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Rufus D`Asperdi - 888200
If I had to guess I'd say cloth simulation and clipping issues.
Echondas - 888248
Jack Knyfe - 903443
aww yissss
Spoon - 903466

If only the witch hadn't been so unlucky we could have prevented this from happening:

Lord Andernut - 904398
Scott Jones: Cloth map

Rufus D`Asperdi - 904399
Village lot sized?
I have severe misgivings about letter decorations and fear it will be a decision that they regret.
Vallo Frostbane - 904472
Wait you haven't seen my swastika buddhist temple yet? ;)
Joe Zhudarak - 905602
"Chris Wolf: Elysium Mines
Damien Foletto: Bugs & Elyisum Mines & Crafting & Playtesting & Forums"

Elysium mines noooo!!
Bushmaster - 905864
Market - 906147
Nothing gold can stay.
psteg - 906665
Until they get the mines right and really make them mines and not another adventure zone, I hope they are smart enough to leave them alone. We now have 5 mines that are not mines. Get it right @Chris!!
psteg - 906667
Until they get the mines right and understand what a mine is, I hope they are smart enough to leave them alone. We have 5 mines now that are not mines. Leave the 3 remaining mines alone until you get it right @Chris
Bushmaster - 906845
I fully agree! It would be cool if they would leave the last three alone, and maybe just added on to it without changing the look and feel of the "mine". @DarkStarr @Sea-Wolf
Rufus D`Asperdi - 907916
If by 'right' you mean zones where ore can be mined uncontested, it's not going to happen.
eli - 907967
Fix for mines:
* Add one mine, better node spawn than elysium, all silver and make it a PvP zone.
* Add one mine, better node spawn than elysium, all gold and put a dragon in the middle.
* put graffiti all over the walls of elysium, shaming people for playing alone in the dark instead of challenging themselves. But if that's how they want to play, that's fine with me.

The fundamental disconnect I think is that they are designing mines which are like a roller coaster you go through on an adventure. But no one plays sota that way. They learn how to optimize a situation and repeat it.

If you're going to make the game fun, you have to take what people are doing and enhance it, not try to replace it with what you think they'll enjoy. Right now avatars run around in a circle killing green earth elementals and looting the same ore nodes for hours. That's just the way it is. If you try to change them into people who go on "mining adventures" you're just going to piss them off and stop them from mining. You have to start from where players are, then add something which makes it challenging/harder to exploit if you want to significantly affect rates but not drive out your players.
psteg - 907978
That is not what I want, I like the challenges of the mobs to a point. But as in Spectral Mines, have a good number of ore.
psteg - 907980
Well said.
redfish - 908006
Maybe thats what needs to be changed, though...

I mean, people are asking for better node spawn with the idea that it'll make things more fun, but it'll just make things more grindy. First, assuming people will gather it all, it will drop the price of ores, making it more difficult for miners to get a good return on their game time. Second, a greater quantity of ores mined per hour will make it more likely that the devs will increase crafting requirements. Crafting requirements are where they are right now because the devs want to keep some things rarer than others. More ores will mean crafting requirements might have to change to keep balance. But grinding in the same spot isn't fun no matter what type of challenges there are. If they want to make the game more fun, the devs should focus on making the game less grindy, not throwing all sorts of stuff at grinders, in my view. That can maybe be changed either by doing something to ease crafting requirements, or by continuing to work on reducing load screen time and in turn increasing factors that get people to move out of the same scene and go on to others.

The adventure part of mines is actually fun if you go in for the adventure, generally the first time around when you're exploring or doing quests. So it would be a shame if the devs stopped doing that stuff just to cater to grinding.

More interlocked passages with mining areas would probably help both groups... because going around winding passages and into different pockets to get your ore is more fun than going around in circles in the same room. Then the challenges that exist also end up blocking your movement, and you can hide from them by going around bends or in pockets, so this creates more of a tactical aspect to these challenges. Moving through the passages and dealing with the tactical challenges also takes time, giving a better chance that things will respawn by the time you get to them.

Also, passageways between different mines where you can get straight to mining in the second one without going through some introductory level also allows for continuous mining while keeping things interesting.

At any rate, if the circle you're going around isn't a single room, but a passage, I think its a bit better. .... Btw, yes if you're wondering, I have mined a lot, did so in earlier releases, got to 112 in each mining skill, then moved on to do other things.

Anyway, yes an "underground Shardfall" / mining area would be a good idea eventually. There are some underground dragon areas with ores and gems, btw. I'd also still like to see a a deeper level of Owls Nest which has higher level content and a "Vale Passage" that connects Owl's Nest and Ravensmoor.
FrostII - 908009
I'd take issue with that. :rolleyes:
The miners I know want better node spawn to get more ore......... period. :mad:
redfish - 908010
Because they want to mine in a lesser amount of time to get the same results :D All I was pointing out is that it isn't necessarily going to work this way when you take in account how the economy works .....
Arlin - 908054
In order to make it more fun because every step of crafting is a miserable, tedious chore at the moment.
eli - 908095
Alternatively: Making ore respawn scaled to the number of players.

Then they could redesign the 'adventure mines' like they want, yet theoretically groups could mine at a higher collective rate than is currently possible in solo elysium if they cleared the mobs fast enough.

It would change the dynamics of mining to a social and cooperative one, rather than an alt tab/youtube one or one which absurdly limits the rate of non-pay-to-win crafting skill progression.
Trihugger - 908104
@Chris seems to be tasked with crafting in general now. Hopefully we'll see some of the issues hiding under the festering bandaid fixed (like refining skills, for example).
eli - 908109
In general i'd love to see a better UX for compound recipes. Something which makes preparing subcomponents not take arithmetic and memorization.
Hornpipe - 908161

Sorry, :D
majoria70 - 908164
And you said you mined in earlier releases but have you mined the new releases and new mines. If someone has not done that then they have no idea of the frustrations these mines can cause. Crafting is an extremely tedius, expensive, time consuming venture. Do miners need to run around adventuring? Don't they get a choice in this game? Now Elysium mine is being worked on. I mined there last night and also bought ore to try cover the needs to raise blacksmithing. Destroying items and getting 12 or so scrap back if you're lucky is already hard to endure. Well hopefully we are being listened to and the devs can take what they are hearing from us and work it out for the good of the game. *Sighs*
DarkStarr - 908474
Totally here the concerns about Mining and we are listening. Might I suggest you all start a separate thread about mining concerns versus fill up the standup commentary thread with these comments?
Rufus D`Asperdi - 911621
Just like they've always said they would... Commercial launch in the foreseeable future, and they start working on Physical Goods.
Echondas - 911653
What does "FTUE" stand for?

..nevermind, I think I figured it out... Free Trial User Experience.
DarkStarr - 911766
First Time User Experience
Echondas - 911783
Thanks.. hey, I was close :)
Chaox - 911866
LOTS more fun to say out loud - phatooey!
Echondas - 911936
Now I need to close SOTA and play ..

redfish - 911954
Spitting skills will come in useful if you're ever chained by your wrists above a pit of acid, with an elaborate contraption that will drop you into the pit once a candle flame is done eating through a rope.
LoneStranger - 911962
Interesting. Are the Crown merchants going to modify their prices based on how much each item is selling (or not)? It seems interesting that Crown merchants would have this, since Crowns are a large unit (~2800gp these days) and wouldn't be able to handle subtle changes. And also the fact that this should be something that regular merchants do. I thought that was the plan at one point anyway.

Perhaps the idea/code is just being tested on crown merchants with the idea that it will be migrated to NPCs as well.
Echondas - 911984
The regular merchants do this currently.. check the price of arrows in Soltown :)
LoneStranger - 911987
I know there are two prices points on arrows, and POTs were about half, but I've never seen any evidence that anything changed dynamically. I'll have to check it out.
Echondas - 912089
Been that way since when I started last November - I remember curing salt as well as arrows being pricier in Soltown because of demand - and venturing elsewhere to buy.
LoneStranger - 912090
It's entirely possible that I never bought anything from anyplace that had fluctuating prices. I never noticed the price of seeds going up or down in Central Brit, and I only ever noticed arrows had a difference so I thought it was unique.
jiirc - 912098
Another example is when a popular, ew recipe comes out. The price rockets that first day, sometimes into the thousand dollar range. It all depends on who's buying when and how many are buying the same thing.
DarkStarr - 912227
This is so that when something goes on sale on the website the crown merchants who sell the same item can also offer that same item at similar discount.
Baron Drocis Fondorlatos - 913871
YES! :)

No craftable robes though. :(
No wand vs. staff balance. :(
No staff wand visual variation. :(
Echondas - 913971
I believe @Chris said at the penultimate telethon that his plan to balance wands/staves, was to start having "new" wands only be equipable in the main hand.. so maybe that's what the plan is for that? A ?good? suggestion my friend had was to also make staves slightly more durable, and thus able to be enchanted further - to account for being able to duel-wield wands (since staves are thicker than a wand - hence more durable to begin with?)
Baron Drocis Fondorlatos - 913981
Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of that option, but it certainly solves the problem that Chris was talking about, "guys with two wands in platemail". :)

I think there are other options that would help balance this out. Here's a few ideas:
  • Make staves more powerful, but require two components to craft them. In effect you're making staves be the combination of two wands.
  • Make a wand carried in the off hand have a downside that effectively reduces the want for players to wear heavy armor and keeping it in line with staff power. Like adding even more fizzle. (This could be just not giving either wand a reduction of fizzle so only the purest of spell casters would use two wands.)
  • Give staves a concentration bonus, making it less likely that spells will be interrupted.
Echondas - 913989
You might like something I had suggested in the telethon questions.. perhaps making potion use faster if the player had a free hand.. ie: not using 2 wands :) A staff shouldn't count tho, since it can be held 1 handed.
Rufus D`Asperdi - 915140
Very cool. I've been wanting one of those for a long time.
Suggestions do get acted on.
Rufus D`Asperdi - 916192
This was from Thursday's standup... Did I miss seeing the post?
Baron Drocis Fondorlatos - 917065
This is one of the most intriguing items I've seen in the stand-up notes in a long time.

Is it just aesthetic? Or does this have some kind of new functionality? (I'm hoping there's new functionality like you need a Viking Crafting Station to make cool Viking gear)

Can I get an Obsidian one?
redfish - 917070
You craft Vikings with it. Success means you have a Viking army. Failure means they kill you.
DarkStarr - 917075
Should have said Viking Crafting Pavillion
Alley Oop - 917077
crit success also means they kill you, a la cadmus
Barugon - 917080
Brent S - 917839
I've been waiting since Monday (Dec 11 standup) for someone else to notice this part and what it may imply. Notice that it isn't a full quarter? :


Starr Long: Livestream & R48 questions & R50/51 schedule & Asset reviews & Weekly update

DarkStarr - 917841
Irrelevant. Just means there are a lot of dependencies between the two releases. Still going to be a full quarter schedule post as usual.
Brent S - 918038
Awww, bummer. I was hoping. :)
Brent S - 918555
:DHah Hah! it was what I thought!
Chaox - 920646
1127 reports posted. Crazy! :)
Rentier - 920651
What does "Yew" mean?
Steve Zaldivar: Yew
Alley Oop - 920655
Chaox - 920656
"Yew un-cloning"
redfish - 920663
Yew are my shining star
Don't you go away...
redfish - 920664

Thinking about this, maybe it would make sense to make wands function differently than orbs, rather than them being functionally the same thing, which they seem to be.

For instance,
Staves and wands could be seen as foci or channels, which add Attunement and offhand staff/wand/etc. *would not* be effective and disrupt the attunement of the foci your main hand.
Orbs can be seen as wells or repositories, which add % Attunement or x Attunement and an offhand orb *would* be effective but disrupt the attunement of an orb in your other hand.

So you might use a single-hand wand/staff/etc. or a single-hand orb, but dual-wielding two of the same category would not be effective, while dual-wielding two of different categories would be effective.
From here.

By the way, staves still need to be polearms, then they'd also have defensive abilities.
Stryker Sparhawk - 920668
Hurray for more unique Yew!
Echondas - 920671
@Chaox It would be awesome if yew folks unclone Northwood also :)
Merv DeGriff - 920762
Are you still taking NPC submissions for towns when you unclone them on Dev ?
Rentier - 921885
wow today a lot of people did not show up ... ;)

hope they enjoy their free time :D
Vladamir Begemot - 926107
Last night I was like "Those wolves need to be updated."

Today I see that it's being worked on already. I love it when that happens!

Other exciting things: Tutorial updates! And what is this "Dashboard?"

And the wild bores, do they get "Bodyslam?"

And Steampunk Observatory home! Ooooh Ahhhhh....
Baene Thorrstad - 926110
So is anybody else waiting with bated breath on what “combat math updates” entails?

It’s driving me crazy…
majoria70 - 926115
I'm very interested in the visualization tools. I looked the term up to see what these might be and it is very encouraging or so it sounds ;)
Trihugger - 926117
lol the fact that we don't have anything from Chris' work blog means we probably aren't going to like it.
Merv DeGriff - 926145
Who knows... maybe some love coming. They quashed a bug or two recently in combat math/skills and the general direction of updates has been toward balance, sanity, and fun. So give the man a shot, you never know what comes out of the balance box until you open it.

Heck, with defensive stance changes there may be some love for light armor to be useful in other ways?
Jack Knyfe - 926168
Bob Cooksey: Steampunk Observatory home



@Scottie, please tell me more of "those other assets" are being unearthed! :D
Scottie - 926401
Slowly but surely, my friend! Slowly but surely... Bob's done an awesome job already taking several of those earlier illustrations and turning them into props and set pieces for us, I'm looking forward to seeing what he's gonna do for the observatory too!

Scottie ^_^
Jack Knyfe - 929061
redfish - 930139
Have you guys thought about a clockpunk/kobold themed steamer ship or tugboat? (I guess what would be really cool E2 is a Nautillus-type submarine)
Barugon - 930181
I really want a Nautilus themed basement!
redfish - 930183
You mean with portholes? Only for homes on water lots?
redfish - 930185
Or I guess thete would be a difference between a ship basement and one for houses on water, both can have portholes, tho....
Barugon - 930208
Yes, that would be awesome!
eli - 932420


I wonder if the targeting range sequence is changing, so torc won't swipe me 1s after I blinked to the other side of the island.

It feels like for players, your target needs to be in range/LOS both when you start using a skill and when you finish as well, but for the boss attacks it's less nuanced.

Maybe this is because it's using the dead reckoning position instead of actual, and dead reckoning didn't pick up my blink cast..
Baene Thorrstad - 933052
I’ve noticed with bears I get similar sync issues. I will often stun a bea, and then a second or two later, get hit with his knock back, even while he is in the stun animated state
Elnoth - 942128
Skill PROFICIENCY updates

Elnoth - 943018
Skill SPECIALIZATIONS you fool! ;)
Vladamir Begemot - 950546
What's B.R.E.?
Chaox - 950559
Best Release Ever!
DarkStarr - 950561
It's our own internal acronym for Best Release Ever!
Vladamir Begemot - 950568
Ah right! Well, considering the framerate I'm getting, I totally agree!
Cora Cuz'avich - 950585
Damon Waldrip: Bugs & Chaotic Clone & Chaos shield & R52 planning

LoneStranger - 950768
Baron Realms Elite.
Echondas - 952843
I used to play that on a BBS :)
.. also Solar Realms Elite.. Legend of the Red Dragon..
Echondas - 952845
LoneStranger - 952866
One of my first BBS games was Solar Realms Elite, which I assume was a predecessor to BRE and the other variants. Good times.
Earl Atogrim von Draken - 952873
Observatory player home. Mhhhhhh. Neat. If that isn't something for @Bowen Bloodgood
Bowen Bloodgood - 953218
Have pondered but haven't seen it yet.
Bowen Bloodgood - 953219
Ran a BBS with those games. :)
Cora Cuz'avich - 953314
What, no Trade Wars?
LoneStranger - 953451
I ran a BBS with Trade Wars 2002 and The Pit and several others over the years. TW was definitely the most popular.
Bowen Bloodgood - 953931
Ah yeah.. had both of those as well. Actually did some bug reporting on TW. Even got a mention in the doc somewhere :) BBS was never very big though.
redfish - 957138
*shakes fist because there are no geese in the game*
2112Starman - 957160
Ah, Legend of the Red dragon and trade wars was fun. I also started getting into VGA planets near the end of BBS days and the coming release of the internet (I used to gopher around to colleges before html cam out) which was pretty awesome for those days.
LoneStranger - 957284
I downloaded a VGAP bot and used to play games against AI. So much fun.
Funny Gopher story: Before we ponied up (or rather convinced our parents to pony up) for internet providers, my friend (@Kilhwch) and I used to connect to the local library over modem and use gopher to get to (iirc) the University of Minnesota, which had a link to a MUD we liked. We'd tie up the only two lines they had for our town and the next town over until the eight-hour connection timeout, and then we'd dial back up. Eventually, they changed their gopher setup so we couldn't get to the UoM, at least for a couple days until we found another path through the Gopher system.

If you want to follow the original creator of LoRD, he's on Twitter: @rtsoft
Earl Atogrim von Draken - 958514
@Attenwood what does "R52 Stuff" actually mean ^^?
Rhiannon - 958547
They said in the last postmortem that they were TRYING to keep a few things secret for next release & launch. Perhaps THAT is the secret stuff!
Earl Atogrim von Draken - 958564
That's why i am asking ;-)
Bow Vale - 958575
I used to play some BBS games years ago in around 1994/5 but my memory is terrible and cant remember names but back in 2000 i played one that was past its prime then, i want to say it was Trade Wars but have looked at that and it wasn't that but want help in finding out what it was. All i can remember was that you lived in a universe made up of lots of like wormholes and you could burrow yourself down them and build up your empire spreading out. It was very difficult to locate other players if they were down some of these deep wormholes with lots of off wormholes ( lots wormholes they may have just been connected galaxies). You could find them if you were lucky by firing of probes that scouted them for you. I didn't play it for long as not many people did then but it was actually a really good game but i cant find it's name.
Arcanoxer - 958687
"Bobby Thompson: Linux map support"

It's happening! :eek:
Undone - 958728
Don't get too excited. It's currently an insta-crash of the client =/
Lained - 958870
Shiny! Here's hoping these are one soil patch wide.
Bushmaster - 958924
Is there not a better name we can call this one? ;)
Rufus D`Asperdi - 959559
Chaox, Q Three Schedule?
Rufus D`Asperdi - 959560
Stryker Sparhawk - 1002549
Damien Foletto: Trojan duck quest

It’s happening!!!
majoria70 - 1002581
and why why why are we not seeing anything about fishing updates? It was not scheduled for episode 2 but was said to happen just after launch. At least if we could see that the bodies of water in the game were getting updated. And this to prepare for a better fishing system then that would be a progression toward getting the fishing system and fish etc updated in this game.
And don't forget ice fishing too. ;)



Stryker Sparhawk - 1002588
They are. Or at least the treasure map component for it. This is a speculative guess, but one that seems logical that they take before combining it into a more advanced version of fishing.
Bushmaster - 1002702
This is exciting!
majoria70 - 1002713
I did not see treasure maps being worked on *wipes eyes*. That is awesome then, we do need treasure hunting as well and treasure maps and treasure map pieces to find. We could find them in message in a bottle, on a random dead body, or a gift from an npc for doing a chore for them. Treasure Maps could even have tiers of difficulty. Like discover the tomb of Raj El Torador or something and those undead guarding his tomb could be tough and then the tomb closes up after you defeat it and get the treasure. I don't want treasure maps locations to stay and be a place to grind like everything else becomes in this game let them close up and stay closed. Discovering a treasure map and treasure map pieces to assemble should be special.;)
Mystic - 1002840
#fishingmasterrace :D

Bushmaster - 1013147

We need our fix man! haha
Rufus D`Asperdi - 1020930 are the days of our lives.
Roycestein Kaelstrom - 1023460


Stryker Sparhawk - 1023665
Is the brew better if you convert them to brewing casks?

Re: Hutch working on brewing and heraldry casks
Rufus D`Asperdi - 1028952
Good Stuff, Maynard.
Duke Gréagóir - 1029739
Omg! reaper baby? I’ll bet he was a little sprout. ;)
Alley Oop - 1029743
Duke Gréagóir - 1029749
Rufus D`Asperdi - 1031383
That'll make a lot of people happy.
They're bein' cagey...

They wouldn't have a reason to be cagey about Unicorns... They've already announced those.
Rufus D`Asperdi - 1031386
Don't let him play video games.
Jack Knyfe - 1031409
Bob Cooksey: Four-story row store front home

majoria70 - 1043601
Really excited about the container in a container being allowed next release. One thing I am wondering @Devs does this mean we can trade a container that has something in it. This really is needed. I am trying to fill little bags with things and I cannot trade them with others. It says the container needs to be empty to trade it. @DarkStarr
Vladamir Begemot - 1053466
Please, PLEASE let me export to .csv and then delete all. I would love to have a not overflowing mailbox, but also want to be able to have records one day. Don't delete my receipts before getting them into a spreadsheet.

(Not possible to do it manually, considering I get a large number of very small fulfilled orders from new players, I would spend 80% of my gameplay time if I were to try.)
Dominor666 - 1080702
Really "Chris Spears: Marketing & Office administration & Bugs & Livestream & IT" <--- Office Administration, whats next does he have to go get the morning coffee
Chaox - 1080729
He bagels us all the time!
Dominor666 - 1082857
I just had this picture in my head of Chris going through the stationary cupboard, writing down how many notepads, pens, paperclips and general stationary supplies are needed then heading off to the local store to stock up...
Steevodeevo - 1083056
Then the team would say 'hey Chris you gone way OP on the paperclips and the number of notepads is so low it ain't worth writing any more. I want a 100% unlearn on notepads!
devilcult - 1083357
Todays stand up says tuesday july 3 but we are wednesday july 4
Barugon - 1083447
That's because it was yesterday's standup.
Rook Strife - 1083567
Seems Studio Services does frequent Sanity testing.

Is it for all employees or just that department?

It would be interesting to see the results.
Jaesun - 1091905
Baby Dragons?
redfish - 1091906
Hopefully baby dragons also means ===> dragon eggs
Chaox - 1092020
I was the only one in the office on July 4, so I allowed myself to skip the routine.

I did consider posting a one-man standup report, but as I've learned from my wife many times, I probably thought it was funnier than it was.
Dominor666 - 1092044
You missed an Opportunity to assign all sorts of jobs to people.................
Nikko - 1097074
What are these new potions? Anyone already know?
Dominor666 - 1101008
Ok!! where did Chaox go to
Alley Oop - 1101111
hopefully somewhere nice!

Vladamir Begemot - 1101548
I see a lot of "Livestream" work, is there something going on today I don't know about?
Dominor666 - 1102768
More Livestreams = More donations
Cora Cuz'avich - 1110771

majoria70 - 1111006
@Chaox why no hints on fishing update plans? Has the water in the game already been upgraded in the scenes to allow for the many types of fish? Release 58 will be here before we know it. Not trying to be a pain but I'm really hoping for a good update for fishing. Im curious of course. Please please.
Lord Trady of Blix - 1111157
Fix the Geisterseelen!!
devilcult - 1119381
Kinda scary to see people work on dungeon day after day just as they started mentionning they would introduce dungeon (which was supose to happen in about a year from darkstarr words)... Id rather see more bug fixing and polishing so new people actually stay in game and get to be strong enough to actually play our dungeon later ;p Take your times guys!
Lord Trady of Blix - 1119434
Yeah please fix the broken items that we have in our houses
Silverti - 1119514
Agreed, that and the usual 3 people asking for fishing. There are so many more important things needed right now like bug fixing.
Rufus D`Asperdi - 1119680
What is there to review?
Last we heard shipping should begin within a few days.
majoria70 - 1119697
So August 6th and 7th brought us stand up notes mentioning the fishing update for R58 and then again silence about fish and fishing things. I know the team is super busy to the max but here's hoping some of the tech we need got added in or it gets added in some time in the background. Things such as fish types, fish weights and new higher tier fish recipes.
Synergy Blaize - 1119723
Last week, they officially mentioned the Fishing update here:
Avatar’s Update #292: Player Made Dungeons

So have no fear Marjoria, fishing is near!
majoria70 - 1119759
Thanks I'm so worried I guess. I didn't see it mentioned in your link. I did listen to the livestream though. I just feel that loading all our waterways with fish types appropriate for that type of water and giving fish weights and making it so they like different bait types or need different fishing poles and adding in new recipes would take some thing to make it all happen. These are only basics that need to happen and I worry they won't happen.
Paladin Michael - 1119811
--> You're right, it's important to fix bugs, it is also very important to finish unfinished and early announced features, like fishing! Even if I am not "the" fisher. But it's giving great feature and more "life" to the game, and it's a question of fairness. There are -more than 3- people still waiting for that for years!

Not to forget
-very- old
Known Issues

  • Elysian Illumination no longer damages undead, and has a broken range for applying heals.
  • Pets cannot follow players onto moving platforms.

(repeatedly posted) bugs (QA), like
- test with the Oracle: must be confirmed two/three times
- quests not vanishing from task list and/or compass after completion
- Vendors walking away while talking to them
- "Geisterseelen" quest

and - of course - delayed content, like
- fishing


I am not talking about the announced rework of Quest Journal and whole quest systwem. I think work will start earliest October/November, to make it ready for Early Access Episode 2 with new year.
Until end of year, I am sure, most known issues (I hope all) and oldest bugs are fixed and fishing works well. So we will receive a state of the game we wished to have at official launch.
I would say: December is "inofficial" launch date for Episode 1 :) And if they have enough time to finish Dungeon stuff - well, great!

I think, talking on telethon/live stream about why these things couldn't be done (earlier), would be interesting and giving understanding(!) why things weren't fixed, before someone works on new content (like do-it-yourself-dungeon).
Synergy Blaize - 1119836
I'm pretty sure the Devs would have seen your fishing requests.
They are working on it (as stated in that post) so I think it's just going to be a case of wait & see.
Remember, they have less staff now, so just give them a chance & I am sure they will update us know when they can.
They have a LOT on their plate right now
. :)
2112Starman - 1119887
Fishing seems complete enough to me for now. I can go our and fish any time I like, actually get fish and cook them into many kinds of foods.

Fishing is something that probably has a .00001% chance of helping boost play numbers. Why not spend time on something that has a .1% chance of boosting play numbers?

This topic urks me because its yet another held by a very small but loud population of this community that are the ones who have the dev's ears who keep pulling this project off on tangents that do not help its core features to make it sustainable. There are so many basic functions in this game that need fixing first like the friggen story line.

If they spend all this time on fishing its gonna go like brewing. Everyone does it for 1 few days, create 150 casks and then probably never return. Yet still, our characters dont climb ladders.

The new make your own dungeon feature however is a requirement now because its going to be a BIG money maker to help pay for E2 (following the tradition already established of build as we go).

So Im not against fishing, its just not a high priority.
Paladin Michael - 1119905
You are right, 2112Starman,

but high priority or not:
it is in for next releases and it should be finished like alot other stuff.
I can't imagine it takes a lot of time and I think, a lot of work has been done by now.
The Crafting trees are functional very close to each other. So it's not they have to reinvent the wheel ;)

And: not all decisions can be made -only- by money. A lot of stuff was told as "requirement".
Well, if this would have been right in past, things would look in another way ...

There are things people trust(ed) in. And if that (trust and stuff) won't get fixed, how shall it work furthermore?
One of the greatest disapointment was the Story/Quest presentation (and sending us -also after launch!- on the Path of the Bugfinder).
A few days before a thread was deleted, where a customer was wondering about the fact, that he bought a launched (=finished) product and was "forced" to bug report in a special form.
Well, what is telling this? A half-baked solution is better than no solution? I don't think so.

I am sure, when the whole Quest / Journal system is done in a really good way, a lot of players will come back. And ALL (also new) players will enjoy the story experience more!
And as I said before: There were people telling, players who are here for story are a minority! The raising of bug reporting and especially feedback for quests shortly after official launch told another truth ...
I would say THIS is a very important requirement for a Story - EPISODE - driven Role Playing game (equal if someone plays it off- or online).
Look at this thread, showing, what could be and telling about the hope of people, for example,
here or here :)

And even I am not fisihing a lot of time:
It is important to make fishing more interesting and deliver what was promised.

If I can't trust in that, how can I trust in a better and new Quest/Journal system for Episode 2?
I have the trust, what I said before: end of year the game will be what we liked to have with official launch.
And if fishing and player made dungeons are in: it will be great :)

After that we can go on for Episode 2: that's high priority and of course an important requirement :)
2112Starman - 1119921
I dont see how fishing in its form now is not considered complete. I can fish, get fish and cook them into food. Sure there isnt an elaborate system with a ton more fish (although there is a lot now) and fish of different size... but what system do we have in this game that was really completed... seiges... no... tamming... no... Story line... no... CP's... no... PvP... no, group play in game... no... a proper LFG tool.... no... etc...? If we want to talk about systems in the game that are not complete, I can rattle off 20 that would be more beneficial to the player base then fishing. But what we most definantly have is a great dance party system because thats what the dev's "clique" group convinced them to make sure was important first. Could you imagine what city sieges would look like if they put all the time they invested into dance party stuff into sieges??? What would keep a new player in this game more, a 20 new dance party deco or finishing the story line? What I know is that on launch, we added 20 people to my village inn renting out rooms and by the 2nd month... all but 2 quit the game, do you think that was due to fishing being incomplete (How about new user experience)?

By the way, I do think the dev's know this and are doing a good job with this. they have resisted the fishing clique for a few years now, I just think they are now caving into the pressure.
Gorthyn - 1119932
Exactly this - spot on !
2112Starman - 1119936
Well, we all need to speak with our money. Im putting $$$ back into this game again, I just upgraded one of my 5 bundles from a base village to a town lot (Obsidian village tower). I will continue to put my $$$ towards the things I feel are important in the game to hopefully some day convince the dev's to start breaking their cliques and focus on the meat to make this thing successful such as the new dungeon stuff (which should bring in some good dev bucks)... but that time is limited. If they blow a month on fishing (or the like) then my opinion on its continued success will lessen even more which will lead me to sell off the assets again (Such as my entire duke pledge already at this point) before they are completely lost.
Paladin Michael - 1119980

I really don't think, fishing polishing isn't a lot of work ;)
If you watch the crafting trees you will find, that fishing - also cooking - is not providing the variety of other crafting abilities.
However: it was promised to do exactly this. And it should be done.

I could imagine a lot - but unfortunately my imagination is not the reason for developing stuff. The whole reason is a bundle of stuff which was promised. And this should be done. Step by step.
Where my focus is, you can read in a lot of threads over 5 years. This - of course - can't mean this is the high priority and nothing else should be done.
But because my point of view is on story, I can't tell other things aren't also important.
From my point of view the variety of stuff inside this game will let it succeed at last.
My highest priority is Story, Quest and Journal system. Why?
A story driven RPG which promised 5 Episodes needs the best story presentation to keep people interested.
It was said it will be done for Episode 2. And yes, I believe they have learned a lot, the basics are done and now this system come true :)

But - again - now and the next month there is another promise, which must be fullfilled: fishing :)
And as you see: Chris is doing the dungeon stuff very fast, too.
So if both will be done until end of year, let's have a new dance emote:
the happy fisher AND of course: the happy dungeon master ;)

And consider this when we are talking about fishing:
What about mussels, which could contain pearls with special abilites for rings and neclace or weapon/armor?
Not only gem sockets could provide improvements ... :)
Lord Trady of Blix - 1119983
Fishing is definately not good enough, at all, so to say it's complete - you obviously are not a player that gets any joy from a mini game of fishing, because the way it works now could only make anyone happy for 5 minutes, let alone 2 years it's been this way.

Having said that, I would really prefer that we focus on fixing existing bugs, especially what got broken after R52 and R54, first.
majoria70 - 1120064
I do know this and really if you read between the lines what I say is not all about fishinge but if fishing gets a good update and then we move onto other systems one by one. I really want to see focus to get things done.

I don't even say we don't have a wonderful game in so many ways but imagine if old systems got their proper updates one by one imagine that. So taming, cooking, agriculture and more still need love.

Theres so many great ideas out there for all of our systems, so Even if we see work here and there on old promised updates needed that would help but mostly we don't.

Right now it is Fishings turn. Git er done right I say. Lol I'm in Hicksville j/k (thats not the towns name) helping to take care of my mom. Most Everyone here talks in a slow drawl. I can't wait to get home to the game.

Oh and I love that we are getting furniture dye to help us be able to look more individual in our decorating.
Arlin - 1120598
This is, in and of itself, a major problem with the game.
Drake Aedus - 1143603
I love and support any and all performance improvements tossed towards agriculture! TY!

Jaesun - 1164942
Sewer updates? Hmmm....
Vladamir Begemot - 1164944
Chemical - 1164947
I'm guessing "First time user experience"?
Vladamir Begemot - 1164967
Seems legit. I wonder why the change from NUE "New User Experience"? Either way, glad it's happening!
Vladamir Begemot - 1165261
What's this?

Jason Yenawine: Knowledge flags


Joaquin Del Canto: New Deck Selection UI


Keith Quinn: New User Revamp, Owlshead Sewers T10 upgrade
Synergy Blaize - 1165264
Todays Stand Up Notes sound verrrry Interesting!
Jaesun - 1165424
Holy crap! A tier 10 sewer :eek:

I won’t be going in there any time soon...
majoria70 - 1165597
I love the focus right now. So many things are being addressed so we can move forward one day in the future to Episode two. I am really so excited for the future of this game.
Scoffer - 1165898
Chris Spears: Dungeon Blueprints,
Is that adding new ones or fixing the drops that we currently can't get?
majoria70 - 1165901
I did not even know we had a board of directors ;) hmmm.
Paladin Michael - 1166016
Let's visit the sewers next release together! A few (more) of us and we can do it :)
Paladin Michael - 1166020
It has been done :) Well, next release, I suppose.

Somebody knows, what I.T. could be?
Barugon - 1166048
I.T. = Information Technology. It means he's fixing their network or computers or something related.
Jaesun - 1166058
Or Internal Testing?
Mobidoy Querrent - 1166064
In his case, I think IT stands for Illustrious nerfer ! :D
Paladin Michael - 1166106
That's the one I wasn't thinking of!

I also had Barugon's and Jaesun's interpretation in mind - but it looked too easy to be true ;)
Dulayne - 1166126
Me too, it is going to be going so far into the right direction for sure! The amount of work they are able to put out, as a smaller team is immense. It is a shame that they have had such a huge disruption with the move, but they seem to be able to take each little hiccup in their stride!
Cora Cuz'avich - 1166529
Yikes, haven't really done much with the Hidden Vale content. Looks like I better get it in quick before it goes the way of the Rise...
Vladamir Begemot - 1177630
Fishing While sitting

Nice! I was secretly wishing for that.

Get well soon @Serafina and Rick. Don't know which handle is yours, sorry, but get well soon!
Browncoat Jayson - 1179307
Are these new achievements, or fixing the existing ones that don't trigger anymore?

Also... thats a lot of boxes.
Synergy Blaize - 1179339
Hmmm... Most of the Team seem to be delegated to "Unloaded Boxes".

Is it Fair to assume that most of the Team, are working on dispatching Shroud of the Avatar Boxes, to those who are entitled to them or ordered?
(I am not entitled to one... just looking for clarification as to what everyone is assigned to do today in the Stand Up Notes)
majoria70 - 1179433
Well I was really hoping they were talking about containers like little bags traded and sellable while fully loaded. Such a missing in this game to be creative in what we sell like 'oh go check out Majorias vendor in Wizards rest she sells sets of formal wear'. Well I don't sell them because we can't sell that way atm but I still do believe we need to be able to and when you point at the little bag you could see what is in it unless it is a grab bag (craftable) that does not show because its pupose is to try for a chance of getting a great item ;). Also we most definitely need lock down for placeables. Like lock the bookcase down so you can more easily remove books and items from them . Plz plz

Lained - 1180037
All that shipping support and no boats to sail around the waterways of New Britannia, keep an eye out for the postman though. ;)
redfish - 1182547
I think what we all want to know from Chris is; how much XP does a raccoon give, and what is their loot?
Sir Frank - 1182651
Joaquin Del Canto: Unity Upgrading, Crown Migration (all crowns turning to gold in R61)

What is the future of crowns as deco items? I have 1000 crowns, and I don't need however much gold that converts to. If you give me a ton of gold, but leave me the crowns as decorations, I'd appreciate it.
Sean Silverfoot - 1182659
ACK, when did I miss this! Anywhere I can find more info?
Sir Frank - 1182661
Maybe it means all different types of crowns turning into gold crowns, which bothers me less.
Sean Silverfoot - 1182663
Now that I do remember something being stated, but I'm with you. I have all different types set as deco, so hopefully they can stay that way. I'll forfeit the gold <g>
Vladamir Begemot - 1182939
Ah, migraines are the absolute worst, next to taking an arrow in the knee! I hope it passes soon.
Rufus D`Asperdi - 1185311
Hope you feel better soon, @DarkStarr