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Perashim - 969083
Hello everyone! This will be a guide for all the new players who may be interested in any or all the Summon skills in the game! So let's get started!

There has been no change to summoned pets as of Release 56, however it was mentioned during the previous R55 telethon that Specializations will soon be affecting their proper summons.

Summons can be split into 3 categories: Melee, Ranged, and Undead. The usual traits of each are as follows:

- Usually have more health than Ranged summons.
- Prefer using Melee, even if they have a ranged attack.
- Will continually chase their target in a predictable way

- Usually have less health than all other summons.
- Will not attack in melee, seeking to move to another position.
- Will periodically move to a new position during a battle, typically away from a damage zone.

- Are able to critical hit enemies.
- Can potentially outdamage any other summon
- Can potentially have the highest maximum health possible out of all of the magical summons.
- Suffer from Health Decay over time.
- Health Decay damage is reduced while in combat
- Increased Health and Damage from Undead Mastery
-Increase time between Decay damage ticks from Mummified Undead
- Gain benefits from the Ancient Staff of Death artefact.

For a more comprehensive guide on the Undead Category, check out my guide here:

Now, even with this categorization, you will notice that some of the summons will have unique abilities or traits for their category, and this generally makes them a bit more useful than normal. Such traits/skills can be extra damage, a different damage type, or a being able to inflict a debuff on your opponent. Despite some of these differences however, all summons share common traits right now:

- They all cost reagents and have a high chance of consuming them.
- They all have long cast times.
- They all generally deal low damage.
- They all have low defense.
- They all will unsummon themselves when you head to the Overworld or sometimes a new area.

If I haven't dulled your interest with these traits, then let's get on to the summons themselves!

Fire Elemental:

Category: Ranged
Reagents Required: Sulfurous Ash, Spider Silk, Mandrake Root, Corpse Wax, Serpent Scale
Skill(s) Required: Ring of Fire at level 40, Quest Required to Learn
Special Qualities: None
Average Damage: 3-14 Fire Damage
Overview: The Fire Elemental is now no longer immune to fire damage, but highly resistant. Making it a literal clone of the phoenix now.


School: Sun
Category: Ranged
Reagents Required: Sulfurous Ash, Spider Silk, Mandrake Root, Corpse Wax
Skill(s) Required: Reveal Hidden at level 40, Quest Required to Learn
Special Qualities:
Supposedly has a chance to revive itself.
Average Damage: 3-13 Fire Damage
Overview: Much like the Fire Elemental, the Phoenix deals fire damage, and has a high resistance to fire damage from enemies, making it okay at dealing with NPC mages. Its special ability doesn't seem to be currently functioning (if anyone has gotten this to trigger, let me know please) as it is supposed to have a chance at reviving itself.

Earth Elemental:

School: Earth
Category: Melee
Reagents Required: Sulfurous Ash, Spider Silk, Mandrake Root, Corpse Wax
Skill(s) Required: Shield of Crystal and Earthquake at level 40
Special Qualities: Increased Health pool
Average Damage: 3-13 ??? damage (not sure if physical or Earth)
Overview: This summon is good for keeping roving mobs off of you as its larger health pool allows it to tank more effectively than most other summons.

Water Elemental:

School: Water
Category: Ranged
Reagents Required: Garlic, Corpse Wax, 2 Mandrake Roots
Skill(s) Required: Ice Field and Soothing Rain at level 40
Special Qualities: Will heal its Summoner
Average Damage: 3-13 Water Damage
Overview: Arguably the most used out of all the magic summons right now, the Water Elemental will heal its summoner for an amount that appears to be around 70-90 health and the frequency of this is dependent on what stance it is currently adopting.

Ice Elemental:

School: Water
Category: Melee
Reagents Required: Garlic, Corpse Wax, 2 Mandrake Roots, Serpetnt Scale
Skill(s) Required: Shield of Ice and Summon Water Elemental at level 40
Special Qualities: Increased Health pool
Average Damage: 3-13 ??? damage (physical or Water damage)
Overview: Right now, this summon is identical to the Earth Elemental in every single way except color scheme.

Will o Wisp:

School: Moon
Category: Ranged
Reagents Required: Black Pearl, Corpse Wax, Spider Silk, Garlic
Skill(s) Required: Celestial Blessing and Moon Beams at level 40
Special Qualities: Low health, Deals no damage, but debuffs target. Can find resources for summoner when set in Patrol mode.
Average Damage: 0
Overview: Probably the most unique summon, as the wisp has no attacks of its own. However, it will often Confusee and debuff its targets dexterity instead. Additionally, if set in Patrol mode, the Wisp will go and find resources for you.

Air Elemental:

School: Air
Category: Ranged
Reagents Required: Corpse Wax, Garlic, Mandrake Root, Sulfurous Ash, Spider Silk
Skill(s) Required: Chain Lightning at level 40
Special Qualities: Deals Air Damage
Average Damage: 3-13 Air Damage
Overview: This summon deals air damage which is commonly the least resisted type of damage.

Skeletal Footman:

School: Death
Category: Undead
Reagents Required: Corpse Wax, Nightshade, Spider Silk
Skill(s) Required: Corpse Explosion at level 40
Special Qualities: Attacks slower than most summons, extremely cheap to summon
Average Damage: 5-11 Physical Damage (not counting criticals or Undead Mastery)
Overview: This Death Summon used to have the highest maximum health of all summons, but as of Release 54 it lost most of this benefit. Now the Lich has the most health. That being said, the Skeleton is still much cheaper to conjure instead of the Lich, since it costs one less reagent and has a much, MUCH lower chance of consuming them. However, despite its advantages the Skeleton will take health damage every few seconds, which is dependent on a couple of factors. This makes it a temporary summon at best, as it will eventually destroy itself through the decay. To make it last a bit longer, you will have to increase its level and the passive Mummified Undead, which slightly slows down the decay process. The other passive, Undead Mastery, slightly increases your Death summons damage and health at the same time, but it won't be until you have leveled it MUCH further.


School: Death
Category: Undead
Reagents Required: Corpse Wax, Nightshade, Spider Silk, Mandrake Root
Skill(s) Required: Summon Skeleton and Death Shield at level 40, Quest Required to Learn
Special Qualities:
Slow speed and attacks more often, potentially highest maximum health
Average Damage: 6-12 physical damage (not including crits or Undead Mastery)
Overview: Identical to the Skeletal Footman in many ways, yet different in some (besides the reagent cost). Firstly, the Lich has the slowest movement speed out of any summon. Secondly, it has morehealth than the Skeletal Footman, meaning it can "tank" a little more effectively. Lastly, when it (finally) catches up to an enemy, it will attack faster than most summons. Much like the other Death summons, it benefits from the passives Mummified Undead and Undead Mastery which slow down the health decay and increase its damage and health. Additionally, the Lich is the only pet in the game that has a cleaving passive, meaning it will hit multiple targets in front of it within it's weapon range.

Skeletal Mage:

School: Death
Category: Undead
Reagents Required: Corpse Wax, Nightshade, Spider Silk
Skill(s) Required: Corpse Explosion at level 40 and Enlightenment unlocked.
Special Qualities: Lowest health of all Undead summons and deals fire damage and an additional Fire DoT.
Average Damage: 5-11 Fire damage, 4-6 Fire DoT (not counting crits or Undead Mastery)
Overview: With the new Release, the Skeletal Mage has received a significant overhaul, gaining increased health (now only have somewhat less health than the Footman), as well as having a Fire DoT added to its Firebolt. These buffs have made the Skeletal Mage the best Undead to use against bosses, as it is unlikely to draw aggro and repeatedly reposition itself and waste time. It becomes a little less useful when not in boss fights, as roving mobs may aggro onto it, which will make it stop attacking and reposition away, while the health decay keeps ticking. It's also not very good against NPC's with immunity or high attunement to Fire (Wyverns, Phoenixes, Fire Elementals), so plan accordingly if you venture into an area with these creatures.

Chaotic Clone

School: Chaos
Category: ???
Reagents Required: Obsidian Chip
Skill(s) Required: Confusion at level 20
Special Qualities: Extremely low health, supposed to take aggro off of summoner. Is affected by specialization.
Average Damage: None
Overview: From the description of the summon, it sounds like this Clone would be very useful. However, it doesn't seem to use it's taunt ability to draw attention of the caster. What's worse is that the summon still has the tag of being owned by you underneath its name, making it next worthless in PVP. That being said, the effect it gains (and is the only summon to do so) from acquiring the Chaos Specialization makes it far more worthwhile. With the Chaos Specialization unlocked, you gain a stealth effect for 15 seconds after casting the clone. Pretty nice upgrade for being previously worthless.


School: Chaos
Category: Melee
Reagents Required: Obsidian Chip
Skill(s) Required: Tabula Rasa at level 40
Special Qualities: Has a ranged attack that will do one of the following randomly: Decrease and increase 2 of an enemy's attunements, root an enemy in place, and stun the enemy. This is on top of a fire DoT it will inflict as well.
Average Damage: 5-14 Chaos Damage (not counting crits)
Overview: The only summons that has a constant 100% chance to consume the reagent, regardless of level. It is also the only Melee summon to have a ranged attack as well! This ranged attack deals Fire Damage over time whilst increasing/decreasing two of its target's attunements by 20. With the newly added stun and root to the Daemon's Chaos Bolt, it makes it far more valuable as a possible CC pet. The Daemon will also critically hit with its normal and ranged attacks, and is the only melee summon to do so, which makes it more suited for dealing damage than tanking for now. Eventually, the Daemon will be set to attack everything once summoned, including the summoner, and with the absence of Control Daemon I've become a little nervous as to how we are going to command him.


If you are going to be using a summon, my recommendation is to pick one Melee and one Ranged summon to level. You can swap in an Undead summon for any of them, if you are okay with spending the reagents. One will be your In Party summon (When grouped up with other people) and the other will be your solo summon. Typically for soloing I would recommend using a Melee or Undead summon as they have more health and will last longer when a roving mob decides to attack them. For an In Party summon, I would recommend a Ranged or Undead summon as they are more likely to last longer in situations where there is heavy AoE. Especially when it comes to bosses.
With bosses, I would highly recommend you use a Ranged or Undead summon. The Ranged summon will usually be just out of range of the AoE and be constantly reposition as well, while the Undead summon will have usually more than enough health to tank the AoE's and some direct attacks, not to mention its Health Decay slows down while in combat, giving you much more use out of it.

For me, I usually run the Daemon for my melee summon, the Skeletal Mage for my ranged/undead summon, and I will interchange the Lich summon if I feel like more damage is needed.

Quest Required to Learn:

You may notice that some summons require a quest to complete. Such a quest can be started by speaking with their appropriate master trainer about an item they seek. Be warned, such a quest can rarely be soloed, and you must loot the item from the specified creature's body and hand it over to the master trainer to unlock the Summoning Skill.

Fire Elemental: Requires you to hunt a lone Fire Elemental. Bring a small group of 2-3 people. Definitely the easiest of the 3 so far.

Phoenix: Requires you to hunt down a large phoenix. Bring a large Raid group for this fight! Definitely the hardest of the 3.

Lich: Requires you to hunt down a legendary Lich in his lair. Bring a standard Raid group for this dungeon run! Most likely the one that takes the longest.

Items that Influence Summons:

Ancient Staff of Death: Getting this artefact will boost the damage of your Undead summons by a very noticeable amount. With this equipped, the average damage of your Undead appears to increase to 8-20 damage, before calculating Undead Mastery. This flat bonus also greatly increases your Death summons' health as well.

Here's an example of the boost that this wonderful artefact can provide your Undead summon using my own skills (THIS WAS DONE IN RELEASE 53):

My Undead Mastery passive is at level 61 at this time (getting it to 80 is such a slog)
My Summon Lich is level 51, and my Summon Skeleton is at level 54.

Without the staff, my Skeletal Footman has 658 health and deals 9-18 damage.
With the staff, my Skeletal Footman has 843 health and deals 19-30 damage.
Without the staff, my Lich has 510 health and deals 9-20 damage.
With the staff, my Lich has 623 health and deals 22-31 damage.

Pretty substantial boost to the summons, one that I am eager to see converted to the base skills so that they can scale.

Final Notes:

Keep in mind that this guide is subject to change, depending on what each new Release brings. For example, it has been discussed that the Water Elemental will use Douse whenever its summoner suffers from a fire damage over time skill as well as the Daemon becoming far stronger and worth risking the summoning over. When such things are implemented, I will update this guide after testing it out some. I honestly can't wait to see what new abilities and passives they will get, and I hope that this (admittedly rough) guide will help new players and veterans alike!

Additionally if anyone has any questions or needs help, feel free to message me here or in game. My Character Name is Tharizdun Baphomet.
Kara Brae - 969126
Thank you for this guide!! Before I saw it I posted a thread (which I have now deleted) asking about the advantages/disadvantages of the various summoned creatures. Your guide came at just the right time for me! :)
Perashim - 969131
Happy to help!
Perashim - 969134
Happy to help! I'm hoping that I can flesh it out further at some point with the minimum and maximum amount of damage each one can do.
Perashim - 969191
Average Damage values have been posted (some of may not be 100% accurate, but are close enough to the actual value to give you a general damage scope for each summon).

I have also added a poll for which to collect data, that way I can compare it when the summons are buffed to see if there's a difference.
Numa - 969212
The Moon Wisp in Patrol mode will find resources for you - wood, ores, reagents etc.
Perashim - 969216
I completely forgot about that! Thanks!
Perashim - 972462
Updated the guide with a small paragraph on tips and updated the Undead category with Health Decay being reduced while in combat.
Weins201 - 972479
nice guid needs to go to player generated resources ;)
Perashim - 991688
I will most likely move it when the summons begin to get buffed.
Perashim - 994516
Updated with a section for Items (and possibly blessings) that affect summons. Currently the only one I am aware is the Staff of Death artifact.
moko - 996415
That sounds interesting, how does it work? Does it collect them too or just hovers there? Have not leveled the moon tree so far but might try it :)
Perashim - 997013
Changed the Melee summon classification list slightly.

I believe it slowly will gather the resources and drop them into your inventory as it moves about randomly (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong).
Perashim - 998501
Added examples of the buffs the Ancient Staff of Death provides the Death Summons.
Perashim - 999120
Changed the Air Elemental's Overview and Damage types to their proper values.
Vladamir Begemot - 999506
Thanks for the guide! Do you know if the Skeletal Mage is actually doing fire damage yet? I bugged it a while ago, it would light the enemy on fire visually, but not apply the DoT effect.

Also, if you have time and the inclination, this would be a great guide on Steam. We need some more up to date information like this. They are pretty easy to make now that you have it written out, it will basically be copy/paste for you.

Perashim - 999855
Yeah the Skeletal mage does deal fire damage but not the Damage over Time effect like it's more natural brethren do unfortunately. I'm hoping it's eventually updated with more spells soon. As for the guide on Steam, I'll see if I can put it on there in a few hours, but I need to take care of some IRL stuff.
Vladamir Begemot - 999906
Wish he did the DOT! I haven't even bothered to use him for a long time, he's purely for show I guess.

Thanks for posting the Steam guide when you get the chance!
Perashim - 1000223
The guide on Steam should be up now under the same title.
Perashim - 1003461
Added a section for the summons that require a quest to learn.
Perashim - 1005730
Edited guide to correctly describe the Undead Mastery passive increasing the Death Summons health as well as damage.
Perashim - 1010408
Added the Chaotic Clone to the list.
Perashim - 1026496
Been thinking about doing a guide to animal combat pets, something that would highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each tameable combat animal in the game.
Perashim - 1040200
Updated Guide to include the Daemon's new stun and root effects.
Ffred - 1040647
Great guide!

Where is the staff of death found? I don’t need the full solution but just knowing where to start looking would be great.


Perashim - 1042030
You'll need to craft the staff of death after collecting all 3 glowing blue cylinder pieces and getting the recipe. Typically, the cylinders drop from Supplies and are sold at certain places.

EDIT: Posted correct values for Ancient Staff of Death's increased Death Summon damage.
Perashim - 1044386
Once the next release hits I'll be running tests on all of the summons to see how they have scaled with this change.
Perashim - 1062985
Updated to current Release.
Perashim - 1078641
Updated to Release 55, updated the Skeletal Mage.
Perashim - 1080884
Added a note about the Lich's cleave passive.
Perashim - 1108614
Updated to R56
Perashim - 1132394
Will most likely update the guide in a few days, since the scaling fix for everything except the Undead pets was fixed (ability scaling hasn't been though).
Lord Trady of Blix - 1133377
Ferocious Killer Chest Mimic ;)
Perashim - 1136725
Updated to R57 and removed Undead sections andmentions.. Will try to have pictures of each summon soon.
Perashim - 1141190
Until further notice, this guide will no longer be updated.
Lord Trady of Blix - 1141212
It's all obsidian destroyers now