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Azareilia - 1161643
Good morning SOTA community,

My in-game name is Azareilia and so far I have been really enjoying SOTA. Please add me as a friend and say hello to me in-game :).

Look forward to enjoying SOTA and meeting you all!

Have a great week,

Sir Stile Teckel - 1161652
We Bid Ye Welcome
LiquidBlaze - 1161654
westonmc - 1161657
Welcome to SOTA!
Dinsoo - 1161664
Nice to eat you!
skeggy Media - 1161667
Hi Azareilia

welcome to the world of Novia
if you need help please contact me and I will help you in the game I have created videos that can be found on youtube and I stream on Twitch and happy adventuring in this World full of Adventure. in the ingame chat box you can send me a friend request by typing /friend skeggy media I accept all friends requests.
Cordelayne - 1161670
Proteus Tempest - 1161673
Mingo Ebonmark - 1161681
Game on!
Gorthyn - 1161691
Hello and welcome !
Luca Xante - 1161700
Kaffien - 1161706
Welcome to the game!
Lesni - 1161714
Greetings @Azareilia
Welcome to SOTA.

If you have questions my in game name is Lesni
Ask or friend me if you need something.
majoria70 - 1162020
majoria70 - 1162021
@Azareilia your name is not found in game yet. I did try to send you a friends request. Do you happen to have a last name in game or a different spelling:
Alleine Dragonfyre - 1162031
Azareilia - 1162096
Thank you for the warm welcome! Very awesome community, @majoria70 the name should be Azareilia with no last name. I will message you after my work week so I can add you as a friend :) Thanks!
Obsidian Tempest - 1162232
Please feel free to add me as well and welcome to the best community in gaming. Oh yeah, the game is pretty good too. :)
Sephlar - 1162587
Welcome Azareilia. I'm only about a week in as well.
Ravenscar - 1164224
Welcome to Novia (.
majoria70 - 1164314
Welcome @Simon LeBon . Also if I can help let me know as mentioned I'm Majorial.
Idris Deschain - 1164327
Long days and pleasant nights, Azareilia!
Black Tortoise - 1164332
Thanks so much for joining us in Novia! Welcome! Have Fun!
Toripalit - 1165102
Toripelit on paras online-kasino suomalaisille pelaajille, jotka ovat keränneet kaikki tiedot helposti yhdessä paketissa, jotta voit löytää parhaat kasinot helposti yhdessä paikassa. Pelaa Torpelitillä ja nauti ilmaisesta online-pelaamisesta!