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Sean Silverfoot - 1163138

Takes Place Friday Night October 19th 8pm NBT/CST

Simply write a story, a poem or anything along those lines. Please bring it in book form also so that we may add it to our Campfire Stories Collection (Copies for all who ask).
Avatar's Radio will again be there providing laid back background music.
Always a possibility to get yours read on the air! You must get this to me ASAP.



Enter PaxLair use the road sign to take you to boundry 1, from the follow the road to your right.


I'll be handing out a few "gifts" for each participant.

Any question please contact me here or via Discord, same name

NANOC - 1163462
Hmmm....more pictures, less writting, ya ya thats the ticket. Wish I could fingerpaint as well as Nubby!
Sean Silverfoot - 1170859

Instead we'll do a post SOTACON get together and music by AR