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Scoffer - 1160726
Checked the API and confirmed only 2 recipe drops for the Recipe_StoneDungeon_Encounter_HiltRotunda and only 1 blueprint for the same piece.

In all 3 cases the players were on the Path of the Oracle quest and on the solo version of hilt (no respawning of mobs) Novia_R3_Hills02_Hilt_Interior/Quest
Sean Silverfoot - 1160744
Cool, I just happened to be coming up near that point on the Oracle Path. Let's see if I get lucky.
Scooby Doo - 1161322
Thanks for the info Scoffer..
@Serafina Do you think it is a bug or intended this way?
I would need to reset my quests:eek:
Chris - 1161335
Ooh.... I can investigate. Sounds likely it is in the wrong instance.
Tila Tenderfoot - 1161341
Fruck - 1161351
dang, well theres some hours gone hehe
Sales101 - 1161361
Once again we have spent hours looking for nothing. Maybe they are sitting In the cloud with my signed box.
Scoffer - 1161607
Likewise, the spider room has not dropped at all, can this be looked at as well?
mugmas - 1161845
Well now I can confirm I am just not unlucky, or crazy for grinding in there for 6 hrs.....
Calan Caitin - 1162816
Has this been confirmed and/or fixed? I have already wasted 3 days searching for a recipe/blueprint that doesn't drop without being in the solo mode of the quest?
Griffler - 1163415
Looks like they went off to ACL without addressing this, I see no change in the API indicating otherwise. I'd stop wasting your time, as I have.
Scoffer - 1164645
@Serafina @Chris
Do we have an eta when this will be address so people are not wasting their time looking for items that are not there?
Scoffer - 1168205
@Serafina @Chris
Can we have an update?
Most of the bugs here have been given a Jira reference or a [Known] tag except for this.
I'm fine with it being next release but would like to know it is at least getting looked at and would like to know when I can start farming for drops.
Tazar - 1168207
I had a chance to talk with Chris on this during SotaCon this past weekend. While it is a server-side fix - doing a full build for one smaller item seemed to be not an efficient use of time - Unless a big reason comes up for a server-publish, I'd plan on next release. (Same for the spider room).

Also - I got to see Chris working on more room blueprints so I think we'll have more with the next release as well.
Scoffer - 1168209
That's fine, but was looking for some sort of official response that its been logged somewhere with the [known] tag being applied and a Jira reference given. At the moment this is in limbo.
Lord Andernut - 1168370
You may get a [known] response/jira etc., but I can say it is known because Chris spoke of this exact bug at SotaCon and that it was fixed for next release. It was unintended that it only be in the single-player version of the scene.
Griffler - 1168488
As @Scoffer said, that's great and all, glad he gave you guys that information during the event. The fact stands it's over two weeks after the release and us players are left wasting time with no official word what is actually going on, and if it were not for sotacon I have no doubt we would have been left in the dark the entire release, and we have to figure it out for ourselves. If there is an error in the release they need to buck up and put it in the known issues, not let us spin our wheels against content that's not there, this is the third release in a row. Something needs to change.
berenice - 1172208
Griffler, agree, but , we , atending the sota con, could have made some kind of post on our forums summarizing what was said, I think as a community we also need to communicate better with our fellow player friend that unfortunately could not attend the conference. I was there, listened to all panels and did not think of it as well and would like to apologize sincerely for that. All discussions with devs have been recorded, I think it is online, @Lazarus Long do we have a place order for these videos that we can communicate to the community?
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