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Nevyn Waldail - 1127555
Is there a way to mark raw material locations or list them so that you can find them again?
Jaesun - 1127609

You can make your own map by hand and make notes.....
Steevodeevo - 1127628
You can mark the map with icons on the SOTA website version of the in game map by logging in and adding your own points of interest (POI's) ...
Then by Alt-tabbing out of game, as I do all the time as out of game map performance is better, you can see your marked resources, but of course the out of game version of the game map doesn't show you your loc.

Nevyn Waldail - 1127635
Thanks, is there a way to get your coordinates in game without getting the whole paste thing?
Jaesun - 1127648
Type /loc in the chat window.
Drake Aedus - 1127657
craftymethod - 1127671
Its a bummer you can't just go find a forrest. Im not even sure where the closest harvestable wood is from Spindrift isle or even Central brittany. Let alone all other harvestable nodes.
Nevyn Waldail - 1127748
Well since I'm a noob I may try and map each area out as o get to them and post it in the forum
Jaesun - 1127764
Is such a shame we don’t have an actual Cartography skill in the game to make such maps and sell them....
Boradic Boneslasher - 1127924
the mapping building skill ingame was talked about years ago but I have no idea whatever came of it back then I didn't pay much attention cause things just weren't going right like they were suppose to
curt - 1127928
Has you noted that each scene has a tooltip showing what kind of resources is in the scene?
Elwyn - 1129213
Also /loctrack to keep it up on the screen. But I usually just remember where the resources are after a few times.
Arcadeguy - 1129258
Nevyn Waldail - 1130979
Thanks for all the responses
Nevyn Waldail - 1151277

That was what I kind of had in mind, is it ok to do this? is it worth the effort?