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The following are contained in the SOTA Collector's Boxed Edition (unopened - still in its shrink-wrap):

Signed cloth map
Reference card
Printed game manual w/ runic translation
Signed "Our Epic Origin" document (includes original notes of Akallabeth)
Recorded media game/soundtrack (disc)
Mysterious physical artifact (ankh)
Collector's (Founder's Edition) coin
Signed Tinkerer certificate
Signed Town property deed

The rewards for this tier are supposed to include a signed copy of Hickman's novel "Blade of the Avatar"- however this box does NOT contain the novel - I don't believe the novel was shipped with any of the collector's boxes. If it does happen to be in the box, it's all yours!

The price is $49 which includes first-class shipping to any US address (US buyers only please). Paypal only. Please PM me if interested. Thanks!
Budner - 1140879
Bump for price reduction
Budner - 1145287
Bump for price reduction
Budner - 1149791
Bump for last and final price reduction and if there is no buyer this week I'm literally going to burn this crap ($49 for a screen shot of Shroud of the Inferno). :eek: