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yobtar - 1162794
@DarkStarr what is going on with Bundles for Cotos. You forced us to convert our store credit for in game items/ cotos and promised that we would be able to get new bundles for COTOS and it still hasn't occurred.
Stuff like this is why I have stopped playing for the most part. It seems you guys make new items all the time for money but dont convert things to get with COTOS. You added some of the bundle items to the store like the Tax Free Vendor but you cant get them with COTOS either. What I really want is mainly the Tax Free Lot and the Tax Free Vendor with cotos.
An update on this would be great
Senash Kasigal - 1162800
While we're at it, when can we expect the last 6 Row Home for COTOs?
Especially this one: Storefront Greenhouse
Paladin Michael - 1162807
Also asked this -again- on yesterday Telethon ... Last month he told it will be done as soon as possible ...
majoria70 - 1162967
You might be waiting on an answer hopefully Chris and Darkstarr had a nice evening listening to Paul McCartney ;)
Kain Darkmoor - 1162970
Doesn't seem to be a priority for them. It's been ~6 months since the COTO vendors were updated. I've been asking pretty much every live stream and just get the generic non answer.
Jaesun - 1163058
Well, the suddenly they had to move thing probably didn’t help any either.
Dulayne - 1163074
They had to remove store credits because of EU regulations if I recall correctly, it was out of their hands. Anyone able to clarify that this was the case?
yobtar - 1163085
I understand they had to but they also said Bundles for Cotos were coming MONTHS ago. and it never happens.
Obsidian Tempest - 1163086
That is how I understand it as well. As I understand it, Port. goal was to get everything available with Cotos and they have moved a large percentage over. My guess is there is still some "balancing" to do. Like, how to discount these items for coto purchases in the game perhaps? This should be a priority. The move to a new location, SoTAcon, Dragon Con, all the cons, lots to do and limited amount of people to do it. So yeah, We'll keep asking and they'll get to it.
Dulayne - 1163087
Yeah it is super difficult for me to really be annoyed with them because they are going through a HUGE transition these past few months. No matter how much we want, they are all human. It is frustrating, but what can we really do? The fact the game keeps on getting better in many ways (apart from the issues arising from time to time), it is definitely clear they are focused on doing what they think is right.
yobtar - 1165806
And now they announce Bundles are going to expire. WTF Port this is some BS. How fair is this
Jaesun - 1165870
Where are you getting this information from?
Alley Oop - 1165871
Paladin Michael - 1165924
It's not about to be annoyed with someone ...

It's about promised things.

And it's about things not mentioned by a word ("free to play", "Viking and Kobold Bundles expiring"), while people asking over releases and waiting for bundles buyable in game ...
It's sad, that those things aren't mentioned in telethon - while other stuff is announced twice and more ...

Isn't it interesting to know about
- two bundles expire (Kobold and Viking)
- these bundles now contain Episode 2 access!?

Further it would be important to know:
- will there be new kinds of "bundles" with Episode 2?
At the moment only the Viking and Kobold Bundles expire (also most of the Kobold and Viking stuff in shop!)
- will the other bundles expire, too? If yes, when?

If it was clear, that (all?) bundles will expire until November (end of year?), people would not wait for bundles available in game ...
And I suppose, some of us would have chosen to take the money to buy directly in shop instead of investing in COTOS (like the monthly rewards program) ...

I think, that's what this thread is about. Well, may be I am wrong ;)
Brewton - 1165928
Dulayne - 1165931
Annoyed, frustrated, disappointed, let down whichever feeling it may be from these promises, I am just talking about myself. I am not talking for all, there is a huge mountain they are climbing and handling at the moment, so it will all come in time. I can appreciate that people want houses with cotos and land via COTOs for example, but there is a lot more penitent stuff to handle such as making the game inviting for new players. Just a matter of priorities, and sadly these priorities are always going to differ between person to person.

Do not forget we may hear more cool stuff over the next few days with it being SOTACon, so maybe there will be some good tidings to come. :)

Plus my reference to being annoyed, is from the feeling that I get from the OP.
nonaware - 1165962
I am slightly frustrated and mildly annoyed about the lack of info on the in game coto vendors getting updated with things like houses bundles vendors and crafting benches.

its an easy question to answer with 5 min on a live stream or a quick post here.
Paladin Michael - 1165976
Unfortunately, that's not the answer to what the OP refers to ...

All of us are aware, why items are sold for money, equal if separate or as bundle. That's not the point.
It's about missing -promised- features (to buy bundles in game like other items).
And it's about getting aware, this ship could have sailed end of november for at least two of them.
The last chance to get these bundles in game would be, if they were available with next release.
It would make no sense to implement 2 bundles for only one month if they should expire generally ...
So, may be bundles will be available with next release in game only?
Would be an explanation ;)
Paladin Michael - 1165981
Of course, everybody, who can visit SOTACon will get interesting information ;)
I hope, a summery of important information about Episode 2 will be posted in forum :)
Dulayne - 1165997
I am positive it will. :D
Beaumaris - 1166161
Whats a COTO? I haven't seen one drop in game in like .... forever.
jiirc - 1166174
I believe its been answered many times, they want to get them on the vendors. I doubt that nay further information will be forthcoming from them on the subject, as the important question is when. I doubt that they know themselves as it would seem to be a low priority compared to the other work they've been doing with dungeons, bugs, fishing, and the other important stuff that people want to see in game.
Kain Darkmoor - 1166389
Pretty disappointed that they are beginning to expire bundles before letting people buy them with cotos. Not much point in the subscription if cotos are useless.
Elwyn - 1167092
And they have apparently found that new players do not want to spend three-digit moneys on bundles. So it would seem that they are making a shift away from bundles.

At this point I think it would be better to have a thousand more guppies playing the game and participating in the game economy than one or two more whales.
Dulayne - 1167109
I am not sure if you are getting something from my post that suggested I did not consider that, but to clarify on this I feel the same way.When I was talking about changes to get new players in, it was more generalized, i.e: they are using the data to fix the areas of the game so that people are actually progressing through any roadblocks, such as the new player experience.. A lot of new players probably do not even look at the store bundles that much anyway.

That is going to be more important, because otherwise the less people are exposed to, the less people will come in to contact with store bought items in game and be exposed to the emotions of "that is so cool I want to buy xyz".
yobtar - 1169420
So I get an email today that the Elven, Obsidian, Shogun Bundles (and more) Expire Dec 21. And still no word on Bundles for COTOS. I honestly think it wont happen and all the COTOS I have are useless. i couldn't even sell them in the player marketplace to get enough money (Currently 39 for $100) to buy the bundle with CASH. Which is what it seems Port is doing. I am really disappointed in the way this is handled.
Another thing that is pretty odd is if you search for this thread it didn't show up I had to go and find it to add this reply to it.
Xee - 1169459
Like alot of the recent changes I dont think they will have "bundles" specifically on the coto vendors but rather the option to buy each item in them. Like that of the expert stations and the CF Vendors. I think everything will be sold as items not bundles but I could be wrong :)
yobtar - 1169464
being able to buy the individual items would be fine as well just an option to get the TF vendor and lot is mainly what I am looking for. Except they did say many moon ago that bundles would be available with COTOS its just still not enabled.
Stryker Sparhawk - 1169483
Great ideas do not always have great follow through - as it looks like they are solving the bundles for COTO idea by just getting rid of bundles.

Getting rid of the packages/pledge/bundles is not a new idea and seems like a logical step they have already done once when transitioning from pledges to the persistence of the game.

I suppose the writing on the wall for bundles for COTO was when they announced they had no technology to allow for bundle upgrades for COTO.

Maybe that will be retooled for Episode 2, but that is just speculation
twofoldsilence - 1169536
I'm with you yobtar, as I was originally saving Store Credit to buy a village sized bundle for the Tax Free Vendor, POT Tax Free Village Deed, and Expert Crafting Stations that comes with them, and then I was forced to convert my Store Credit to COTOs, so I asked Port before the conversion whether or not bundles would be purchasable in-game and /or outside of the game with COTOs, and I was told they would be purchasable in-game for COTOs, so I allowed my Store Credit to be converted, and started buying COTOs monthly, so I could eventually save enough of them to buy a village sized bundle, and now they're being expired, so I have a ton of worthless COTOs, because I'm not interested in any thing other then Tax Free Vendors, POT Tax Free Village Deeds, and Expert Crafting Stations. Hopefully, there will be enough player feedback on this, and Port will not expire them, add them on in-game COTO Merchants permanently, or add new themed bundles, so players can buy them with COTOs. In fact, I'm fine if Port just dismantles the bundles as someone earlier on this thread mentioned and then just adds the individual items in them to in-game COTO Merchants instead.
xadoor - 1169545
right now gold coin is losing value fast so it seems its flowing into cotos. If they dont come up with soemthing to do with cotos I am not sure where this ends up.

Perhaps a Log cabin to bundle vender?
Brewton - 1169553
Trial an Error. I'm sure they will get a handle on it and figure out the best method to sell the items.
yobtar - 1169585
I was doing the same thing saving SC and then converted to COTOS in hope to get the bundle eventually and now that I have enough COTOS saved to buy the bundle I cant :(
Warrior B'Patrick - 1169616
Greetings all, this is at least the 3rd thread I have seen that talks about Bundles for COTOs. And they all say the same thing. Expiring the current bundles was always going to happen. They have to make way for new EP2 bundles, although I to thought they would make it to the COTO vendors before they went away. What was promised or at least talked about was adding non-upgradeable bundles that you could buy from COTO vendors or on the add-on store but could not upgrade them to a larger bundle like you can with the current bundles. If you bought a row bundle there was no path to upgrade it to a village bundle.

As for the bundle break up items, with all "New" items (and yes these are new items because they have never been offered separately) in the add-on store they have a certain amount of time that they are offered for money only. After a while they should be purchasable with COTOs. Personally with the price of the expert stations and the CF vendor I am excited to see the new EP2 bundles and what their low price will be. Now they need to break out the TF deeds and Prosperity tools.
curt - 1169621
The Optimistic interpretation could be they has not figured out any good way to make you upgrade your bundles with cotos without them doing to much work.
But that they have figured out a way to do it with a new kind of bundle so the bundles that replace the current could be upgradable with cotos
yobtar - 1169696
They had said getting initial bundles with COTOS should be possible just not upgrading.