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vincitygialam123 - 1164196
I am a new member, so I do not have a friend. You can make friends with me. I want to learn more.

Thank you.
Kabalyero Kidd - 1164201
Welcome! Have a fun and safe adventure in New Britannia! :);):D
Paladin Michael - 1164204
A hearty Welcome for you, @vincitygialam123 :)
May your path be full of interest moments - and always virtuous!
Azareilia - 1164214
Welcome friend :)

Add me my in-game name is Azareilia

Enjoy SoTA!
Ravenscar - 1164218
Welcome and enjoy your adventure here.
craftymethod - 1164238
Hey Vin! (Ellis Australis)
Damian Killingsworth - 1164480
Welcome @vincitygialam123 If you are a serious player, join House of Mangar. You will learn everything about the game. Contact @Fzol in game.
Luca Xante - 1164489
Beaumaris - 1164541
Welcome, Vin!
Black Tortoise - 1164567
Come have an Eldermann Beer at the Storm Shadow Tavern in Storm's Reach, and consider us friends, mates, and comerades.

Welcome to Novia! Dont hesitate to ask questions, this is a nuanced and deep game!
Warrior B'Patrick - 1164579
Greetings @vincitygialam123. Welcome to Novia if you need any help message me (Warrior B'Patrick) or any of the great community members. What is you in game name and I will add you to my friends list.
majoria70 - 1164612
Welcome @vincitygialam to the game. I'm happy to help anytime. Majoria is my in game name.
Vladamir Begemot - 1164992
Greetings! Feel free to add me, Vladamir Begemot. And if you are a crafter and are looking for work, send me a message, you can make XP and gold using my materials.

Blake Blackstone - 1165002
Welcome! Ill be your friend!
elmaasheley147 - 1174636
Hi Dear