvoted?? Maybe if you want new people there you shouldn't treat them like this. I've never bought in to the social engineering stuff people talk about, but after seeing this I'm wondering...
Preachyr - 1119845
Good suggestion!

Perhaps if you stop making alts to try and get around your ban, stop pretending to be new players posting 'honest reviews', we would be able to get rid of the auto-moderator.

Of course, we both know that wont happen, and so the auto mod remains a necessary evil.
Mykll - 1119848
Someone call for a social engineer?

You can go ahead and admit it was you that sent out that pic.

Funny devs called for no attacking other communities and yet it continues here. Are them points being added up to bans yet? And I still can't find those specific point rules anywhere.
craftymethod - 1119853
The modus operandi "Every new user is Jamma" has always been flawed and appears to be creating a downvote brigade where the auto moderator is censoring new users who fall foul of them. Is that a kind of established elitism keeping new users away masquerading as a spam filter?
jammaplaya - 1119856
First off, I have to say that using an anti-spam automod is a terrible method for thwarting alt accounts given that you have a problem with people gaming the voting system to downvote anything remotely positive about the game. It wouldn't be very difficult for someone to simply post some like farming and bank those accounts for later use as a workaround. Not the best solution in my opinion. The only result will be that actual new players like the one in question will suffer from poor treatment, never to return to the site. Nobody wants that.

Secondly I find it humorous that you think I have anything to do with it. I'll direct you to another post by a user named "mississippi_dan" who posted a similar review not very long ago which was also downvoted. I suppose you think that is me too? Did you get this information from Alex Jones? Please.

Finally, let me just be clear on this point. There are actual problems within the Raw and other sub that need to be taken care of, and no amount of scapegoating will ever fix it. I would put a bigger focus on enforcing all the other rules instead of simply on the "no alts" rule, if there really is one. I have seen countless rule violations on both subs go unpunished, seemingly depending on who the posters are, and I don't see how anything will ever change if nothing is done about it. It's crazy to keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

Oh, so now the spam filter is one of my alts too? Give me a break guys! This is a little rich!

I deeply regret my past behavior via PM with you and feel terrible about it. Please accept this heartfelt apology. I am truly sorry for any embarrassment it caused you. I hope that we can move forward and work together on trying to make Shroud of the Avatar a funner experience!
2112Starman - 1119885
Always playing the victims...

Yes, RAW is 100 times worse then this place, stop trying to make false equivalence. They were threatening to cyber stalk me again just last month.

Then realize that they banned me for 2 posts and 5 sentences a week. They couldn't deal with that lol.... because I call out their obvious social engineering.

If anyone doubts it, go read raw... go read what they say (since I have been saying this, they have tried to clean it up a bit too lol).
Xee - 1119901
Ok gals / guys. The point of the post was simply to get more updated reviews and information out to these forums to negate misinformation that is stale. We'r swim to be moving this thread into the wrong direction. We all have different views but there seems to be a lot of reviews that agree not honest and truthful and age more based on emotional responses.

A lot of reviews don't go into details as to why someone would rate things one way or another. If I reached this 1/10 in anything I'd probably have a detailed explanation. Mind you myself would rate a game like mine craft graphics low but the game high as it's got great concepts but looks dated. But the are some that think the graphics are 10. Using more details helps explain a person's view. Saying graphics are terrible game looks like poop. Does little
To give the review any cred and looks more like a rant. I find detailed reviews on both sides more constructive and also helps others including dev's kabir why. Hope that perhaps will help push people to reflect more on how they convey their perception.
Gix - 1119919
@Xee You also can't expect the general public to write detailed reviews; the time investment (and the knowledge required to use the proper terminology) is too great.
Xee - 1119954
You mean people are just lazy ;)
Rada Torment - 1120010
I'll be honest and clear with this topic.

The reviews don't needs love, the game needs love. From a developer point of view there is nothing more valuable than recieve an honest review, things you like and things you don't like. Just publishing good reviews will not make our game better, or give better reputation. I encourage people to write their reviews, but lets give them all the freedom to write what they want, based on their game's experience.
Nikko - 1120011
I'm so confused. I posted something of speculation on the people that attack the game from outside vehicles such as reddit, etc, and it was deleted. How is that not related to this? Anyway... I do think it is a great idea, by the way, for people that play the game a lot to give some steam reviews. I never have, and I should. I guess I have not yet, simply because I never have used Steam as a platform to get to Shroud. I have thousands of hours in this game, and could give a meaningful review. It would not be 100% positive, but it would definitely be a good review.
Nikko - 1120020
Perfectly stated here. Just be honest. Don't try to make it seem better than it is just to draw in more new people, and don't bash it to the ground simply because you spent a lot on it, and it isn't exactly what you wanted. There are some truly great things about this game, and there are certainly some things that make you scratch your head. That's to be expected. Honesty is all we can do to help improve things here.
Xee - 1120034
Couldn't have said it better.
Lord Trady of Blix - 1120075
Minecraft doesn't look "dated". That's it's graphical style, it's supposed to look like that.

Not every game has to be pushing the boundaries of the latest GPU to be fun.

Since when has great graphics ever meant great game ....Final Fantasy 15 proves that
Serafina - 1120110
This post is getting off-topic and going into disparaging comments about other people.