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Drilikath2015 - 1036439
I am selling my TF POT Castle, send pm if interested. No Trades
Candor Atlantica - 1036456
Is there such a thing: Player Owned Town Castle?

As far as I know, POT City is the largest lot they ever sold.
Retlaw - 1036462
Yes various reliquaries bundles included tax free pot castle lots.
Candor Atlantica - 1036468
Yes, I remember now. Thank you!
Drilikath2015 - 1041757
Castle still for sale.
Drilikath2015 - 1046811
Weekly bump
Drilikath2015 - 1053961
Still have this for sale.
Drilikath2015 - 1077736
Drilikath2015 - 1116574
Still for sale.
Drilikath2015 - 1129499
Drilikath2015 - 1142167
Still Available.
Drilikath2015 - 1164528