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2112Starman - 1163406
I have another pile of gold, selling them at $50 per million gold.

Note: I will only sell to real players and not people who are buying to resell higher. This gold will only be sold to real players.
Warrior B'Patrick - 1163473
Greetings @2112Starman, I will take it please. Where do I send the PP F&F?
Toff - 1163726
Hello, I am interested
Montello - 1163854
Hey Starman. I sent you a pm 5 minutes after you posted this. Please take that into consideration :)
elvenking - 1163864
Don't waste your time, he's just trying to drop igg price for I don't know what reason, maybe he's tired of sota and is trying to ruin the economy for all players.
There are several WTB threads for higher price but he is stubborn to open post on post putting lower price than these.
2112Starman - 1164097

Let me guess... this is the alt of the RMT guy who attacked me in pm?

This is my char right now, I have more gold. Im sorry if Im ruining your attempts to manipulate the market and keep prices high by buying my gold and reselling it to a real player for a higher price.

When I post the gold. I get 5-6 PMs and I usually pick someone in the list who looks the best in the list as real or has a good history in game.

Dont blame me for plummeting values in this game, I usually try to beat the sell posts by $5. I sold over 20 million gold at $150 per million. Its probably people like you who have forced me to sell at $50 now.