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ZODROT - 1171327
Problem - [​IMG]

When you farm 1-2 hours you get this ...
Jaesun - 1171386
Send an email to the address listed.

I believe that kicks in if you are making extraordinary xp or gold that is not intended.
Spinok - 1171389
@Serafina Same here on my main acc.
Barugon - 1171427
Where is "Lost Valley"?
Barugon - 1171453
Assuming you mean Lost Vale, what exactly are you "farming"? Experience? Items? Are you doing the skelletons or the other areas?
ZODROT - 1171493
Cabalists and troll rooms
Barugon - 1171494
Just doing it for experience?
ZODROT - 1171496
exp gold
Barugon - 1171500
As long as you weren't using another avatar to teleport in to move the loot out then I don't see anything wrong.
ZODROT - 1172916
Again ... Mb you can add atleast a warning message ..
Barugon - 1172920
Did you ever find out why?
ZODROT - 1172922
I think some kind of CAP for IGG per hour