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Derium - 1165926
HoustonDragon - 1165932
I just asked the question the other day regarding Dallas Snell stepping down as COO, apparently back in May. Very sobering if Richard did in fact step down as CEO.

I'd wish him well in future endeavors, but would definitely want to know who's filling the role.
Lord Trady of Blix - 1165936
Perhaps a sale will be announced shortly. Nice eyes !
Jaesun - 1165939
I hope he’s not going to leave being creative director?
Brewton - 1165942
I doubt he would have signed all those game boxes if he was leaving.
Maggotaur - 1165944
Lord Trady of Blix - 1165945
No, it clearly says that he is only
Role: Creative Director/Founder

Before it said Role: CEO/Creative Director/Founder

So somethings up.
Jaesun - 1165949
If there’s any actual change, I will just wait for an official announcement. Speculation just leads to loads of BS....
Keldorn of the Vale - 1165957
Very worrying indeed. Hopefully we get some sort of statement soon.
Dinsoo - 1165963
I did not eat him.
Sergorn - 1165966
Like how they announced Dallas was leaving ?

There wouldn't be speculation of they were open about what is happening in the company.

Tiki Pirate - 1166019

Agreed. The way the whole partnership with Black Sun and Travian was handled (lack of any notice) at release was excessively disruptive to the release itself and disrespectful to the playerbase.

I could go on, but I don't want to have to get a Reddit account to discuss the game or provide "feedback" in the future. :rolleyes:
Lord Tachys al`Fahn - 1166025
Perhaps they're just doing away with tired old labels... like "release" and "launch"...
Maggotaur - 1166029
Cordelayne - 1166035
If this is true, who then is our new Overlord lol? :D
Sentinel2 - 1166038
Maybe he just wants to play with the toys more?

Mobidoy Querrent - 1166040
The Oracle !
Brewton - 1166081
And like Free Trial and Free to Play
Maggotaur - 1166086
Shroud of the Avatar forever (in development)!
Stryker Sparhawk - 1166087
The Board of Directors meeting is posted as a thing in the standup notes for today.
Brewton - 1166107
Yes yes it is.
Bridge Troll - 1166127
No comment.
City Slicker - 1166129
well this is some big news . i mean whats this mean? whats going to happen? how is this gonna effect us... im worried...
Dulayne - 1166137
To be honest there is just going to be a lot of speculation. Keep on playing, keep on enjoying. The devs are still working on things and I am sure that they are making money, regardless.

It could just as likely be a strategical move, as much as it could be something sad.
Kain Darkmoor - 1166145
There shouldn't need to be any speculation, because there should have been an announcement.
Dulayne - 1166146
Exactly, but this thread stemmed from a change of text on the linked page in the OP. :(
Jaesun - 1166148
Or nothing is actually changing and someone is just wanting to start a speculation thread.
EMPstrike - 1166150
What made a veteran to this game even look at that page? Checking to see what the job titles of the devs were for standup notes?
Oakenhammer - 1166175
City Slicker - 1166179
so its just a misunderstanding then?
Greyfox - 1166188
Dulayne - 1166189
Derium - 1166200
Rufus D`Asperdi - 1166203
Everything's a conspiracy theory first and foremost.
Rufus D`Asperdi - 1166205
Surely this must be the sign that they've failed!!!
Elnoth - 1166207
Bloomberg says Mr Fred Schmidt is CEO

Barugon - 1166210
Keldorn of the Vale - 1166214
Hmmm, more positions eliminated...
gtesser - 1166230
Lord British is the best.

I look forward to Episode 2.
Proteus Tempest - 1166242
All hail the Creative Director!!
Cordelayne - 1166243
Montaigne - 1166249
Nothing to see here. Move on. Just more rumour mongering by certain people who would love to see the game fail.
craftymethod - 1166393
Oh look raw gets caught out making up conspiracies again. Who needs fiction novels.
Kain Darkmoor - 1166407
Where is the conspiracy? He did step down as CEO...
Keldorn of the Vale - 1166416
I guess the backers who paid for them 5 years ago.
Derium - 1166426
How is a fact a rumor? Or are you saying even Garriott himself is in on this "rumour"? Because he addressed it. Why do you think Garriott wants the game to fail? (according to your backwards logic)
Derium - 1166428
You missed the bit where like, Garriott answered it, didn't you? lmfao.
craftymethod - 1166430
There was a rumor he was removed. (on bad terms)

Yet again, Raw making up bulls&^t.
craftymethod - 1166435
Port should really consider shutting down the "open" aspect of development. It would be pretty sad but there is so much fake fear mongering conspiracies by entitled anti players who cannot admit they perpetuate lies and miss information.


Oh the box. Lucky people like me confront bullshit lies those who hate the game are so easily prepared to continue.

We do not deserve such close communication to the developers if some of us are hell bent on destroying their lives with fake interpretations.
Chaox - 1166507
Thank you all for your feedback here!
Chaox - 1166550