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Brass Knuckles - 1142908
Ive recieved 2 of 3 boxes, last one was last Tuesday.

Anyone else still waiting?
Cordelayne - 1142915
I saw in another thread that @Lord British tweeted about there being a labeling mix-up with some of the boxes. I believe it is being worked on and sorted out.
Sir_Hemlock - 1142950
Havent recieved mine
StrangerDiamond - 1142963
nothing here yet
ShirZ - 1142974
Nothing here yet
craftymethod - 1143027
Not here in Aus yet... I don't mind waiting but these impatient posts are testing me lol
Sir_Hemlock - 1143028
Still not here lol
Earl Atogrim von Draken - 1143031
Nope. Nothing so far.
CarlNZ - 1143041
Random, got mine in NZ last week, would have thought Aus would have got it first.
craftymethod - 1143047
I live in one of the more isolated cities, things happen pretty slowly around here :)
Tanglewood - 1143050
I got mine in Brisbane today :). Maybe they turn up for others tomorrow?
Montaigne - 1143094
Still waiting for mine and I live in Christchurch :(
Kain Darkmoor - 1143105
Got my two boxes about 2 weeks apart. So they are definitely spread out.

Feels good when you finally get them though!
Sir_Hemlock - 1143129
Bet somebody else got mine :mad:
Aartemis - 1143136
I got the two from Kickstarter, on Thr Aug 28th, but the Founder one I bought a year later has not arrived yet.
moko - 1143142
Nothing yet (Germany here)
Sindariya - 1143144
I still have to confirm my adress again and again and again. It seems everytime there is a change in the account page, bought something in the shop. I have to confirm my adress again.
K1000 - 1143156
Need to receive 2 boxes , haven t received any yet
Sir_Hemlock - 1143857
Just received my Collectors Boxed Edition.
Sol Stormlin - 1143909
I still have not received mine.
Rhiannon - 1143971
Just in case anyone here missed it:

I am one of those people that hasn't gotten an email or box. Looking at the various reasons in the above post, it's because my account mailing address un-verifies every time I buy something. That explains why I've verified my account at least a dozen times and have no box. I submitted an email to support about it last week and got a response with a link to that post in it. The post tells you what to do if there are other reasons you haven't gotten your box but not what to do if you have the problem I have. So my plan is not to buy anything from the store until after the cutoff for my account being verified. I hate that as I buy stuff during live streams and community streams. And it hurts the company. But I want my box. *pout*