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Black FjP - 1165063
In the spirit of The Virtue League, EVL will be hosting some open dueling and duel practice at the arena in Virtue Oasis, starting next week. If you are interested in learning about structured pvp or are just itching for a fight amongst your peers, come join us on wednesday the 17th at 5pm NBT. No looting will be allowed, and all adventure levels and skill levels will be welcome to watch and participate as long as suitable levels are in attendance. There will be some expert duelers in attendance to give tips and accept challenges.

Virtue Oasis is located at the southern tip of the desert on the hidden vale, you can get to the arena by taking the signpost to border 1 and following the torches. We will be following the rules of the virtue league, no potions other than cure poison, poison, and smelling salts, no prebuffing before fights other than devotionals, blessings, food, obsidian potions. As it is freeform, you can choose your own stipulations.

Please send a friend request and whisper Black FjP if you want more details or need more information.
CatherineRose - 1165138
I plan to be there. :)
ldrazmus - 1165624
Fun, new content. Yahoo!
Sanga121930 - 1165762
Sounds like fun as well as a great learning experience ! Count me in !
NuDreams - 1165772
What a neat idea! A fun way to meet new friends and learn new techniques. See you there.:)
Daxxe Diggler - 1165798
@Black FjP
Just a note of correction to the OP for anyone planning to attend... the Arena is closest to border Location 1, not Location 2.

Once you get to Location 1, follow the signs and the street lamps up the road to the right.
Black FjP - 1169204
Just a bump, event is tomorrow =)
Black FjP - 1172222
Running this back this week, but moving the time to 6pm NBT. Hope to see the same faces and some new ones. =)
Purie - 1172223
Nothing wrong with the idea but the game is soooooo unbalanced that I don't see how someone can enjoy that :rolleyes: Some of the skill trees are completely useless or some straight out OP.

Like what is the reason to practice when the fight is decided before it even starts by level/leveling wrong skills/choosing wrong equipment etc.

I want GW2 style spvp room for obsidian trials with lvl caps for it. :(
Black FjP - 1172691
@Purie yes there are some builds and specs that are more effective in pvp than others, and the level of your character is very important, this is some of the the topics we would love to talk about on wednesday at virtue oasis!

However, I think you are learning too much of your information regarding pvp in this game from the detractors on this forum than actual experience, so do yourself a favor and come learn and have fun =)
Black FjP - 1172839