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Dyonisys - 1145296
I have gone through the site via my profile and can't find where to change the credit card information for the subscription with my account? Also i don't want my subscription to end and not have the reward for the consecutive month of subscription like reward and title?

anyone know how or if there a way to do it, looks like they didnt though about this or im stupid and didn't find it:)? @DarkStarr

Bjorn Dyonisys
majoria70 - 1145362
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@Dyonisys . Well in the forum tabs look for the one that says 'home' and click that. Then notice upper right of your screen and see 'account' and click that. One tab says subscriptions so click that one. Mine only says 'cancel subscription' but your option may say subscribe or like that since I have already subscribed. I hope that leads you to getting it right.
Jaesun - 1145367
Contact support?
Arradin - 1145423
You wait for it to end and make a new sub with new card.

You still get rewards , they already Said that it doesnt have to be cintinious , they just go by the number of times you are charged $9.

So no worries :)
Kain Darkmoor - 1145438
If you cancel and resub you shouldn't be charged until your current sub is up.

Best bet is to contact support to confirm.
Dyonisys - 1145562
Still will be more efficient just to be able to change the credit card related to the account in the account information.... will be logic
Dyonisys - 1145774
So for everyone knowledge, when you need to change the credit card info, you havery to cancel subscription and submit again with new info. It will continue subs where it was before

Was the answer from devs

Bjorn Dyonisys
tphilipp - 1145861
Correct, it boils down to canceling and restarting. You'll stay on your subscription cycle.
The reason for not having any "change payment information" option is that we cannot just change the payment info without the user's permission. It could be added as a frontend option, guiding the user through it, but would then effectively boil down to the same thing: cancel old subscription and start a new one.