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Vyrus - 1146732
I've been playing the game for a while now. Level 75 and am just wondering. Is this game supposed to be this type of level based end game grind type of game or are you trying to appeal to a new audience because this seems like you have to be deticatd to grinding to do any even mid level bosses. Are there even any low level or mid level bosses or just things you can solo at level 90 ??
Timmy Vortex - 1146734
Well to be honest if you think the game has a very strong end-game then ya .. work in progress hehe.
the Lacedaemonian - 1146736
Let me throw my hat in the ring.

The game is still developing internally, and, the major supporters understand that every 30 days significant advances occur.

Having said that. There is much left to desire, as the game is at any given point.

The game seems like it's only catering to the high level players, maybe, to someone just joining our ranks. But the reality is that the high end players that are still with us, have possibly underestimated the amount of time to develop such a piece of work. And the new players who come and go, are not seeing the game as they could, when it is further along in polish.

That's the gritty truth. We're not done yet, and there's a long way to go. The most constructive way I can say it is this: there's a lot of fun to be had. And it can be hard to discover. This is a game that is trying very hard to push past MMO mainstream design.

Indie means there's no time for 5 years of development behind closed doors, polish, polish, improvement. That cannot happen without investors seeing it come along in this progressive manner and they cannot think anything but if their own impatience. Seeing the game develop and playing it, before it's ready, has a cost. We are seeing the process.

This game is fun now. As far as a new player is concerned, the best bet is to make friends with people. Don't just play as if you're simply grinding another World of Warcraft toon. Play like an individual, learn to have fun with the lack of limitations, decision-wise. You can do anything you want and that is just the way it's gonna be. If you can think of something fun to do, there is a way to do it. However, you can't do it alone, when you just start.

Whisper Hyperlight Drifter if you need help or guidance. I play enough to be around and available. Also, Discord pm is fine too, Hyperlight Drifter there, as well.

As I tend to say in game:

"Hail, Traveller."
Earl Atogrim von Draken - 1146741
The question 'not enough for the end game' is missing.
Kara Brae - 1146745
There is lots to do and experience as a new player and at low levels. That’s one reason I never minded starting over after each wipe in the alpha stage and why I’m enjoying the offline game I recently started. At really high levels there also seems to be a lot to do - I hear people talking about the Rise, the Lost Vale, fighting trolls and dragons and murderous bunnies. Stuck in-between those two stages I have encountered the fear-inspiring monster that they call The Grind. With the prospect of having to earn millions and millions of XP in tier 4 zones or on the fringes of the easier tier 5 zones in order to be able to survive new content, I simply capitulate and stop adventuring altogether. I admit that I am an extreme case, since other players can more easily progress to tier 5 zones and earn XP more quickly than I can. I have lag problems. But the fact remains that I have hit a brick wall that can only be surpassed by feeding The Grind.
Feeyo - 1146747
I voted: There is no end game content.
Kain Darkmoor - 1146776
You would need to define what endgame content is before anyone could correctly answer the poll. I don't really see this game have any 'endgame' stuff and nor should it. Ya there are a couple scenes that are the hardest, but that's always going to be the case.
Jason_M - 1146781
The vast majority of scenes are tier 5 or less. 3-4 tier adventure areas seem the most numerous.

Very high level stuff is mostly tucked away behind doors, holes, or are simply few and far between.

To new players: there are dozens of adventure scenes to explore with monsters, resources, quests, and puzzles. Some are disappointing, but keep exploring and you will be surprised every so often.

And, by the time you've visited the overland scenes, you'll be strong enough to see what all the buzz is about with the higher end content.

But don't int be in a hurry: glamorous though it may be, it's not as numerous as low and mid-range content.

There's a lot to explore if you're patient and open minded.
Boo Ladedada - 1146783
It is a developing game and Port is very good at letting us know what they are working on. Not everyone will agree the order in which they do things but they do a tremendous amount every month on fixing things. I feel it is a very hard job for them to work on fixes, please the current players, retain new players, all at the same time they try to raise funds for future development. Hardcore players (Ones who can play alot) Like myself can get bored with things and tend to get upset and impatient. Kickstarters I know are frustrated because of the time and money they have invested and some of the things they have been done seem rushed or have not been done yet and still needs fixing. If it seems your getting nowhere or don't know what to do ask some people what they do or try your best to be patient and don't rush to an endgame. I too believe there is no endgame in a game like this. you just find out what you enjoy in the game and be the best you can be at it. until something else strikes your interest and try it out.
Blightlord Knightmare - 1146784
I have to admit I'm rather confused as to what you even mean, as @Kain Darkmoor pointed out, you really should expand on what your definition of the terms are.

The Elder Game or End Game for SotA is rather subjective I would say. Is it after you've completed the three paths? When you've seen all the Chapter I content? When you've maxed out all your skills to how you want them?

For some players the elder game may be getting prepared for Clan(Guild?) Warfare, or finding a place to plant a home and setting it all up the way they want it, perhaps getting their emotes & equipment setup and then treating this game more like a MOO/TinyMU* than a hack-and-slash.

Some players are all about the meta, finding the absolutely perfect min-maxing for various "classes" to do the most amount of damage output, or healing output or decks for boss battles vs groups of mobiles.

I've put in some 600 hours and I don't consider myself anywhere close to being at the "end game" yet in any of those terms. Does that mean there's too much "new[bie] content" ? Does that mean I've been grinding too much? (sure hasn't felt like it, just been having fun, exploring, trying out different stuff, leveling my whatnots, collecting knicknacks, trying to figure stuff out.

Do I wish there were more quests, maybe even cut-scenes or something.. yeah sure. Do I wish that it felt like there was more of a variety of mobs and different kinds of zones or areas? Sure. But I've never felt I had to be "super high adventurer level" to have fun or see new things or mess around or collect stuff that's already in-game.

I'm always finding or seeing stuff that i didn't know about and get a kick out of from this game. Maybe not every day, maybe not even every week or month, but that sense of finding something new and cool is still happening. Perhaps I'd see more content if I was with a big guild or something. Maybe my experience is different because I'm a solo player for the most part.

As for grinding, I don't know man. Every game has grinding if that's the way you look at it. What would we replace with grinding? Just instantly have everything we want or need? I think complaining about grinding is what you complain about when you can't actually articulate or abstract what you're actually feeling frustrated about. I'm not trying to invalidate the way you think about it though, but maybe whatever you're doing isn't fun for you, and that's why it feels like a grind.

If you're referring to killing mobs for XP or gold, well maybe you haven't explored the deck system enough or maybe its time to switch "classes" and try a different skill-tree that would be more fun. Maybe the game just isn't for you. Or maybe they do need to revamp the combat system and make it funner.

Personally I love the skill-trees and the decks (reminds me of TSW before it got cancerous and turned into SWLame). Although I do have to admit, the combat is not as flashy and elegant as DSO, or as epic as FFXIV, or as fun as TSW . But it is unique, and I think replacing the animations and adding/replacing the spells and skill effects (and especially the sound effects) would go a loooooooooooooong way. I think they probably will get around to that actually, but content is king and that's more important right now.

If we weren't seeing CONSTANT improvement over time (in nearly every category) I would be pretty salty about this game, but frankly, I love the **** out of it and I really like that they engage in constant iteration. (Some choices I don't agree with, but hey, nothing's perfect).

Okay /rant, sorry.
Lazlo - 1146789
Compared to most games that I've played, I don't think SotA is very high end/level based at all.

Low and mid level players can make a meaningful contribution to high level groups vs. high level content, even if they can't fully pull their own weight. There are also lots of ways to earn a decent amount of coin that don't require a very powerful character, and just about everything in the game can be obtained with coin. There's also no gated content, so you can do whatever you want or die trying.
Canterbury - 1146793
A common theme here is that people say the game's still developing as if we're only a couple of years into development, or something.

However, the crowdfund was over 5 years ago at this point. On top of that, the game launched with persistence a long time back, but even for people who don't believe that persistence was launch (despite it meaning no more wipes for players), the game is now properly launched in anyone's language. Player numbers are going backwards. The dev team's cut in half. This is not fertile ground for a game to still be feeling it's way; still developing. It's out there in the wild... and it's getting smashed.

There's no other way to look at it. This constant soft-balling and agreeing that, hey, things are cool... things are still developing... is why we're in this mess.
EMPstrike - 1146795
Soloing bosses are a feat of strength as they were designed to be dealt with by a group.

That being said, you can solo bosses at level 75 if you have the right builds. Your adventure level makes very little difference

There also used to be a video of a guy who played in a end game dungeon and killed people in there in pvp at lvl 60, because he had the right skills build

But considering tier 5 stuff is doable at lvl 70 or 80, and you make a big difference in boss fights by then, with the fact that it does not take long at all to get that far along, id say its not very grindy to get to end game.

I do agree that there needs to be more stuff to do at end game tho
Kain Darkmoor - 1146800

3devious - 1146812
Don't worry, @Canterbury there's always someone here to apologize for them or dismiss your comment with a stupid meme. People forget that you had such high hopes for our game. Too bad LoA's team was even more unscrupulous than Portalarium. Our moto shouldn't be "we're better than the (&)^-show going on with other games."
Brewton - 1146813
I find it funny that week after week we have posts where people criticize and others who have to defend.
I enjoy the posts where players come up with ideas of possible improvements or additions.
GrayFog - 1146821
Wait.... SotA does have end-game content???
Tsumo2 - 1146941
There is no endgame, only now there is.
*collapses blue sword*
Lord Trady of Blix - 1146948
Some content is designed for groups. the fact that some people have builds and techniques than can do it solo is fine, thats also fun for some people. Its not how I play, I play the way I want, and that means sacrificing some min max stuff and needing to group, which I enjoy.

Dont be afraid to start groups to do things you want to do, its super fun.
Dulayne - 1146951
Keep in mind that it is a continuous balancing act. As much as they know they need to bring in new content and are working on it, they also need to be mindful of the people at higher levels too.

This newbie / skilled / veteran type development focus is not really unique to any one game. It just happens to be at the moment they are working on what is most important for new players, is the new player/tutorial experience. As much as that may unsettle people they are behind because of having to rework stuff like this, it does not mean that we should forget it is a priority.

The fact that there seems to be a surge of QOL and bug fixing coming in at the moment suggests to me they are finding a new pace in their development cycle. You are never going to make any one happy by saying be a little more patient, but I think a couple more releases down the line and we hopefully will see more for all angles.
the Lacedaemonian - 1147073
It comes as no surprise that some people have expectations and impatience, and worst of all, poor reading comprehension. To the OP: there are some people you should be wary of listening to. Please don't let the harsh opinions, cynical posts, dismissive diatribes, or otherwise inflammatory things people say have an effect on how you may or may not think about what is fun for you.

The strong negative opinions are a pathological mentality with many people in general. It's absolutely not descriptive of just this one video game. If you don't like something, stop engaging with it. Not everyone actually disengages when they don't like how things are going. Even though they clearly should.

I am not so much trying to play the video game for fun, because, I know how to have fun. Most importantly, I know how to entertain myself without bringing other people down. When I play Shroud, I am socializing with interesting people, doing things no one else wants to try, and, getting good at my own character. I roleplay. In my head mostly, while I play Shroud, I am a split personality Mage-Ranger. I love it.

We are more, or less, all adults here. I only wish some people would be more respectful.
EMPstrike - 1147218
Even though there are many folks who still think you need to be a level to do something (and for the sake of argument, your adv level does in most cases go hand in hand with the level your skills are at and therefore is a reference number for your characters POTENTIAL power), mostly for the sake of newcomers it probly needs to be poitned out that levels are not a problem. They give u a bit of a health and focus boost and nothing else. For instance, i can join a UT public group looking for 95 , but they would be dissapointed to find i use no magic, cant cast heals, and am quite squishy and die in a few hits.

The real issue lies within skill imbalance. With so many possible builds around, there are most certainly some cookie cutter skill combinations to build decks and gear around that will offer your character the most defense and offense simultaneously. There are plenty of people to talk to who can tell you what the flavor of the month (or several months) is if your looking to maximize your power, and i garuntee you it does not take that long to get the ability to solo bosses if you have the right gear to go with the build.

But if you follow whats strongest, dont expect not to be nerfed or outclassed by another build/skill/gear at some point because skills balancing is gonna be ongoing.
Kain Darkmoor - 1147252
His post had nothing to do with the original post. Just hamfisting it into an unrelated topic to derail. It gets old.
Spungwa - 1147540
low level bosses, i would say no.
mid level bosses definitely - 2k HP trolls, Reapers, that fire elemental in nightshade pass I can't remember the name of. Though not as many, but then you don't spend as long at that level as you do at lvl 90

Also a lot of scenes have areas now, so they are not bosses but they are harder tier normal mobs, which if you try to take on at the tier level of scene will be as hard as bosses.

I would have voted not enough for new game in the past, but with the new progress (which i like) the new game is basically the outskirts scene. So you are very quickly to mid level.

Gorthyn - 1147566
I think the game needs improvement in all these areas but they are pretty decent as they stand and the good news is the Devs continue to make improvements every month.
Brass Knuckles - 1147632
I dont think there is much endgame at all, it takes a weekend to hit the 80s doing UT all high end areas are doable by the time your in the 80s though some might require a small party.
Vyrus - 1152084
From what I've seen playing more is that the game is mostly skill based and is group based for higher tier areas to level up significantly.

I'm more satisfied now. Grinded for like 3 weekends straight and got to a good level.

I guess I should have added more content for the poll. Haha. The mines aren't easy to do though for lower levels. So if you plan on doing blacksmithing you need to level up just to get in there.

But I guess I was just stuck in a bad spot with my character.

Got some things figured out and now I'm understanding the game more.
Jaesun - 1152121
There’s lower level mines, just in case you didn’t know.
Sean Silverfoot - 1152131
The game itself is about completing the 3 Paths and the Path of The Oracle and being judged, then awaiting E2, etc. Everything else is a sandbox built around that. Player towns, RP, developing your avatar more, fishing, player dungeons as examples of things to do between episodes. A lot of tools for making your own fun. IMHO
Cora Cuz'avich - 1152134
Well, "mines."