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Sir Stile Teckel - 1131789
This is NOT a fire sale but it IS item's I am offering at lower than normal prices. I sometimes have clients that need to sell some things quickly, as they need some money for this or that... and that means it's your lucky day!

Heres what I have right now, that I need to move quickly, so it's a good day for you:

Benefactor Expert Smelting Station x1 - $30.00ea
Darkstarr Spear x1 - $2.00ea

Electric Staff x1 - $2.00ea
Elf Mask x1 - $2.00ea

Exclamation Stovepipe Hat x1 - $1.00ea
Frost Pipe x1 - $1.00ea
Golden Lord British Shield x1 - $75.00ea
Replenishing Oracle Eye Sparkler Box x1 - $2.00ea
Royal Orb x1 - $30.00ea
2015 Fireworks 45 Piece Reward x2 - $1.00ea
Ankh of Virtues Necklace x1 - 2.50ea
Artisan Tool Reward x1 - $7.00
Autumn Fairy Hands x1 - $1.00
Autumn Fairy Wings x1 - $2.50
Benefactor Cloth Tunic x1 - $2.00
Benefactor Plaque x1 - $2.50
Benefactor Vanduul Polearm x1 - $1.00
Blue Cylinder x1 - $1.00ea
Blue Electric Sword x2 - $2.50ea
Embry's Harp x1 - $1.00ea
Eternal Pattern: Ornate Steel Cash Register x6 - $5.00ea
Exclamation Stovepipe Hat x1 - $1.00
Obsidian Order Plate Set x1 - $5.00ea
Obsidian Order Wizard Set x2 - $5.00ea

Sir Stile Teckel - 1137834
Dropped most prices, as well as added a few more items for a client that is wanting to sell some things quickly, for re-investment into the game.
Warrior B'Patrick - 1137844
Greetings @Sir Stile Teckel. I would like to buy these items. I calculated the price to be 98.5 for all including ones that have x2. Thank you.

Cabalist Temna Hood x1 - $8.00ea
Dark Elven Kinsman Buckler x1 - $1.00ea
Elven Wardrobe x1 - $4.00ea
Giant Ornate Porcelain Vase x1 - $.50ea
Large Ornate Porcelain Vase x1 - $0.50ea
Ornate Elven Wardrobe x1 - $8.00ea
Ornate Skull Candle x1 - $4.00ea
Ornate Tansu Chest x1 - $8.00ea
Plain Carnival Mask x1 - $.50ea
Black Sky Navy Helmet x2 - $2.00ea
Fleet Flue x1 - $10.00
Golden Lord British Helmet 1 x1 - $35.00ea
Novia Map Atlas Reward Pack x1 - $5.00
Novia Map Atlas Reward Update 1 Pack x2 - $5.00EA
Sir Stile Teckel - 1137868
Thx! all mailed.
Warrior B'Patrick - 1137930
Thank you. Money sent.