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Antrax Artek - 1171256
Hello everyone, I took the trouble to write down a lot of suggestions and feedbacks from new players and veterans over the last 6 months on my notepad.
I think it's time to publish this collection hoping to act as a link between developers and community members.
Feel free to add you suggestions here or in pm, i'll add them to the main thread.


  • Move the speed boost to shift key instead of double pressing W key.
  • Give players the chance to color their character's skin using dyes
  • Replacing the repetitive music in the various areas with the wide range of beautiful music that we can find in SotA cylinders collection.
  • Factions System with 2 factions like Virtuosos and Obsidians (by popular demand)
  • Interface scaling option
  • Give players the chance to donate part of their exp pool to the guild to make it level up (more levels increases the number of players it can hold or unlock more slots for ranks)
  • Add guild bank/deposit
  • Multi-party system aka Raid mode, in order to allow more than 8 players to partecipate in battles without suffer AOE from allies in different parties.
  • Ingame achievements system
  • Add placeable campfire to the game
  • Give the possibility to hide the wands and cast with bare hands
  • Hunger and thirst system (Boosted or reduced stats while hungry/full or quenched/thirsty)
  • Add the ability/animation to climb in game
  • Add the 2 front legs to the dragon model
  • Add earrings slot
  • Fruits from trees
  • Revamp of attenuation system
  • Let the item return to the bank once expired from the public vendor instead of being paid for its basic cost


  • Improve the damage of the charged/manual attacks with all weapons (at the moment just bow/xbow are fine), finally giving the opportunity to be competitive to those who love this playstyle
  • Make sense to rolling giving a chance to avoid the attack when this action is performed
  • Make wearing a heavier helmet reduces the chance of being a victim of a critical hit
  • Add polymorph scrolls to the game that turn you into a monster (among those available in game) for a certain amount of time (increasing or reducing some of your stats).


  • Give players the ability to reshape artifacts (example cabalist hoods)
  • Add the chance to drop more of less effective gems like raw gem, good gem and perfect gem with different attunement bonus.
  • Add lootable special items that increase your success chance for the next masterwork/enchantment
  • Add more special crafting materials lootable from different mobs
  • Add more modular artifacts like the warlock chain (for example using different globes like gaia's earth or frozen tear)
  • Add a further type of items enhancement (something like reroll masterworks, reroll enchantments, replace materials or remove gem) that gives you the chance to destroy it.


  • Add daily hunting missions with good rewards
  • Give the opportunity to fish clams and containers with precious objects inside them
  • World bosses that randomly spawn in different maps
  • Increase rewards from orange supply bundles compared to blue and yellow
  • Progressive dungeons with waves battles and bosses to open the next room with increasing difficulty and good rewards
  • Add lootable boss chests with a chance to find a special treasure inside
  • Add monsters spawner "portals" around the world with a final reward when someone clean all the waves.
  • Multiplayer mines with a bonus to ores


  • Give the possibility to change the pvp flag only to the oracle and not using the party
  • Make sure that flagged people cannot switch to party/private mode
  • Add Health/Focus potions PVP only to the Obsidian Trials vendor
  • Add or change some of the pvp zones available into PVP zones without ransoms, dividing the game into Safe zones, PVP zones without ransoms and Hardcore PVP zones with ransoms.
  • Alliance system
  • Make sense of the Ardoris Castle Arena and Owl's head adding a queue system and the no ransoms/currency rules of obsidian trials.
  • Bounty System
  • Overworld PVP encounters like a road encounter if 2 PVP players clashed into one another on the map.
  • PVP kills announcement in chat (something like shroudbert bot but in game)
  • Guild wars announcement in chat
  • Give the guilds the ability to pay a fee and set up a stake for the guild war as prize
  • Add 1vs1 arena fight with queue system.
  • Remove the ability to leave the map or use teleport/recall for a few minutes to those who killed another player or stolen an item (without regular duel)
  • Give consequences from being a pk or a thief

@DarkStarr @Lord British @Chris
Bow Vale - 1171258
Great list......a few more from me..Feel free to shorten for any you add to the list.

  • Hide the info screen for items, maybe make it a ctrl click to give a detailed description of what it is. I know what a torch is......
  • Make summoning whistles enchantable/masterworked
  • I really want a agriculture/plant system which encourages better strain crops by breeding and getting seeds that can produce more output/quicker growing times. These can be a great minigame and would give dedicated farmers an advantage and a purpose in the game.
  • Pet training/advancement and maybe pet specialization into a type...bear/spider/wyvern/more where each of them have noticeable combat differences than each other.
  • Alchemy and cooking where a person can make different non generic items and either based on skill/specialisation increased stats and effects
  • Factions…..
Gorthyn - 1171277
There are a few more I can recall making but that's a great overall summary !
Mangar - 1171294
Good job on pointing these out Antrax, if we got 1/2 of these it would already be amazing.

C'mon Chris & Team!!
Steevodeevo - 1171357
Good work mate.
the Lacedaemonian - 1171443
Most of these collected ideas would be very well received by any given player, regardless of their playstyle(s). I do believe that some of the blowhards on shroudoftheavatar_raw would be interested in changes to the state of play, such as these. Maybe some of them would even relent from trolling and sowing such vitriolic nonsense.

Having said that, I think it would be a good idea to have some sort of poll for all forum members to vote up the most interesting recommendations from Antrax' notes. There must be some consensus here, and there must be some form of triage. We cannot (of course) ask for all of these things at the same time, but we CAN focus on a handful of them to be more immediately requested.

I like the charged/manual attack idea very much. I'm not particularly sure how I would design it better than Chris, however, I have played extensively with that implementation. I wonder if it would be possible to change the mode of attack (auto versus the charged/gradient) to do two very different things. Such as: Auto attack is as it is, but charged attack has a significantly increased chance to critical hit or ignore armor or stun or knockback or even a random chance for all of those effects to happen (maybe even two effects at once in a 1% chance format).

A second idea that is NOT mentioned here, is that I think there could be a pass given to the statistics of Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. It may not be fully perceived of in this way by the designers and developers, but it is sadly accurate: Strength is always better the more you have. Intelligence, much more so. Dexterity? You are working backwards by gaining more beyond 100-150 points in that category. Not only do you gain less and less benefit beyond 100-150 dexterity, you sacrifice far, far more by removing Strength and Intelligence to increase Dexterity beyond that amount (100-150).

My suggestion is to add a value to dexterity that enables Dexterity-dominant builds or playstyles to gain a tangible and always increasing benefit for pursuing a maximum dexterity path. As it stands, being able to attain 300 dexterity just makes you look like an idiot for giving up so much to get there. My suggestions may be narrow with regard to my experience and lack of programming/designing experience. Having said that, I don't play very much right now because I am not having fun anymore. That's not necessarily my responsibility to make the game fun to play, with all these skills and possible builds, there is absolutely no interesting nor compelling Dexterity-based playstyle for adventure levels beyond 100. I have spent a lot of money unlearning skills and reinvesting my experience, pushing multiple skills beyond 140, and gradually coming to realize it is not feasible nor is it efficient to have a favored and core set of skills that high.

I have always enjoyed the freedom of the classless system. But I have discovered that through trial and error and effort, I cannot play the way I wish to despite that freedom. I am not the only one that feels that way.

It's only a matter of time before all archers/rangers get bored and try something else, regressing ever closer to the uninteresting and uninspired Strength Intelligence mage-build, because those are the only statistics that give benefit beyond 100-150 points in each, in a somewhat linear-seeming way.

Cheers. See you all around, maybe one future day.
Dhanas - 1172000
Antrax Artek - 1172038
Added more suggestions/feedbacks :)
elvenking - 1172378
wedrax - 1172455
The hope is last to die, so who we must kill first before the hope gonna die?:p
Jason_M - 1173039
Bravo @Antrax Artek

There's a humble crafting suggestion that still holds on to hope: Change the wood pulp recipe so that it can be a Refined material.
Antrax Artek - 1174780
List updated, thank you all for your efforts to send me your ideas :)