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Ondar - 1116667
Hi there all. Alicia Ondar here.

I've been playing for about a month now. Got to level 70 adventure and 64 producer. Got my free deed from finishing main quest (17 days), got my 4 story greenhouse crafted and placed on very nice spot in Soryn fields (thanks to Nick Cold!).

But what to do now? Any ideas?
Jaesun - 1116694
majoria70 - 1116719
Hi there. Well there's quite a lot to do such as exploring our music system? We have quite a few types of instruments at this time. And you can sync in groups to songs that have parts to play. Also another thing to do is join groups doing many things. Alt f accesses the group finder or starting system. Adding many players to your friends list is our main fast travel system. Right click another player to send a friends request. Also don't forget to have another player share crafting recipes with you. When I return I'll be happy to share.

Finding out what else you enjoy is the next step. More systems coming in as we go forward for example boating, treasure hunting. Player dungeon building is coming soon. R58 brings a fishing update that hopefully will improve that system in fun ways. Perhaps getting a vendor set up to sell things you create. You can purchase a vendor from a decoration Npc.

Have you placed your lot yet? I'm out of town but lots in Wizards Rest are claimable by anyone if any are available. Just click on the row lot stone and click claim if a row lot is available. The town crier will advise if any are available. You are very welcome to place in Wizards Rest if you want. Ill be back in game on the 23rd. Your lot deed includes the house already but you can craft other versions later.

Wizards Rest is located in hidden vale behind owlshead by the volcano. As mentioned in another thread I do put lots of game tips on my bulletin board and around the town to try to help other players. Point at signs to read too since the words are invisible until you point at them. ;)
Lord Trady of Blix - 1117644
Upper Tears.
Rinaldi - 1117733
Hi Ondar !
Here are few suggestions:
  1. Gather emotes (here are some lists of emotes and where to find them: see Spoon's post, SOTA wiki, or Shroud Reloaded).
  2. Complete mini-quests (such as: get Tin foil hat, buy a duck, get Earthrise pot, virtue armor sets, haunted house on the hill, get all the banners, etc.). There are also many player made quests that you can do (for example @J a i b y r d has a quest, with a prize if you complete it!).
  3. Solve some puzzles (here is a list of some puzzles, warning - spoilers are in the thread).
  4. Check out some Easter eggs (here is a list of some Easter eggs , warning - spoilers are in the thread).
  5. Try combat in the new Obsidian trials - battle others with no loss of your items or loss of XP (PVP without a cost!)
  6. Attend player events: dance parties, happy hours, tournaments (as participant or spectator), church of the Dark star services, J a i b y r d's Sunday tea party, etc. (player events are often listed here).
  7. Join some group outings, such as XP grinds, boss kills, and dungeon crawls.
  8. Explore your creative side by deco-ing, crafting, playing/making music, or writing in game books.
hope to see you in game!
Ravenscar - 1117753
Visit the Hidden Vale, do the quests there. Explore the sewer system in Owl's Head connecting various places in the Hidden Vale. Find more quests in Soltown. Get all banner. Explore more scenes. Kill your first troll or try other boss mobs. Get material and craft your own gear. Clear a siege, get siege quests. Find a guild or good ppl to play with. Improve your skills and advance.
Ondar - 1117951
I went there today and it was kinda boring. Only interesting stuff was 2 berserkers in a hut that killed me 1st time, but were killable one by one. Is there anything more interesting? Gathering is not great as this is only Tier 4 zone. Maybe I stick to my grind: get from Resolute to Verdatis highlands, stay there a bit then run around Verdatis mines and mine the hell out of it :)

And yeah, I managed to kill those 2 twin trolls on bridge from random encounter :) Seems I need better equipment. 1st mage in The Rise nearly killed me.

Spent a few days decorating my 4-story row house, but only filled ground floor - too much space there :)

We will see what I will do next :) Those 2x XP weekends are nice.

Thanks all for suggestions, I will read through that stuff this week. Seems there is much more content than I thought, but its kinda badly presented in-game - you do not know about that if you do not read forums ;)
Lord Trady of Blix - 1117960
Yes. You don't know the secret of Upper Tears :)

Go behind the waterfall.. But make sure you don't go alone. :)
GrayFog - 1117961
Head to the left when you zone into Upper Tears.
But it's actually boring too, just tons of waves, nothing new, same old same old.
Lord Trady of Blix - 1117963
Upper Tears isn't about interesting things. It's about grinding XP, which is what I meant when I posted it. That is the only thing left to do after you've done all the quests.
Which is why you shouldn't rush through he game period.

Have you: Beaten all the cabalists ? Gotten all 12 Banners ? Beaten the main quest ? Beaten Malefic liches in the PVP zones ? Solo'd a Daemon, Dragon and Phoenix ? All the virtue armor ? All the companion gear ? The Virtues and Anti-Virtues posters ? The rare cloaks ? The quests where you get deco items ?

After that : Upper Tears, and The Obsidian Trials if you think you can compete.

And Ep 2. Maybe. Someday :)
majoria70 - 1117989
Yes This is so true. This game is not like many other games where you come in and beat a system or finish up anything. It is a virtual home. Just trying all the content does not give you the heart and soul of this game. It is not one thing or another that keeps you engaged in this game. It is a combination of things. Some will get this and others will not. New players don't always have that immediately when they start. So much time spent on just learning the basics of this game. Imo it happens over time then you get your niche. I am so excited to be coming home and back to the game in 10 days.

I look forward to hearing what you see. Remember it won't be the same for everyone. For myself I like to dabble in many things. I am not all about the XP, crafting, or trade, or questing, or role-playing, but some are about one thing that drives them to be here. Yet I will also go on XP runs or boss killing groups. I love that too. Come and walk through my Inn some day in Wizards Rest behind owlshead and read my signs and notes on my bulletin board for game tips and you'll see what an obsessive player I am ;). You are very welcome anytime. I hope you find your niche. Again I'm Majoria in the game.
Fei Akhart - 1118224
You can also do RolePlay. :)

The game never gets boring with that and we have a well-engaged RP community. See the links of last events:
Ondar - 1129808
Perashim - 1129957
If you need something time consuming, I would recommend leveling the taming tree and/or one of the summon skills that you like! The taming tree will generally keep you much busier though, since it involves a lot of resource gathering and traveling.
Ondar - 1134751
I have my earth elemental named "Fluffy" now, that should do for some time :)

Any idea where I can get better gear? This post ( does not work it seems :(
Earl Atogrim von Draken - 1134766
No idea why ppl don't want to sell you something. If it stays like that I recommend to go to one of the market or crafter events (all player run). There should be plenty of folks willing to take your gold ^^ if you don't want to wait or you are like me and just don't like people at all, go to one of the shopping mall like player citys. Or Brit alleys. You will have to do some searching of course.
Ondar - 1134772
Thanks, thats how I bought my current gear - by random browsing :) Any particular town to visit that can have something nice for me? No time (ingame) to try them all... :)
Earl Atogrim von Draken - 1134806
Brit alleys is a pretty save bet. Otherwise the new Britain market. As you probably guessed they are both close to Brit ^^
Sean Silverfoot - 1134870
Besides waiting for E2, this was also built as a sandbox game! One only needs to use one's imagination, hook up with others get involved in more of the community related events.
Ondar - 1148906
Thanks to a few UT runs I finally reached AL 90 (now 93), got earth spec to 50, now working on blades spec, 1111 carry weigth, 1170 HP. I can finally do some serious damage (also thanks to great blades from Elrond from Crafters town - good work!). This game cought my full attention!
Jason_M - 1149945
I suggest exploring.

I explore in three ways:

* I look for interesting geographic features or names while traveling about the map.

* I cover a region (desolis desert, longfall peninsula, hidden vale, etc.) which can take a week of time, but I find gems that even long-term veterans don't know about ;)

* I hunt adventure online by checking previous release notes for new quests (at that time) as well as the "Spoiler" thread mentioned above by Rinaldi (#3). But I only write the location and a hint in my notebook.

You should explore now! Don't wait until you're AL 110, because scenes do not scale to your level.

Also, if you're not chicken, try some ruins and shard falls. There are things that go bump in the night there that will challenge even the mightiest player.

Have fun :D
Ondar - 1149953
Yeah, lot to do :) Now I want to level my blade spec so some more UT runs and then we will see. I'm not into PvP, tried that a few times in other games but was too much challenge for me. Maybe I'm just too old for that now :D Biggest problem now is time...
kaeshiva - 1149984
There's a lot of things to do, but mostly its about making/setting your own goals about what it is you want to achieve in the game.
There's always levelling up various things, of course, but for me that's kind of a "backdrop" to my everyday activities.
I think I spent my first 6 months in this game just "going to go see what's in this scene" - go spend a few hours somewhere you've never seen before and seeing what there is.

Try to assemble a complete collection of in-game books. (Player books is like, stage 2 of this goal). Been to the Tower of the Shuttered Eye? Lots of books in there, also, some amusing lore on the top floor.
Do all the quests that give unique stuff. There are banners to get, sets of virtue gear, sets of companion gear, at lesat 6 wall paintings that I know of, glowy bottles, glowy skulls of various types (from different places!) etc.
Your house can be a testament to what you've done and what you've seen.
Material acquisitions - you will need thousands of resources to start making the nice high end gear. This starts with hoarding. Pick up everything, put it in a box, and then go get more of it.

Give yourself a quest!
  • Myself and a friend went on a quest to obtain several dozen mushroom chairs. Why? Because mushroom chairs! We still haven't found a permanent use for them, and their numbers continue to grow.
  • Did you know that all of Novia underground is connected? Lots of adventure exploring those caves and seeing where you end up. Lots of ore/gems/things to get along the way, too. Start an expedition!
  • Get all the crafting recipes and make 5 or so of each, you get nice xp for the first few times, and then you'll have loads of stuff to put in your house. There may be sub-steps to this, finding recipes, finding teachers of recipes, getting money for recipes....
  • Go kill mobs that drop 'particular' recipes - satyr mages for unicorn potions, bear/wolf/stag/dragon clan bandits for their appropriate headdress. They also have collectible outfits.

Also, I'd look into amassing large amounts of granite, the build-your-own dungeon is coming.
majoria70 - 1151271
Also don't forget once you have a chance to learn our music system. We don't have barding atm but we do have artifact musical instruments that give buffs to you and your whole party if you are in a party. They are found occasionally during exploration off of mobs and bought off of player vendors but of course those are very expensive usually. No skill required and we can sync music together in groups. Hit me up if you ever want a tour on music. I'll give you some songs and show you a bit about it anytime. ;) I'm Majoria in the game.