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malakhi - 1165559
I am part way into the Viking bundle. My wallet is open as I increase the tiers monthly. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite the face.
Druidtower - 1165562
I have to agree, i have an account with the viking bundle, and was working on upgrading it as time goes on. Would really hope even if they expire them from purchase, that they continue to let those of us who purchased the bundles to continue to upgrade them. Seems like bad business to cut off people who want to spend money .
jiirc - 1165563
If I remember correctly, at one time they talked about rotating themes on the store. It looks like not all the bundles are expiring, just the Viking and Kobold ones. Maybe they are finally proceeding with rotating the themes through the store.
Godra - 1165565
I have two Kolbolds and one Viking bundle. I was waiting until February to upgrade them so I can get the POT TF Town Lot deed, but I guess that won’t happen now.

I get that they need to change things around. They maybe looking at new bundles for Episode 2. So we will have to wait and see.
runicpaine - 1165569
Yeah if expired means no more upgrading existing bundles as well..... I guess my wallet will be closing on this one.
majoria70 - 1165570
Well and I wonder if they expire for new purchasers but if you already have one level of the bundle you can update. If I recall tho it is hazy that is what happened with pledges. For example I had one tier pledge and could continue to update that until pledges eventually did go away though. I'm sure we will hear more on this. Here's hoping for all of you to get what you want.

Edited - well the word has changed and serafina states that you won't be able to upgrade bundles after expiration. So I wanted to add that information to correct my statement.
Ulskanine - 1165583
Would be nice if we could get some official comment on this. Rather or not those with the bundles could continue to upgrade or not.
Brass Knuckles - 1165587
They mentioned a while ago some would expire and they would add new ones. You do have a point about leveling ur bundle though, mabey they could remove new ones and let people cont to level exsiting ones @DarkStarr
malakhi - 1165665
Why turn away income. I do hope they allow those who purchased to continue upgrading. If they do I might pick up kobold as well.
infernal - 1165666
I Suspect they will start selling tax free deed upgrades and house upgrades tokens separately outside the bundles like they did with some of the other items in the bundles. buying things a la carte is more consumer friendly than trying to get people to buy huge packages of mostly stuff they may not want for example I want a city deed but i don't want a bigger home which is why I don't see much value in upgrade past the town bundle.
Helvig Ingvildsdottir - 1165675
I find the bundles weren't really great value anymore after the comission free vendors and the expert crafting stations became available at a very affordable price outside of bundles. If I wanted an upgrade, I'd rather buy a property deed from another player, and the vendor, stations and the few eyecandies I actually want from the add-on store. It's better value.

I just -hope- they are not expiring tax free property deeds all together (expiring the bundles one at a time and not adding the deeds as individual items in the shop) in order to reward those that got their early on and force new players into buying from RMTers.

I also hope that prosperity tools will become available outside of bundles.
Elnoth - 1165746
My guess is expiring the bundles in preperation of some type of episode 2 pledge/bundle
Lord Tachys al`Fahn - 1165749
Bundles (hell, anything in the store will) expire... that's all. Eventually, the stuff you can buy is going to no longer be available for purchase, ever. This is what they have done since they went permanent. Dislike it all you want, but they will still do it.
Spungwa - 1165759
Are we at least going to have the option to buy one of these expiring bundles on the COTO vendor before they expire?
IE will they get added to the COTO vendor in game before 30th Nov then removed when they are expired.

Been saving and buying COTOs for a bundle in preparation for non-upgradable bundles being added to the COTO vendor for a while.

Brass Knuckles - 1165792
Idk why people think bundles are going away.. they will add more bundles like the pirate one thats apparently next to come online. Expiring content is good for both the players and portal and they have done expiring content before sota went live.

The only argument I can get behind the people mid tier in the expiring bundles who had plans to take it to a higher level.

Id also suggest to EVERYONE look at the next bundle upgrade price from your current one. You might be pleasantly surprised at ur next step up.
Xee - 1165810
More then likely you will be able to continue to upgrade your bundles that you currently have. Just like Player towns after they expired you could still upgrade them. all it means is that you will not be able to get that
yobtar - 1165811
yeah expiring them before we can even get them in game with COTOS like we were promised is BS as well. Force us to get COTOS or in game items with our saved store credit but then not let us get bundles is pretty shitty imo. This game is really starting to dissapoint me. I saw someone post on instagram that they got the signed copy of the game box and what they get is a ugly white sticker signed placed on top of the box art LAME!!!!
Xee - 1165821
Mind you we dont know for sure what is going on so who knows maybe they are expiring them from the store and making them Coto's only from in game, or perhaps they are just offering them every x months. Not sure on the signed sticker as the picture on the store shows signed box. So could just be someone trying to stir up issues which is very common in SOTA there are some real haters out there lol.
Boris Mondragon - 1165822

Brother; I don’t think pirate bundles will be anytime soon nor should they. I cannot imagine anyone forking over big bucks for pirate galleons that are not moving anytime in the near future. R/Boris
yobtar - 1165826
The picture I saw was not someone complaining about it being a sticker signed they were happy they got a signed copy so it wasnt a hater or a troll it was me that I felt was kinda lame on Richards part to not actually sign the game boxes and then post the picture of it. Maybe the picture I saw isnt fully accurate i would be curious though.
But back to topic I do hope they do right by adding bundles for COTOs I have enough saved up for a village bundle and just sitting there waiting for them to enable it. Its quite a bit of money I have invested to get the village bundle and will b ekinda pissed if I cant get it.
HannahAlpenglow2 - 1165829
If you have a bundle and were thinking of upgrading, this sale might make sense. But as noted above, bundles right now are a pretty poor value even at the sale price (I say this having bought many bundles before they broke them apart) since everything but the tax free deed can now be purchased on the add on store for relatively little.

I would say if the bundles are all expired, either new ones will pop up or tax free POT deeds will become available on the add on store by themselves - there is no way they will just get rid of a way for people to purchase those given the dollars involved. My thought is lot deeds will become individual items, given that everything else has become available.

You can buy a viking town bundle now on sale for $1,200 that comes with a lot of stuff a player probably does not really want or need, or go buy a commission free vendor on the store for $39, a couple of crafting stations for $50, and lets say another $100 worth of the deco items in the bundle you may want. POT TF Town lot deeds are selling for $400 or less on the marketplace, so if you pick one of those up you are at about $600. Unless you really want to throw extra money to the devs, those bundles are not even close to the value they are selling them at even now on sale.
Warrior B'Patrick - 1165844
Greetings all. During a Livestream/Telethon they talked about removing all the current bundles from the add-on store except for 1 they would rotate. So Viking one month, Elven the next etc. The current bundles would rotate but still be upgrade able. They also talked about how the current bundles would not be on the COTO vendors but they were going to put non-upgradeable bundles on the COTO vendors instead. I am sure they have not decided what is going to be in the new non-upgradeable bundles. That would probably closer to E2 funding time. Anyway the new bundles might be a better deal.
Brass Knuckles - 1165859
I dont expect them to be soon just that they have said they will do more bundles and the pirate one is one they would like to do next.

Pirate bundle and navigable waters would be ideal timing.(before u go nuts I am not saying navigable waters are com8ng soon)
Sentinel2 - 1166096
Personally I don't see the issue. I have bought a couple bundles myself. More and more I'm seeing the individual items in the add on store.

Unless they are also expiring the individual digital assets, I think we'll be fine.
Beaumaris - 1166151
I always wondered if the current bundles might sunset, in favor of new pledges for Episode 2 like we used to have for Episode 1. Imagine, a new series of pirate pledges: Freeloader, Marauder, Raider, Buccaneer, Swashbuckler, and Corsair all with pirate themed water-lot housing and ships aimed at promoting Episode 2 island life. And pledges based around a horse culture too. Sky could be the limit here. But the Episode 1 packages were somewhat in the way of promoting something new and exciting for episode 2 fundraising, IMHO.
Druidtower - 1169734
Still no comment as to rather or not those of us who purchased bundles will still be able to upgrade them to larger bundles after they are no longer sold on the store ?
Sentinel2 - 1169772
I'm guessing after they expire, that will be the end. No further upgrades will be possible.

I base this upon past expirations with pledges. It's possible I'm way off. Perhaps @DarkStarr can help clear this up :)
Druidtower - 1169795
Would be nice to have some form of Official word on it. cause if i can, i might drop some $$$ on the other expiring bundles if i can upgrade em slowly. otherwise. not wasting the money.
Chrystoph Reis - 1169806
You'll still be able to upgrade the bundles via your account page, but will not be able to buy them. They said this is one of the recent streams when they announced the bundles would be expiring.
Druidtower - 1170232
Thank you very much for commenting, though its not an official statement knowing it was commented on during a recent livestream, i will go re-watch them. Really do want one of each of the bundles. Already have the Obsidian, Shogun, and Viking bundles.
Serafina - 1170305
@Chrystoph Reis and @Druidtower To clarify: This is a final expiration. Upgrades will not be allowed after these bundles expire.
Scoffer - 1170315
Will tax free deeds be available somewhere else?
Sentinel2 - 1170345
That's the main reason why I've bought bundles :)
yinki2 - 1170374
is bundles access to episode 2 retroactiv ? it says " you got it" means i should have what is listed inside, no?
Druidtower - 1170434
Though this is sad news, i am thankful that you informed me. certainly not what i wanted to hear.. But it is what it is.
malakhi - 1171129
It appears I will be expiring as well. After spending alot of money I now need to spend money on shipping to the same continent. Adjust your gold tie and clear your throat.
Black FjP - 1171148
So what happened with this? Not that I spent more than 40$ on this game personally, not trying to get taxed on that tax free deed yafeel, just a curious bystander whos trying to figure out the trajectory of this game.
Chrystoph Reis - 1171152
Not sure... I will go back and watch that stream again.... just have to find which one.
DarkStarr - 1171158
Our plan is to have bundles on the crown vendors in R59
Brewton - 1171161
Even expired ones? Or just only offered on the crown vendors?
DarkStarr - 1171163
only currently offered bundles (in online)
Barugon - 1171169
Since they're all expiring, what will replace them?
nonaware - 1171176

even if they don't make it for r59 knowing that it is still in the plans to add them to the vendors is much appreciated.
Duke Gréagóir - 1171192
... Hey Yobtar! I hope this helps you out. :)

runicpaine - 1171660
@DarkStarr Does that include the ability to upgrade existing bundles or just purchase new? If not, since that was my plan all along for my viking bundle, are refunds going to be issued in form of COTOs so we can than apply those to the bundle we want? Otherwise I feel like I threw away $500 on plans to upgrade a bundle that I can't upgrade.
Sentinel2 - 1171817
I presume new bundles :D
DarkStarr - 1171845
Only new purchase. Sorry for any miscommunication but we stated several times that in game bundles would not have upgrade functionality.
Daxxe Diggler - 1171867
This is how I thought it was too. New bundles were supposed to be added to the in-game crown merchants, but without the ability to upgrade existing ones. The only way to upgrade an existing bundle was through the add-on store website.

Those who had credits saved up in hopes of being able to eventually upgrade an existing bundle kind of got screwed since the credits got converted to COTO's and that credit that was built up could no longer be applied to upgrading a bundle. But that was clearly noted on the announcement of the credit conversion and even then a decent amount of notice was given for people to upgrade before the conversion.

I highlighted the part about not being able to upgrade with in-game COTO merchants. I think Devs might have said on livestreams that they would try to find a way to make it possible, but no promises to do that were made as far as I can remember.
yobtar - 1172021
Thanks for finally giving us a date :) Been wanting my village bundle forever!!!!
runicpaine - 1172028
Whelp, looks like it might be time to cash out.
DarkStarr - 1172046
We completely understand how some of you are frustrated by the inability to purchase and/or upgrade via crowns.

So I am talking with the team internally about a customer service token that would allow you to upgrade with crowns through a support request. It will be some work but we think we can make it happen. Stay tuned for official announcement and thank you for your patience.
DarkStarr - 1172317
mystarr - 1172415
The announcement says:
"Please note that we will be using the same exchange rates that are currently on the store for this transaction."

Just as a ballpark does this mean
475 current sale price for a kobold village tax free bundle
1,199 current sale price for a kobold town tax free bundle
2,299 current sale price for a kobold city tax free bundle

So roughly....
724 cotos (1,199-475) to upgrade the village to a town (plus $25 for service voucher)

1,824 cotos (2,299-475) to upgrade the village to a city (plus $25 for service voucher)
DarkStarr - 1172419
It completely depends on what you originally paid for the bundle (i.e. whether you paid full price or bought it on sale). Hence the need for us to respond to each person individually.
mystarr - 1172422
So if I look on the bundles tab of my account info and it says I paid $550 for the village bundle then it would be something like

1,199 - 550 for the town upgrade
2,299-550 for the city upgrade

(I know you cant commit to specifics without email etc. Just trying to get a rough idea how it would work)

As a followup question: Does purchasing a $25 service voucher during the Friday sales count for the monthly release rewards?
DarkStarr - 1172430
Yes purchasing a service voucher on Friday will count towards the monthly rewards.
Daxxe Diggler - 1172432
I read that "once you purchase the voucher, then the crowns will be removed from your inventory".

That got me thinking, what happens to any lower level property deeds that came with the lower level bundle? I'm guessing those will also be removed (and likely any smaller houses too) since the bundle upgrades don't let you keep those, correct?

Maybe you should add some sort of clarification about that and maybe require them to remove the home to inventory and unclaim any currently claimed lots with the deed that gets removed before purchasing the voucher?
mystarr - 1172440
Along the same line of thought. I have purchased multiple bundles in the past. How will I know (or indicate) which deed/basement/house will be replaced/upgraded?
HannahAlpenglow2 - 1172454
I imagine it will work the same way upgrades work now - after you upgrade, you get a message saying certain items in your bank/inventory can be upgraded, and they are highlighted. You pick them, right click, and they get upgraded from a say a row house to a village, a row deed to village, etc. Port does not actually take things from your inventory when you upgrade now, so there is no reason to think that would happen here.

I have no idea what happens if you don't actually have the items in your possession though, but I would imagine there is a protocol for it.

If you have say, three viking 4-story row homes and upgrade one of your viking row bundles to a village, you will see all of them highlighted in your inventory or bank - right click on one and you can upgrade it. Again, Port is not picking which item will be upgraded, you get to do that in game. It works pretty nicely, actually.
kaeshiva - 1172976
I'd still like to know....

- will there be new bundles in new flavors coming? or is this an end to bundles as we know it?
- if the latter, will prosperity tools and tax free deeds now be available for individual purchase?
yobtar - 1173452
What COTO vendors are selling the Bundles I went to eh Kobold one in Shekk and there wasnt any bundles there
DarkStarr - 1173489
We are still testing. Should go in patch for weekend
Anvar - 1173767
Will the various other houses etc that arnt on the coto merchant go on at the same time, specificaly the storefront greenhouse row home ?
Been waiting to bbuy one ingame since I suggested the idea :)
Senash Kasigal - 1173772
Same question and I need way more than one.
Anvar - 1173777
Well I wasnt gonna stop at 1, ut 1 would e a start :)
Elwyn - 1173954
The system was already in place. Your account gets flagged for every "you have an upgrade from X to Y". Then you right-click on an X and it gives you an option to upgrade it to Y. If a lot deed is already placed, I think you can also upgrade it via the U window. A house or basement would naturally have to be in your inventory, because it's a different layout after the upgrade, so there's no sensible way to upgrade it while placed. All that they're doing different with this special service is to handle the payment manually via COTOs.

I just upgraded a bundle (through the store) today, and that's what happened, it gave me an upgrade for the house and basement, and I went into my Rewards and right-clicked on and updated each item.

Note that if for some reason you don't want to upgrade a house (because you prefer the model you already have), you can simply not upgrade it.
nonaware - 1174905
thanks for allowing us to get bundles in game with cotos instead of having to rmt.
Duke Olahorand - 1175254
Purchased a bundle on an Founder Explorer account ... the COTOs are gone, but where is the bundle? Not on the account page, not in the Claim Rewards list, not in backpack.
Barugon - 1175320
It's not in your inventory? It's just a little green sack (like the potion/dye/etc reward sacks).
Duke Olahorand - 1175424
Ah, now it is listed. Thanks.